12/14/2012 - 1/25/2020Sammie—you were the most socially awkward cat I have ever owned, but also the sweetest. You didn’t have the easiest start to life and I wish I could have met you as a kitten but I knew you were meant to be a member of our family the moment I met you at the Humane Society. It took us awhile to earn your trust, but you were well worth the wait. You provided our family with so much love once we learned your quirky rules—one hand out to be pet and the human must not make any sudden movements or petting session would end immediately. You gave your fur brother Wally endless shit (but we all know you really loved him even though he is a stinky dog;). You were sweet and patient with your human brothers and sisters and especially patient with the baby of the family, Ellie. Your favorite game was definitely hide-and-seek even making Mommy and Daddy frantic one time when we couldn’t find you for a whole day only to come sauntering out at bedtime as if we hadn’t been calling your name and searching for you for hours (Mommy’s still a bit traumatized from that day). Even with all of you eccentric ways, you charmed your way into all of the hearts of those you met. Sammie, you are truly going to be missed. You never once bit or purposely scratched any of your family or friends—you were truly a gentle soul. We love you sweet girl and will meet you again someday in paradise. Until then, run like you did before you became ill, play hide-and-seek to your hearts content, and soak up all the sun rays you want ❤️.Danika HojnackiFranklin, WisconsinJanuary 27, 2020
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