Maya Mcelroy
12/26/2005 - 2/8/2020Thanks for being there for me over the last 14 years. You were sweet and feisty and so little. You had the kindest eyes that always looked out for me. We will miss you so much. We are happy that you are no longer stressed and are now in a peaceful place. We will always keep you in our hearts, you are part of our family always.Melissa McElroyPort Washington, New YorkFebruary 10, 2020
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We had so much fun at Whaley Lake With Maiji-May
You were such a sweet doggie!
You made us laugh and gave us love!
We will miss you!
David Rozzi - February 13, 2020
You will missed much laughter was shared over and with Maijee May, xoxox Rest In Peace little one.Nicole Moudis - February 12, 2020
Dear Maya, One of the most stylish pups I’ve ever known (thanks to your mamas). You had a personality that was wild and honest. Even though I didn’t actually want to live with you you still brought a smile to my face even when I entered or left and building or anyone else that did too. It showed you were aware of everyone around you and that you cared about your home very much. You always spoke your mind and never stayed quite no matter what people thought. Those are the qualities that I admire most in any living thing. You were always kind and caring, especially to Melissa when she was sick, and Rachel when she was pregnant, and sweet Henry when he was born. You had a good life and left a mark on this world that will not be soon forgotten.Kate Downie - February 12, 2020
Rest in Peace Maya. We will miss you! ❤️Lucyna McElroy - February 11, 2020
You were my first grand dog! We had some nice times out in the Waterways, Rest In Peace little Majie May🙏💕😢Soph Mc Elroy - February 11, 2020
Rest In Peace, sweet little Maya. We will always remember you.
With love,
Suzanne and Finn
Suzanne Moynihan - February 11, 2020
Play with Kayla in doggie heavenEd M - February 11, 2020
Our little Maya, you will be missed! ♥️ You always gave us such a good laugh here at the office. Rest peacefully Maijee-Mae ♥️Alex Adam - February 11, 2020

You were a ray of light at Bourbon Office. It was always exciting when you came to the office. Thanks to you I grew to appreciate the breed Min Pins. Before you I never realized it stood for Miniature Pinscher. My favorite Maya memory is when you wore socks and looked so spunky walking in them.

We will always remember you Maya and I know you will always be looking down on us. Thank you for being such an original pup.

Love Always,

Bryn McKernan - February 11, 2020
Dear Maya,
We will miss you. You were sweet and kind and little and very cute when you curled up under blankets. I especially appreciate how gentle you were with Henry. He loved you very much and, while I wasn’t the most effusive, so did I. Rest peacefully, little friend- free of anxiety and coughs.
Rachel Blackburn - February 10, 2020

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