6/30/2006 - 2/15/2020You had many nicknames: Doodle, Clemen, Muffin girl, Munchkin, but none of them exemplified your personality quite like your actual name, Clementine. It was the perfect name for you; tiny, and so, so sweet.

A vet once said to me, "this tiny dog has the biggest medical chart I've ever seen." It was true. This poor little girl had medical issues from a young age, but was always resilient, and had a tenacity about her that would make each recovery manageable. She loved to play with toys and snuggle, but her favorite past time was eating! She had a robust appetite right up until the end.

Losing a pet is painful, and heartbreaking, but it was her time. She lived a great life and was a very happy dog. She was the true definition of a steadfast companion, and we will miss her dearly. I'm so thankful she was my dog, and I got to spend 13+ years caring for her and enjoying her delightful disposition. Until we meet again, my sweet, sweet Clementine. Get those little atrophied legs ready, it's time to run free. We will love, and miss you forever XOXO

JUNE 30, 2006 – FEBRUARY 15 2020
Amanda PomorskiCoatesville, PennsylvaniaFebruary 16, 2020
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I will love, and miss you forever, Doodle.Ryan Christensen - February 19, 2020
We will miss you so much, Doodle! The little dog that thought she was big!Lorie Fritzinger - February 19, 2020
We miss you so much, Clemen. Every time I come home I look over at your bed get sad when I see it is empty. But we know you are smiling down upon us, little girl:)Joe Pomorski - February 19, 2020
Play with the Angels little friend.David Rivas - February 18, 2020
We will love, and miss you forever our sweet, sweet Clementine.Amanda Pomorski - February 17, 2020

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