5/15/2004 - 2/12/2020Ellie was a very sweet and spirited girl. A blend of intelligent, strong willed, independent Border Collie mixed with laid back Labrador. We have fond memories of her younger days flipping to catch a frisbee and our many walks around the park that continued through her last day with us. I can still hear her toenails against the floor and the ring of the bell requesting a trip to the back yard. She was loved by the entire family and our neighbors. Ellie is greatly missed. We were blessed to have her for 15 years and almost 9 months. Ellie brought us a lot of joy and she will be in our hears forever.Darlene DavisLexington, KentuckyFebruary 17, 2020
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Ellie was an amazing companion for Mom and a true part of our family. She gave us many great memories and will be missed! She will always be our Ellie Bellie.Trent D - February 19, 2020
I was good girl
My name was Ellie
I loved my mom
She rubbed my belly

I slept a lot
Up on the stairs
And dreamt of farts
Had bad nightmares

When mom came home
She work all day
I got excited
Wanted to play

Waited til mom
Was on the phone
Then bork and woof
To get a bone

Please give me chewie
I'd scratch the door
And if you didn't
I'd bork some more

You get my flippy
I liked to fetch
But when you throw
I would not catch

Then mom sit down
I'd change my mind
I'd ring the bell
to go outside

I used my nose
Mom might say no
But then she goes

Then out the door
I'd look around
Sometimes I'd woof
Or sniff the ground

Then I go in
I'd stomp my feet
Mom takes a sit
But I need treat

Mom says just one
But I want more
I'd bring my flippy
Mom, let's do four

After flippy
Mom says all done
But I nose bell
This time for fun

Mom smiles at me
I wants a treat
Says no at first
Then takes a seat

But then I'd huff
I stomp and bark
Then Mom gets up
We go to park

I love mom
She is da best
Lean on her leg
I am so blessed
Steph Davis - February 18, 2020

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