I can't put into words what I'm feeling after saying goodnight to my baby girl. But I truly believe that she knew her work here was done and that I would be OK. Just a couple weeks before her tumor popped up I was talking to her and told her thank you for everything she has done for me. Because of her I am still here. Because of her I kept fighting. She was by my side through hell and back and never asked for anything but love in return. I told her I hope I gave her the best life and she looked at me and gave me kisses. Soon after, her tumor popped out and in less than 2 months later here we are. But I'm choosing to see it as a sign that she felt her job here with me was done. That she knew I'm happy and healthy and she could move on in peace. Though the cancer was definitely not fun for her, she left us tonight still happy, loving, and wagging her tail as we showered her with cuddles and belly rubs. I am so thankful I got to say goodbye while she was still her adorable self, before the cancer destroyed her too much. Thank you Roxi. Thank you with everything and for choosing me. I never could have imagined that the day I first held you and refused to give you back that you would change my world. Thank you for saving me time and time again when life pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were. Thank you for giving me someone to love so much that I did whatever I could to protect you and do better in my life so you could have the best life possible. Thank you... You will forever be with me and the countless stories that make me crack up laughing will be shared for years to come. Forever and always in my heart! I love you my baby girl. I love you Roxstar. I LOVE YOU ROXI!Noel TufanoMeriden, ConnecticutFebruary 17, 2020
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Roxi such a beautiful loving dog. She was at Noel's side through so much that Noel went through. Roxi such a loving and gentle spirit great companion many pictures and stories shared by Noel. Will always be remembered.Stanley Tufano - February 18, 2020
Roxi was such a sweet girl. You gave her a great life. XoxoTarah Pawloski - February 18, 2020
A truly unusual and happy soul in a doggy body. Thank you for putting up with me and just having fun. Memories will never die.Shelley Sweet-Tufano - February 18, 2020

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