Azura Wednesday
4/11/2005 - 2/7/2020Azura, you will be missed every day of my Life.
Such a beautiful creation such as you endured hardship at the beginning of your Life with abuse by humans and then ill health in your last days. But I pray that I filled those days in between with enough hikes and walks and bones to show you how much you were Loved by me here. You were not an emotional dog. But, I knew you loved me. You had your own way of showing it.
I know God will bring us together in Heaven to run in the hills and play and free in His kingdom in eternal Life.
Forever you will be in my heart.
Love, Pop
David RivasManor, TexasFebruary 18, 2020
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Thank you Blue for the sleepovers we spent together and the blessings you brought into my life.
Love you
Gabriela Obregon - February 28, 2020
Azura was an incredibly sweet girl and always so good! I am glad that I was able to be a part of her journey and to see how incredibly loved she was. She will be very missed, but I am glad for the chance to have known her.Erin Meola - February 24, 2020
Blue, thank you for coming into my nino's life & bringing him comfort & joy when he needed you. you're the best friend a man could ask for, you're the best pooch.Denyce Martinez - February 22, 2020
Thank you Azura for the fun memories you shared with everyone that you made happy. You will always be in our prayers. We love you the way you are in every way. We will miss you, but we will continue to remember the beautiful times we had with you. You were one of the prettiest dogs I have ever seen, and you will always be a blessing to us all. May you rest in peace. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™Savanah Monreal - February 21, 2020
I Love you, Blue.David Rivas - February 19, 2020

Such an amazing lady always full of life and love. You shall be missed every day. My boys an I have been blessed by knowing you. Rest in peace.
Ricardo Ramos - February 18, 2020
Azura - My Blue Girl

I really miss you coming to my house because you just knew you were loved there and anywhere I was there is always love for you. I am so glad you and I got to spend so much time together, and I regret that I didn't come to see you as often as I now wish I had. You let me know that you were wiser than what a dog usually is. I miss you terribly. Just sitting and looking at each other is a memory that I will never forget. It is crazy that a dog can make you feel like you are known and accepted. Thank you for reminding me that each day is not guaranteed. I know that God has you now and that you are running with your silky hair flopping in the wind with each leap. You are free now and please look up my dogs, 2 with the name Kees and Shodikan. I miss them terribly.
Melinda Pettengill - February 18, 2020
You were a great pooch Blue. We will miss your pretty eyes, kind heart and cute nose.Tammy Monreal - February 18, 2020
Azura, you were a blessing to those that got to meet you and give you rubs. Your calm demeanor was of comfort whenever the day was rough. You are dearly missed and your memory is with all of us ever present.Adrian Rosales - February 18, 2020

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