9/27/2006 - 2/17/2020My baby for 13 years has went home to be with his ancestors. May the love of God grant my baby into heaven and introduce him to his family that have preceded him. I know Cameron is in heaven running, jumping, rolling around and having a good time without the pain he endured here on earth. I so dearly miss you, my sweetness. Knowing that you are now pain-free and back to your joyful, lovable self makes me feel just a tad bit better. Cameron gave me a sense of security everyday of his life. I just can't bear coming home from work and not being greeted by my Cameron. It hurts and only another animal lover would understand. I love you and will always cherish our times together, my dear baby Cam cam.Liana RoadcloudYeadon, PennsylvaniaFebruary 18, 2020
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Good morning Cam, thank you for visiting me last night and allowing me to say goodbye. Oh I love you so much Cameron. ❤️ My spoiled little baby, im still hurt but, you came to me and I appreciate you.. No more suffering Cam, no more pain. Rest now, and come visit me again. 💕 see you again pop pop. I love you forever and always😘🥰😘Ayana Lucky - February 21, 2020
Cam, you brought my friend profound joy. It will be hard for her to face life's left downs without her furry boy by her side. I wish you and your loved ones peace. May you and your human family meet again in the afterlife ❤❣Leslie Toomer - February 20, 2020
Dear cam i will true my miss you buddy. We have had our good and bad times but the love was there. Coming home to you and feeding you my unwanted food to you trying to get underneath the covers. It was so sad to let you go but you are in a better place now. You had a long run cam and you will forever be missed love the Holbrooks.Geneva Holbrook - February 19, 2020
Oh Cam Cam, i love you so so much. The simple thought of you being away brings tears to my eyes. I miss you, I miss you being a big baby and always trying to snuggle up under me. I miss our walks and our runs we use to share. I miss all your kisses Cam. You were so spoiled and you pretty much had your way all the time. You were never suppose to be on the furniture, but somehow you manage to always have a spot on the sofa. You really didnt care to be on the floor, you loved the bed. Cam, i just want you to come back already, and it might seem selfish, but i miss you so much and I wasnt prepared for this. I will love you always Cameron. I pray the pain is gone, and I you can go back to being yourself. I pray you go back to having all that energy and just having fun. You will forever and always be my baby, my pop pop, my Cam Cam. I love youAyana Lucky - February 19, 2020
Imma forever miss you Cam Cam! My first dog ever now is at rest! It’s been a long 13 years boi.I will forever cherish the times we shared Cam. I love you boi! Long Live Cameron❤️Dasan Roadcloud - February 18, 2020

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