12/30/2005 - 2/17/2020Mabel, honey, you rescued us. You came into our lives not long after you had your litter. We've always been a little sad that you never had a chance to mother those pups---'cause they'd be very, very lucky pups indeed. To have a mother like you? So, so kind. So gentle and good. We don't know when you were born or even how old you were but I've always thought you shared your "Momma's" birthday. The two of you were born for each other. Yours was a love of love itself. And you came to show us what that blessing feels like, right here on earth, in this life. You lived your life with a dignity and joy and respect for human beings that, frankly, not all might have deserved. What they had put you through. We found the bullet in your back only many years after you arrived with us. And _still_, you loved everyone. We know how much you loved, long long walks with Momma in the woods, sunsets, and umbrella drinks on the beach. Well, maybe not those. But we know how much you loved everything that Momma wanted to do, because it was always for you. Nothing was ever going to stop you from being the kind and tender soul you are. We're gonna miss you. So call us when you're Mabel. We'll pick for you, always for you.Douglas BrooksBristol, New YorkFebruary 19, 2020
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Miss Mabel... what an honor to meet your beautiful soul, if only for a short while. You are deeply and so profoundly loved, darling. Rest well, and fly free.
With Love,
Dr. Mandi Beckmann - February 20, 2020
MAAABELSparky Lila - February 19, 2020
What a lovely memorial. Praying memories of Mabel will always fill your hearts.Catherine Van Schuyler - February 19, 2020

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