3/1/2003 - 2/18/2020Sweet Abby. I was only supposed to be fostering you but made you mine officially in March of 2009. You were meant to be ours and that was that. Right by my side from the day I got you until the day you left this world. The sweetest and toughest protector of our family. You stood guard all night long the first few days at home with me, falling asleep in the sitting up position. You hated to be contained in any sort of way which I learned after a chewed hole in the drywall and some torn up blinds. After installing a doggy door to let you have your freedom, you were just fine. When I married and had a baby you loved and protected them just as you did me. You finally had the family and love you always deserved. You were all hunting beagle through and through. I'll miss hearing you bay in the yard every morning most of all. The sweetest bark in the world. I'll miss our walks where you would get so excited on a scent that running was the only way to go. Your dog sister Iris will be so sad without you. You outlived every diagnosis and prognosis the doctor's gave you in order to hang on for your family. That's how much you loved and protected us and even until the very end, I know you held on just for me. You left us and this world in the backyard with the sun shining on you because you loved being outside so much. 11 years will never have been enough with you but I am so grateful and thankful for them. My heart will ache to see your face at the door every night I arrive home. I will miss you at my feet at every step, especially in the kitchen. We will all have a whole in our hearts without you sweet Abby. I hope you're eating all of the chicken and pupperoni you can get in heaven. See you again someday sweet girl.Kari NacyLeesburg, VirginiaFebruary 19, 2020
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Rest in peace, sweet Abby. ❤❤❤Jessica Gibson - February 20, 2020

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