Lizzie And Jonah
2/6/2006 - 2/17/2020These two were mutt and jeff. They were absolutely inseparable. Lizzie was my camping girl. She understood the responsibility of camping and being on guard. Jonah failed the test, first time out he chased a deer. Oh Well! Jonah always getting into the dishwasher. Lizzie not liking when other dogs were running around. Lizzie's attempts at licking were tempered through time.
Lizzie and Jonah would often wait for us, looking through the window. Lizzie on her perch - a bench with a pillow and Jonah with his front feet on the window sill. If I did not get up in the morning, by 6 a.m. they would start pacing waiting for me to get up to feed them. These two were my anchor and rudder through a difficult time of couch surfing when our home was up for sale. I could not wait until the time we could cuddle together in "our home". When our home did not sell, the first week after we moved back in I slept with the dogs and we relished being home again. Our couch, our yard, our squirrels.
Lisa FerreiraDenver, ColoradoFebruary 20, 2020
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