4/14/2004 - 2/18/2020Prince was the sweetest angel his whole life.
I will always miss playing fetch with him and taking him for long walks on nature trails.
He was my companion for 16 years, his entire life and more than half of mine.
I did not want to make this decision and hoped he would pass away before I had to. That didn’t happen, but we were able to spoil him as much as we could in the days leading up to our appointment.
He got all the pureed food, soft treats, ice cream, cuddles and pets he wanted.
I explained everything to him. He took a deep breath and laid his head down. I think he understood.
When the day came, he knew. He was ready.
He was a beautiful, fluffy dog with soulful eyes. I always believed an angel was looking at me through them. And now he truly is an angel. There is now an angel puppy statue watching over his grave. I have ordered a custom plush to look just like him so I can still hug him. We will always love you, Prince.
Krista MorganKnoxville, TennesseeFebruary 20, 2020
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Awe prince what an amazing guy you were! Thank you for giving so many loving and loyal years to my sweet sister! She wanted you all the days before you and she will miss you all the days after, but the ones she had you were magical and meaningful and you will live in her heart the rest of her days! Until we meet again old friend!Rachel Burks - February 22, 2020
We'll miss the sweet, loving, fluffy, proud dog that you were, Prince. You were a part of our family for many years and will always be remembered. Rest in peace, dear Prince.Mary Taylor - February 22, 2020
Such a sweet boy...he's loving life, running and playing over the rainbow bridge, waiting to see you again 💛Michy Loo - February 22, 2020
Princey was a dear boy and a sweet, sweet angel. He was an incredibly loving and faithful friend who was always a joy to pet, play games with, and walk with when Krista and I decided to take our pups on adventures. He will be dearly missed, but the souls of those we love never really leave us. My heart is with his family, and especially Krista, at this time.. Cassandra - February 22, 2020

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