2/8/2000 - 2/15/2020Sampson was a min pin. Spunky as a pup and a ladies man. Prior to being neutered he was cozy with many of the local females in the area. Eventually he settled down and he and our other dog had a litter of 3. Two where given away and the smallest remained with us. Sampson taught me how to love unconditionally. I never saw myself as a pet owner and at times questioned my worthiness to have a pet. Sampson greeted me every day as if I was the best thing since slice bread. Made me feel so loved in spite of my flaws. I hope he understood how loved he was. Sampson thank you for coming into my life. In the end he decompensated physically and cognitively. On occasion I thought he would bounce back but that never happened. He seemed to be holding on until we where ready to let go. His quality of life was dismal and I knew that no matter how much it broke my heart I had to let him go. We contacted Lap of Love. Dr. Maura Lehman’s caring and compassionate demeanor helped us immensely. Her gentle touch and kind words helped us through this difficult time. Even though Sampson has left this world he’ll always be in our hearts.Connie KRiverside, IllinoisFebruary 25, 2020
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Sampson was such a gentle soul. He gazed at me with his sweet brown eyes from his mommy's lap and I immediately knew that she was his person and where he was meant to be. From the stories told and tears shed, I learned Sampson was a dog of life. He spent his early years exploring the neighborhood and making doggy friends but always returned to his family. Sampson, you touched so many hearts and have left a legacy with Shadow. You are so greatly loved and missed.Maura Lehmann - March 3, 2020
Sampson was special to our family. Particularly to my wife. I'm grateful for all the years we had with you Sammy You will be forever remembered as the cute, sweet and kind pup you were to everyone -- most particularly to mommy. We all miss you very much. In our hearts and minds you are here, and I can feel your presence through Shadow. Take care little one.Peter K - February 25, 2020

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