9/14/2007 - 2/24/2020The first day we went to the Humane Society, we naively walked right past your kennel. Thank goodness we came back the next day and caught sight of your beautiful red coat and your calm, sweet disposition. Little did we know the amount you would impact all of our lives. You were a gift, teaching us patience in times of frustration, peace in times of despair, and overall love. We will miss you never growing tired of playing fetch, trips to the dog park, your love of walks, chasing after squirrels and birds and how your ears looked like pigtails when you were intrigued by a sight or sound. We will miss you peaking your head through the shutters of the front door, always waiting for us to come home to greet us with cuddles and a tail wag. Oh Fenny girl, we miss you so much.Allison BelangerSt. Petersburg, FloridaFebruary 25, 2020
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Oh Fenway .... It is amazing how you impacted all our lives. You went about your life in a way that should be a reminder to us all. Be loving, be kind, be gentle, be sweet, be caring and have the BEST time while doing it. You ARE an incredible part of our family, because you are still with us; in our heart and in our memory. Love you Fen Fen.Matthew Belanger - February 27, 2020
Sweet Fenny Penny, the pup that wagged her squirrel tail at any person that walked into the house. Coming home from college during the breaks was always my favorite because I knew who would be waiting for me behind the front door. She would wag her tail so quickly that her butt couldn't keep up so her whole body would just end up wiggling, and as I would crouch down to hug her she would tuck in her body so she could be as close as possible. She could put a smile on anyone's face and always made you feel loved. A pup who was the best cuddler, the best companion, and now the most special guardian angel. I imagine Fenway in doggy heaven, throwing her favorite shark toy or Kong toy up in the air and catching it in her mouth with that smile Fenway smile that we all know and love. I imagine Toby close by, maybe chasing her or playing along with her, or just being Toby. But nonetheless, both happy and at peace. Rest in paradise, sweet angel.Emily Bodfish - February 26, 2020
Whether I called you Fenway, Special Ed, or just crazy, you were easily the most loving dog I have ever had in my home. Sweat doesn't even come close to describing your personality. While I did not appreciate your ability to out stare me, I did fully appreciate your unconditional love. You will be missed Fenster!Jeff Belanger - February 26, 2020

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