12/16/2004 - 2/24/2020Oh my Esau. My Esau Joe. My buddy.
Esau was the most loyal, strong, handsome, sweet boy.
He was a protector when needed.
He was the best listener.
He had the softest ear. I loved petting his ears.
He grew old but never weak. I felt as secure around him from day 1 to day 5548.
He grew to love my husband and my kids.
Im thankful for his presence all these years and I miss him crazy.
I miss "good morning buddy" and "goodnight buddy" and all the time between.
He was so special, especially crafted for me, I have no doubt.
He was so so good. I'd repeat the 14 years again without hesitation.
You can finally rest if you want but knowing you, you arent resting. You arr still watching over me as you always did.
Thank you for your unconditional, unending love.
Shanna FloridoROANOKE, TexasFebruary 26, 2020
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Esau was your special, forever boyfriend! I'll bet you're right that he is still watching out for you! It was a pleasure meeting him and I'm so sorry for your loss! Hugs!!Faye Sparks - February 27, 2020

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