Foster Dog
2/26/2009 - 2/25/2020My heart weeps and my world is grey, I can't quite remember life without you, although it has been a short twelve years. I remember the day I found you, a 3 pound black and white fur ball, covered in flees, bloated belly, abandoned in the woods. Your back legs, faster than your front, as you somersaulted to get to me, begging me to take you home. It was love at first sight but I ready had a forever fur baby, so my intent was to find you a wonderful home! After two other families tried and failed, you were returned to me, you earned your name "Foster Dog" and became "My Dog” and our souls became inseparable. And for that, I am ever grateful.

Your heart and spirit were without bounds. You were always optimistic, trusting, forgiving, loving, fiercely protective, loyal, and thrilled to be alive. You were courageous and valiant and saved my life spiritually and physically.

Four days ago you became ill and I felt my first tinge of fear about your mortality, we went through extraordinary measure to keep you with us. Your pain was significant on the inside but imperceptible on the outside, you always had the heart of a puppy.

It is with heart-wrenching sadness that I must reveal we had to release the spirit of our fur baby Foster Dog, on Tuesday, February 25. Foster Dog you will always be with us, forever and waiting for us just on this side of heaven in a place called Rainbow Bridge.
Jennifer PoirierGainesville, FloridaFebruary 26, 2020
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