7/4/2005 - 2/27/2020Be at peace our perfect princess. We all miss you 💗Christine PaparoCenter Valley, PennsylvaniaFebruary 28, 2020
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We miss you so much baby. You would hate the rain but love it wasn’t cold out. Mo misses you so much You are always in our hearts, mind & soul. You were our every day 💗Christine Paparo - March 4, 2020
Coco was the sweetest little dog I’ve ever met. She knows her family loves her and will never forget the happiness and joy she brought into their lives. You will be missed sweet baby girl.Aaron Focht - March 1, 2020
Rest easy Coco. I will always love and miss you.Caitlin Delahanty - February 29, 2020
I will always miss you and love you coco, from all the happy dances you would do from when I would come over and all the little grumbles you would make, I know you’re happy now, may you rest easy.Marcus Seritsky - February 29, 2020
You suffered long and fierce. Rest little one. You will always be remembered.Meemom Campbell - February 29, 2020
Be thankful for all the joys Coco bought into your lives. May she rest in peace, and may each of you be at peace.Susan Filo - February 28, 2020
Miss you alwaysChristine Paparo - February 28, 2020
Rest well my sweet little girl. I will always miss you.Leonard Paparo - February 28, 2020
I miss you baby, but I know you’re happy. I love you forever and always. You fought until the very last moment. The best 14 years of my life pretty girl.Lauren Paparo - February 28, 2020

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