7/12/2020 - 3/13/2020To My Best Friend and Dearest Companion, Luke

You brought so much joy, soul, and purpose of caring in my life. You were always my " Ol Faithful" who was with me everyday, by my side. You completed this household and many memories and celebrations were shared with you. You made me happy with your presence and our time together is something I will always hold deep in my heart. You rescued me My Precious Boy. I will love you forever.
Tyla AguilarHurst, TexasMarch 14, 2020
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My Sweet Luke, Where do I begin? You were the first hound I ever got to meet and then you became my god-dog. You broght out this love for dogs that I didn’t know I had. You brought joy to your mama and your family. Not to mention Eli got to experience many firsts with you, from your birthday parties to adopt a puppy party. I am saddened to not have you in existence with us but I carry you in my heart! I thank God that he brought you into our lives and that you were always by your family’s side! Love you so much! Luke, you had a beautiful soul and because of that you leave a trail of wonderful memories. Love you, Juana Your godmotherJuanita Vera - March 23, 2020
You lived an amazing life that any pet would envy. You greeted all with a wag and a sniff without judgment. You allowed us to pet and love you. You always put a big smile our faces and on our hearts! You are loved and will be greatly missed but never forgotten. Rest in peace Rachmaninoff. - Tia, Tio, and cousin MuñozArt, Art, Elvira Munoz - March 23, 2020 were a joy to your family and will be greatly missed. I am so glad you were brought into my dearest friends life. Thank you for besting the sweetest dog and friend.

Dominicee Estorga - March 22, 2020
Thank you for giving us the pleasure of knowing you and allowing us to make you a part of our lives. You were always a joy to be around and brought us so much happiness, in your own shy way. You will forever be remembered by everyone who loved you. I know you are now pain free, running and playing with your sister, surrounded by our loved ones who have gone before us. And although I know your parents and brother are missing you terribly, I hope this thought brings them some comfort. You will always be in our hearts.

~Virginia & Kids
Virginia Aguilar - March 22, 2020
You were such a blessing to your Mama. Your sweet face will be missed by Ty and me. I know we will always carry you in our hearts. Sending you lots of love as you watch over us.
Miss you,
Lisette and Ty
Lisette Alviar - March 22, 2020
You were a sweet boy who gave your mama much joy! Rest In Peace, Luke!!Faye Sparks - March 21, 2020
Our Dearest Luke:
You have been and are a amazing loyal dog. You always made me smile and loved on me even when I didn’t know I needed it. You have been Emma’s first loyal companion and taught her how to love for other animals but you were her first. You always be my gentle Luke and I love and will always cherish our small moments I was allowed with you. We will always love you!!! Thank you for always being with us and being part of Emma’s pictures she needed a partner.
Love you always,
Erica and Emma
Erica Boghani - March 15, 2020
Luke, you loved unconditionally and brought us complete happiness. Our lives became much richer after you joined our family and you have etched an indelible mark in our hearts. Lord, we thank you for the gift that Luke was and will continue to be in our joyful memories. As Luke trusted us to take care of him, may we always have trust in You to take care of us.Aaron Aguilar - March 15, 2020
How I ache for you but I know you are in heaven. I miss you so much and feel a big part of me is gone.
You were my joy. My heart. I miss you "pawing my leg" wanting your morning hug as long a following me throughout the house. How you loved being "part of" in your own shy way. You loved with all your heart and your gave your sister, brother and all of us the spot light to shine as you stood by everyone's side. You were the best of the best. I can't find the words to express just how much you meant to me and to others.

Tyla Aguilar - March 15, 2020

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