Pet Memorials

Oh my sweet boy - I can't believe a week has passed already since I let you go. I still can't fathom never hearing your special (non) meow again. I know I will love another pet again someday but you were SO wonderful I just can't imagine any being able to compare to you. I hope you met up with Thumpy at the rainbow bridge. He can be your big...(read more)
May 19, 2015
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David Rousseau, DVM
Thank heaven for Dr Dave and the service "Lap of Love" provides for families and their beloved pets. Five days ago our GSD lost his ability to walk anymore. After 3 days we were faced with the inevitable- he could not go on living that way. We knew we could not take him outside our home at this point, nor did we want to. He was too big to move,...(read more)
lori barrasso
May 20, 2015
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