Support Center of Lap of Love

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Our Care Coordinators are there to help, offering guidance and support for one of the hardest phone calls that we, as pet parents, may ever make. You are not alone - we are here for you every day of the week to coordinate and assist you every step of the way. 

Allison Lukosavich

Allison was born in Port St Lucie, Florida. Her love for animals brought her to St. Petersburg College to pursue an education in veterinary technology. She completed her Associates of Science degree and became a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2009, and in 2014 she completed her Bachelors of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Her career journey has allowed her to experience private practice, shelter medicine, and feline medicine. After experiencing veterinary hospice for her personal pet, she realized what a gift that was for the human-animal-bond. Allison had heard Dr. Dani speak at veterinary conferences and was so captivated by the compassion Lap of Love had for pets and their owners.  She wanted to use her knowledge, experiences, and empathy to support other families sharing in the veterinary hospice journey. Allison's interests include animal behavior, art and crafting, and anything Disney. Outside of work she enjoys going to church, and spending time with her husband, beautiful daughter, family, and friends. Her favorite breed is "rescued" and she shares her home with 2 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats.

Ashley Rasanen

Ashley is the proud mom of two amazing yet crazy pups. Lotus, a Black Lab/Basset mix, and Lucy a Black Lab/Boxer mix. She has never known a day without the love and companionship of her fur friends. The day Ashley was brought home from the hospital as a baby, her dad surprised both her and her mother with a Vizsla puppy named Max. He was her best friend/brother for the first 15 years of her life, and will forever be the gold standard for how important the human-animal bond is. She was fortunate enough to grow up with loving parents who indulged in her need to adopt every stray fur baby she could lure into her home with that infamous phrase “can we keep him?” Ashley now feels an incredible sense of honor to share her love and compassion with families as they journey through this delicate process with their truly beloved companions.

Brian Caffee

Brian grew up in Gainesville and graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Criminal Justice.  He worked as a police officer in Gainesville before meeting his wife.  Growing up Brian’s family had German Shepherds and while a policeman he used to volunteer with the K9 unit as a “bad guy” wearing a bite suit.  In 1998 he changed careers and moved to Tampa to be with his wife. They now have 2 teenage daughters and a Border Collie named Dyson (after the vacuum cleaner because he picks up everything).  Between working 2 jobs and the demands of family life Brian does not have the time he would like for hobbies but he makes time to play Frisbee with Dyson whenever he can.

Brianna Oliver

Brie was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She grew up enjoying the sunshine and going on outdoor adventures with her family and furry companions. Brie is a full time student, concentrating in the study of Business Management and Human Resources. She has always shared a loving home with both dogs and cats as furry family members. She believes in compassion and dedication to pet families and a peaceful end of life journey. Lap of Love allows her the honor of helping humans and animals alike, because pets are family.  

Carrie Peterson

Carrie joined up with the Lap of Love support center in July 2016. Growing up on a farm and being surrounded by animals (too many to count!) she knew that each of those animals would be an integral part of her life’s journey. For over 35 years, Carrie has both competed and coached at top rated horse events, spending many hours in and out the saddle. She rehabilitated numerous racehorses, transforming them into show hunters, ushering them into a viable, second career. In addition to helping families at Lap of Love, Carrie is also immensely gratified by her work in the equine-assisted therapeutic field.  As a PATH, International Certified Therapeutic Instructor & an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning, she works to better the lives of both children and adults with a myriad of disabilities, using horses as a unique therapeutic guide. Carrie is a professional photographer and long-time graphic designer. She enjoys, cooking, yoga, art projects, trail riding with friends, and continuing to care for her beautiful, senior miniature horses. For her, there has been a lifetime of many deeply loved, very missed... dogs, cats and horses. They will forever reside in her heart. 

Cheryl Wyatt

Cheryl is a mother of three daughters, Sarah, Maria and Rose, and four fur babies, including two Chihuahuas, Tony and Penny Lane, a black Lab, Lilly, and a cat, Smokey.  She lives in Oldsmar, Florida, very close to Old Tampa Bay, where she strolls with her furry loves every evening. Having been raised in the military, it has always been a passion of hers to nurture and care for animals where ever in the world she happened to live. As a child, when other little girls were pushing dolls in their baby buggies, she was strolling around with kittens and puppies, and the occasional frog in hers! She was working as a Paralegal in a law office when she met Dr. Dani.  When she learned about Lap of Love, and how she could help families and their precious babies, she knew this was her calling, and she left her legal career behind. As someone who has always had a passion for animals and their welfare, she feels this is her contribution to help prevent pain and suffering from occurring in them, and to help bring them and their families peace.

Cortnie Brooks

Cortnie Brooks grew up as a military child. She has never been in one place too long and has moved out on her own to Tampa, Florida to pursue her love of art. She is currently going to college for a Media Arts and Animation degree. She hopes to someday be in the credits of an animated movie or video game. From cats and dogs to gerbils and fish, she has had them all as pets. If she is not working or in class, she is either pencil in hand drawing or outside watching wildlife. 

Cristina Perez

Cristina was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She has been happily married to Robert since 2008 and has a handsome little boy, Noah. She has been in the animal-medical field since 2001, working for an animal emergency clinic. She met Dr. Dani and Lap of Love in 2014. It is so rewarding to be able to help families and their companion animals through such a difficult time in their lives. She couldn't have asked for a greater honor. 

Donna Vorobel

Donna was born and raised in Tennessee. As a child she lived on a farm where she learned to love and appreciate animals. She spent most of her time with her horse "Bo", at Dressage expositions.  She is married and has two grown children and three wonderful grandchildren. Prior to coming to Lap of Love she was a middle school, Language Arts teacher and an Elementary School Principal, both very rewarding careers. She is looking forward to continuing to make a difference in people's lives at Lap of Love. As a person who deeply cares about people and animals she feels very blessed to be able to partner with all the very loving, caring people at Lap of Love. She is deeply impressed with the passion of the Doctors and the dedication of the support center team. She believes together they can provide families with a gentle, compassionate end of life experience for their furry babies. She considers it an honor to be a part of Lap of Love.

Jennifer Cole

Jennifer is mom to a beautiful Cocker Spaniel named Tucker and he is the love of her life. He's an only child so he is spoiled beyond belief. Jennifer is a Tampa native but currently resides in Fort Myers, FL where she is in school full time majoring in Software Engineering. After graduation, she hopes she can put her skills to use within Lap of Love because she loves everything Lap of Love stands for and hopes to be a part of it for years to come. Animals are her passion and one day she plans on having a diverse household full of rescues. Jennifer is thankful that she can help bring a little peace of mind to families in need of help for their furry loved ones.

Josue Rosario

Josue is a passionate servant at heart. He strives to learn about life on a daily basis to grow continuously through every experience. Being a student, his goal is to obtain his bachelor's degree in International business and further his education in Pharmacy or Psychology.  He is driven by the motivation to succeed and to help in any way possible. He believes that working with excellence and showing care to things goes a long way. Josue is a very spiritual person that believes that love conquers all odds. He believes that through life, in every situation there is a way to achieve peace and prosperity. Josue loves to sing, dance and cook because it brings joy to the people around him. Josue also enjoys the finer things that life has to offer and tends to wine and dine and shop too much. He loves sharing his heart with people that are broken and looking for validation during hard times. It makes him feel whole, and brings a level of fulfillment knowing that his voice transcends peace over people's lives during difficult times. His love for animals enhances his connection with each family that calls in. Josue feels blessed to have found such a wonderful place to work and share his time as he grows and learns about life. 

Kelly Wilson

Kelly was born and raised in Tampa Florida and loves the sunshine state.  She is the president and co-founder of Lost Angels Animal Rescue and has fostered and adopted out many dogs since 1999.  She currently specializes in older hospice dogs and shares her home with many.  She has two grandchildren Gracie and Coleson and loves to spend as much time with them as possible.

Laurie Rankin

Laurie was born and raised in Pinellas county, Florida where she continues to live with her husband of over 20 years, their two handsome teenage sons, 4 cats and 1 dog. Laurie has worked as a Certified Veterinary Technician in private practices dealing with exotic pets, at the county animal shelter and as an adjunct instructor for St. Petersburg College's Veterinary Technology program.  Laurie has long been a proponent of debunking myths about shelters and talking openly with others about euthanasia in a positive light rather than with the usual knee jerk reaction that euthanasia is "bad."  While moderating lectures for a local veterinary conference, Laurie crossed paths with Dr. Dani and Lap of Love and has been on the sidelines cheerleading for this fabulous service ever since.  She knew then that it was only a matter of time before she would join this wonderful group of caring, compassionate people to assist owners in granting their fur babies the gift of a peaceful, dignified passing.  When not working, Laurie enjoys spending time with family, traveling the country, reading and watching movies.

Layla Dampier

Layla has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember. She knew from a very early age that her life would be dedicated to them in some way and feels extremely fortunate that she has been able to work with animals for her entire career. She was a zookeeper for eight years and during that time worked with everything from meerkats to otters to lions and almost everything in between.  She is also a crazy cat lady and has worked at feline only veterinary clinics since before 2008.  She was honored to be able to join Lap of Love to help all types of pets and their people during this very special time.  At home Layla has two cats (Goblin and Phoebe - aka “Bitty”), two dogs (Dobby and Watson), and a boyfriend, (Eric).  She spends much of her free time with them and also enjoys spending time outside, exploring local restaurants, and eating chocolate.

Lisa Dinolov

Lisa joins Lap of Love after recently graduating from University of South Alabama College of Nursing. She lives with two cats, two dogs, and one love bird. She loves working with people and with animals. The most rewarding part of working with Lap of Love families is knowing they receive the most compassionate and gentle care from our doctors. Being part of such a supportive group of animal lovers and knowing families entrust us with their most precious gift, their beloved companion pet, is a great honor for Lisa.

Rita Mouradian

Rita fell in love with animals in her early childhood. She stems from a large family and often finds refuge in the calming presence of her pets. She has a soft spot for special needs animals and currently has a blind bird, along with 2 other birds, 2 cats and her beloved horse.  Rita has devoted her career to working with animals and has spent much of her time expanding her knowledge to help pets and their families. She has a degree in Public Relations and is currently pursuing a Master's degree. Whenever Rita gets a chance she loves taking road trips to explore other states and to embrace her adventurous side. 

Rose Wyatt

Growing up as the daughter of an army soldier Rose’s family moved very frequently. At a young age, while stationed in Germany, she got her first family dog named Becky. She was a chow/lab mix and they all fell in love. Becky followed her family back to the states where they acquired several other pets including hamsters and a rabbit. Becky lived a long and beautiful life in which she was very much loved when she passed away at the age of 16. Shortly after she lost her sweet girl Rose moved to Tampa for college where she adopted her two babies Vito, a Chihuahua, and Layla, a rat terrier. They are the light of her day!

Rose attended the University of South Florida where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, emphasis on clinical psychology and research methods. Rose loved clinical psychology for the ability to comfort and ease someone in distress. She feels that this background significantly impacts her understanding and compassion for families with geriatric or ailing pets. Her love for animals has always been a huge part of her, and with Lap of Love she is able to combine a love for animals with grief counseling and comforting families. Rose feels it is an honor and a privilege to work with the Lap of Love veterinarians. They amaze her every day with their compassion and nurturing spirits.

Valerie Gardner

Valerie has been with Lap of Love since 2011.  She is a huge family, friends and animal lover.  Her personal motto is “Pets are family too, they make us better people.”  Her interests are happiness, smiling daily, positive thinking and gratitude for each breath she takes.  Her hobbies include her kids (fur included) and her “hubby.”  Her social life is their social life.

Victoria Gunther

Victoria was born and raised in VA, and moved down to Florida to finish her college education. She is currently in pursuit of a Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences and plans to go on to medical school. She has worked with large animal rescue organizations, and has been a four legged foster mom since 2012. She foster failed and ended up adopting three gorgeous cats. She shares her life with a beautiful little girl. When she is not fostering, volunteering, in school, or working, she loves to play with her daughter, read, and go to the park.  One of the things that drew her to Lap of Love was the opportunity to help others go through the heartbreaking process of letting a fur baby pass peacefully. Having been through the process several times before, she found her calling in guiding others.