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Hospice And Euthanasia Pricing

  • In-Home Consultation or Hospice - $225 ($255 evenings & weekends)
    Includes an examination by the veterinarian, a full assessment of your pet's quality of life, and a custom treatment plan to help you care for your pet and monitor their condition, with prompt follow-up for any questions after the visit.
  • In-Home Euthanasia - $225 ($255 evenings & weekends)
    Includes a brief consultation by the veterinarian, medication to ensure comfort, peaceful euthanasia, paw impression memorial keepsake, lock of fur, and a Lap of Love Pet Loss Booklet. The additional cost for the varied cremation services are detailed in the Aftercare Pricing section.
  • Holidays - additional $50-$100
  • Additional Fees - There may be an additional charge for extended travel (see service area below), pets over 99 lb, late night appointments (when arranged), aggressive pets, and some exotic species


Our understanding Care Coordinators answer your calls every day, from 7am - 11pm. Appointments are scheduled throughout the week, please call for availability. Sometimes, pets take a turn for the worse overnight, so we do our best to accommodate same day appointments with a few hours notice when possible. If this is a medical emergency, please contact your local veterinarian or refer to our local resources below.


Aftercare Pricing

We will carry your beloved pet with us and arrange for our cremation services. They will be handled with care, as if they were our own.

PRIVATE CREMATION: With this option, your pet is cremated privately at a licensed crematorium.  Cremains (ashes) are usually returned to rDVM unless other arrangements are requested.

  • $225 for pets up to 99 pounds
  • $275 for pets 100 - 125 pounds
  • For pets over 125 pounds, please call for a quote

COMMUNAL CREMATION: With this cremation option, pets are cremated with other animals and their ashes are scattered together on a private farm owned by the crematory. 

  • $80 for pets up to 99 pounds
  • $150 for pets 100-125 pounds
  • For pets over 125 pounds, please call for a quote

Service Area

We assist families with in home pet hospice and euthanasia in towns in and around Alachua county including the following listed below. Travel fees may be assessed based on distance from veterinarian's home: 11-20 miles  - $30, 21-30 miles - $60, over 30 miles - will be quoted by veterinarian.

  • Gainesville
  • Hawthorne
  • Alachua
  • Newberry
  • Micanopy
  • Hawthorne
  • Ocala
  • Starke
  • Archer
  • High Springs


Payment Options

Preferred methods of payment are check (made to 'Lap of Love') or cash.

Many Pet Insurance companies cover euthanasia services, just have any paper-work ready for the veterinarian to complete so that you can submit it for reimbursement.


Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice
PO BOX 358944
Gainesville, FL 32635

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Veterinarians' Biographies

Jen Bansel, DVM

I don’t remember when I started wanting to be a Veterinarian, but I do know it’s the only thing I thought about while growing up. I loved reading James Herriot books as well as anything I could find related to horses and dogs. My favorite times where playing with our family dogs and spending as much time as possible at the barn. I even remember trading work for riding lessons. Working on my undergrad degree, I became deeply interested in science and briefly forgot about being a veterinarian.

That all changed after attending the vet school’s open house during my senior year. I realized how envious I was of the vet students and wanted to do what they were doing and studying. I once again changed my career focus and immediately applied to veterinary college. While attending veterinary college I found my passion was working with animal rescue and behavior. The two are very closely linked and many times behavior is the main reason animals are abandoned at shelters. Upon graduating, I began working in private practice and truly enjoyed the close connections I made with many of the pet owners and their beloved family companions.

I found that one of the most important and difficult tasks was assisting owners with the decision to euthanize their pet as well as performing the Euthanasia. We tend to remember those last moments with our pets very clearly; they can remain with us for a long time. Helping to make the process as calm and stress-free was very important to me. I began to make a few house calls for euthanasia and noticed a significant difference in how calming it was for both the pets and their owners to be in the familiar surroundings of their own home instead of anxiously waiting in the veterinarian’s office. I am very pleased to be able to provide in-home hospice and euthanasia. My goal is to make this difficult time as stress-free as possible, so that you can always remember your pet’s last moments surrounded by peace and love.

Selena Tinga, DVM

The first few years of my life were spent living in the rainforest of Australia, watching wallabies and echidnas in my backyard. My mom tells me I started saying that I wanted to be a veterinarian soon after I started speaking, which surely stemmed from my rural upbringing, surrounded by wildlife.  My mom and I spent the rest of my “growing up years” in rural Hawaii, where there is far less wildlife.  But we kept our own menagerie of beloved pets and my determination to become a veterinarian continued to grow.  I moved across the USA to upstate New York to pursue my undergraduate and veterinary degrees at Cornell University. My shelter cat, Spud, then landed with me in Florida where we both enjoyed the virtually non-existent winters!

Funny enough, even with such staunch determination during all 29 years of dreaming and training, I really did not understand what it meant to be a veterinarian. I’m definitely still figuring it out, but I have found that this title bestowed upon me is so much more than just the knowledge and skills gained in school. I have felt the most fulfilled, simply from the relationships that I have developed with my patients and their owners.  And maybe even more so from observing the love exchanged between my patients and their owners.

The most delicate moment in this relationship, I believe, comes at the end of life, when a great veterinarian can provide counseling and help to ease the transition from life for both pet and owner. I am constantly working on becoming this great veterinarian.

Owned and Operated

This Lap of Love location is owned and operated by Drs. Bansel and Tinga