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Hospice And Euthanasia Pricing

Housecall Pricing during normal business hours (M-F 9am – 5:30pm)*:

  • Phone Consultations - No Charge
  • In-Home Hospice/Consultation/Euthanasia - $195 (evenings/weekends: $245)
  • Holidays additional $50 (Easter/Thanksgiving/Christmas Eve/Day $100)
  • Travel 15-25 miles from dr's residence $30; 25-35 miles $60; over 35 miles, doctor will let you know cost.

*Please Note: There may be an additional charge for pets over 100 lb, aggressive pets, and some exotic species.


Lap of Love veterinarians do their best to assist families when needed. Availability will vary with location, time of day, and prior commitments. If this is a medical emergency, please contact your local veterinarian or see Emergency Clinic information below.


  • Affiliated Veterinary Emergency Center: (904) 642-5911
  • Clay-Duval Pet Emergency Clinic: (904) 264-8281
  • Emergency & Critical Care Pet Hospital: (904) 223-8000
  • St Augustine Regional Veterinary Emergency Center: (904) 797-5770

Aftercare Pricing

If you wish, we will take your beloved pet with us and arrange for cremation services. They will be handled with care, as if they were our own.

PRIVATE CREMATION: With this option, your pet is cremated privately at a licensed crematorium and the remains (ashes) will be returned to your Regular Veterinarian. They can also be mailed to you for an additional $25.

  • $195 for pets 10 pounds or less
  • $215 for pets 11 - 50 pounds
  • $245 for pets 51 - 100 pounds
  • $300 for pets over 100 pounds

COMMUNAL CREMATION: Pets are cremated with other pets and ashes are scattered together.

  • $80 for pets under 100 pounds 
  • $150 for pets 101-150 pounds

Service Area

Lap of Love veterinarians in the area service towns in and around Jacksonville and St. Augustine.  

Payment Options

Preferred methods of payment are check (made to 'Lap of Love') or cash.

Credit card is accepted with a $10 processing fee

1650 Margaret St. Ste. 302
# 207
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Local Pet Loss Resources

The Animals at Heart Pet Loss Support Group
Jacksonville Humane Society Education Room
8464 Beach Boulevard
Meetings are every other Monday, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. There is no charge. Donations are requested, but not required. Facilitator: Charlene Vandiver Phone: (904) 338-9764

Veterinarian's Biographies

Katie Stender, DVM

I will never forget the day our beloved yellow Labrador, Daisy, took her journey to the rainbow bridge. She was 12 years old and could no longer get up because of her chronic arthritis, and we knew it was time. It was very early in the morning, and my whole family was there as we greeted our vet at the door. Daisy was resting comfortably in her bed with her duck toy, and we all said our goodbyes, even Daisy's brother, our orange tabby, Skippy. The lasting memories of Daisy sleeping in her bed as our vet gently explained the process, made us feel at peace with this difficult decision. I have been forever grateful that she was able to do that for us, and for Daisy, and when I became a veterinarian, I felt honored and privileged to be able to do the same for other families. I graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Science and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. I share a home with my significant other, Taylor, and our four furry children. I have a special place in my heart for cats, and I have three of my own. We also have a black Labrador, Lady, who loves to go for car rides and garden with her dad. One of my favorite things about my profession is that I'm able to help animals, but also build lasting relationships with their owners.

This Lap of Love location is independently owned and operated.

Alicia Manlio-Petry, DVM

Growing up, I knew what I wanted to be in life, a veterinarian. I also realized that I wanted to help care for and treat animals not only in need of medical care, but love too. As I got older, I volunteered and worked at any place that gave me the opportunity to work with animals. I grew up in S. Florida and found my calling working as a staff veterinarian at the Humane Society. I loved helping and fostering animals that needed someone to love. It has always given me the greatest feeling helping someone rescue an animal in need and seeing that same animal rescue the heart of their new companion. But, as life occasionally reminds us, a time eventually comes when our loved ones get ill.

Throughout my career, I have seen animals pass away alone in a sterile environment and also in the comfort of their home with a loving family at their side. I can say without reservation that animals are much calmer and at peace when they are in their home with their family during those final moments. I remember when my cat Jazzy, who I had since she was a kitten, got sick. I also remember the day I knew she wasn't going to get better. She was seventeen and I struggled with the thought of her passing, but also with the thought of her continuing to suffer until the end. I knew she wanted peace, and I knew she wanted her final moments to be with me in our home. I feel a certain serenity knowing that she passed in the most respectful and loving way in her own home with me at her side. I now live in St. Augustine with my husband, daughter and our two cats.

I feel very fortunate to join the Lap of Love team and continue my life's work in helping pets and their families through a painful and difficult time.

Tiffany Mosley, DVM

Originally from Florida, I’ve had the pleasure of living in many different locations throughout the “Sunshine” state. Growing up as a child I had many different pets, from baby birds to stray cats and the one thing that I can remember vividly was always wanting to be a Veterinarian. As most in this profession do, I began my career choice by cleaning out cages and volunteering my free time so that I might be around animals.

While studying for my undergraduate degree at the University of Central Florida, I was employed as a zookeeper and my “then” goal was to become a wildlife Veterinarian. That quickly changed once I began studying Veterinary medicine at the University of Florida and started interacting with clients and their pet companions.

Although I had a fondness for wildlife medicine, I’ve become even more impassioned with the client / practitioner bond that you develop while helping people through difficult situations, whether it be an illness or an end of life condition. Being a Veterinarian has always been and will always be my life’s calling. It brings me pleasure when I’m able to help improve the life of pets and their owners. I am happily married to my husband who is a Jacksonville native, and who was instrumental in bringing me to this area back in 2009.

We currently have a beautiful daughter and son. We also share our home with 2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 ducks and a turtle. I am honored to serve the Jacksonville area in a manner that will allow for a more peaceful passing of a cherished beloved pet companion.