Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
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Lap of Love Veterinarian: Peter Gollub, DVM"My husband, Mike and I, can not express enough gratitude to Dr. Peter for helping us through this difficult time. Our beloved fur baby Demi was our whole life and will sorely be missed. Demi was diagnosed with bladder cancer in November and continued to fight everyday till his last, February 24th, 2017. Dr. Peter and Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice made this extremely painful and heartbreaking situation a lot less stressful. His kindness and professionalism were unprecedented and we will definitely be recommending his services to anyone we know that is going through a similar situation. Thank you Dr. Peter for treating our fur baby as if he was your own.

Jolene & Mike Harrington (Demi's parents)"
Jolene HarringtonPeabody, MassachusettsFebruary 26, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tina Olivieri, DVM"Dr. Tina was kind and compassionate.

My dog Julio was a 13 years old basset hound and was nearing the end. I thought about taking him to the veterinarian’s office; however, I wanted him to feel the most comfortable he could be on his last day. Through a friend I found Dr. Tina. What brought me to Dr. Tina, was the fact that I wanted Julio to be at home where he lives, and I wanted him to be as comfortable as he could be. I knew that the trip to the veterinarian’s office would have placed stress on him, and also the procedure would have stressed him as well.

When Dr. Tina arrived, she was warm and full of compassion. Julio usually barks at people he does not now or want to touch him; however, he only barked once at Dr. Tina. Dr. Tina took her time and explained everything to us. She wanted to make sure that we were comfortable, and most of all, she wanted to make Julio comfortable.

After the process had ended, I was pleased that she offered to personally take Julio into her vehicle. I was surprised with the cast of his paw print and a lock of his fur. In the end, Dr. Tina made the entire process humane and easy. Her compassion and genuineness showed.

I recommend anyone who is in the same situation to turn to Dr. Tina, because she will treat you and your pet with humility and respect."
Santa Fe Springs, CaliforniaFebruary 25, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: William Tancredi, DVM"To say Dr. Bill was incredible during our ordeal is an understatement. His demeanor was calming and reassuring, especially since I was filled with doubt and inner turmoil over making the decision to end my dog's life. It was an incredibly peaceful process, with Scout even leaning against him as she fell into her deep sleep. It's as if she knew he was there to bring her peace. He brought me peace, as well, and for that I am forever grateful."Crystal WSellersville, PennsylvaniaFebruary 25, 2017Scout's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender, DVM"My sweet greyhound Lacey loved everyone, loved to hug and be hugged. She lived to be 12 years and 8 months. Lacey developed a peripheral nerve disorder and arthritis that made it difficult to get up and sometimes made her stumble. We had yoga mats all over the house so she wouldn't slip. She had wonderful compensation skills, and if she stumbled knew to hop right away with both back legs off the ground to straighten herself out. Lacey was a beautiful example and inspiration because she kept going with an "it doesn't matter" attitude through her difficulties. She knew how much she was loved.
She was a serious cheese lover, begging for cheese each night. I jokingly said it was her medicine, and believe it really was a medicine of sorts.
Those were the good moments.
But each day held increasing difficulty, and I know she was tired.
It is such a painful and personal decision to end your pets life, especially while there are still good times and love being enjoyed.
We've had 3 greyhounds and when they became incapacitated, we found we couldn't just pick them up and take them to the vet. They are awkward to lift, being large deep chested dogs with those long skinny legs.
So on that day I cried and agonized (not in front of Lacey), and made that most difficult decision and phone call that every pet lover dreads.
I spoke to Cheryl, who was very kind and caring, explaining the process and setting the time. Dr. Katie then called to introduce herself and let me know just as Cheryl had that she would be taking very good care of my sweet baby.
Dr. Katie called again just prior to her arrival, continuing to reassure me that Lacey was in good hands.
Dr. Katie was wonderful. It's obvious she has a sincere love for animals and she couldn't have made the experience any better. She came in, exclaimed how beautiful Lacey was and immediately sat down and loved on her. She was unhurried, examining Lacey and taking her medical history while we talked. Lacey was completely comfortable, halfway taking a nap while all this took place Dr. Katie even laid down next to her and petted her as I often do.
Dr. Katie explained everything she was going to do and waited until I was ready.
A really special thing I did not expect was her offer to make a impression of Lacey's paw print and take a lock of her fur for me to have. Both are SO comforting to have.
Praise God He allowed this to happen as it did, for connecting me with Lap of Love, Cheryl and Dr. Katie and that Lacey left having a good day.
Thank you SO much Dr. Katie for making this most difficult time a warm memory filled with love, and for the caring you give to us humans as well. You are an Angel here on earth!
Blessings, Love and Gratitude,
Jacksonville, FloridaFebruary 25, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Erica Fry, DVM"Tonight we had to do the hardest thing a pet owner has to do. We had to make the decision to put our 9 year old sweet Bella to rest. We opted for an at home vet to come evaluate Bella and do at home euthanasia if indicated. During a difficult night for Bella last Sunday, I started browsing for guidance online and that is when I found Lap of Love. Dr Erica arrived at our door tonight and gave us a priceless experience, to lay our sweet Girl to rest in the comfort of her own home surrounded by the humans that love her. Dr. Erica gave her sedation to relax her and let us take as long as we needed f to say goodbye before releasing her to rest. Her two brothers got to say goodbye too which meant a lot to us. Dr. Erica, you will forever have a special place in our hearts."Elizabeth RhodesFort Worth, TexasFebruary 25, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Lauren Cassady, DVM"Our dog Dunkin was a light in our lives. Robbie and I miss his snuggling, the tap of his nails on our hard wood floors, and the constant companionship. Even our cat notices the loss in our lives. He was a special little guy that will forever be in our hearts. Helping him move on was one of the toughest things I've ever gone through. But, his quality of life had diminished to a point where he was no longer able to cope with his circumstances. When Dr. Lauren arrived at our door, I broke down. Never meeting her before, I just needed that connection and she gave with open arms. I fully respect the work she does. I don't know how she does it , but she was able to make the circumstances, as unbearable as they are emotionally , much easier for all of us. I am so thankful Dunkin could be with us in our home for his last moments. He was loved to the last second of his life and will be with us in memories forever."Jim ClinardAtlanta, GeorgiaFebruary 25, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates, VMD"Our dear Casey was our 18 1/2 year old deaf cat. She was the sweetest cat we've ever had. She began to stop eating and drinking last week. We knew it was time but we also knew that the final trip to the vet would be a stressful experience for her. A friend of ours told us about Lap of Love. It was the perfect solution. Dr. Brad Bates made this sad situation as painless as possible for all of us. He was very compassionate and understanding. He handled Casey in a very gentle manner, making the process go smoothly. We have already begun to tell our "pet friendly" friends and relatives about this wonderful service. We are truly advocates for Lap of Love."Suzanne and Glenn EverittLanghorne, PennsylvaniaFebruary 25, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Annie Dion-Byrd, DVM"It was so difficult to know that I had to say good-bye to my 6 year old cat, Rocky. He was diagnosed with a very rare cancer. From the moment I called Lap of Love, I felt the love, compassion, and care. Dr. Annie came to my home on a Sunday and she was a blessing in our time of need. She spent time with me and Rocky. We talked about all different options. She was just amazing.. Rocky passed in his own home with me right by his side. He was under no stress and to know he would not suffer was a relief. It is always hard to say good bye to our loving animals, but i can't say enough about Lap of Love and Dr. Annie. They also take care of whatever you decide for a memorial of your pet. If you are struggling with the decision to say goodbye, I recommend Lap Of Love."michele kirbywindermere, FloridaFebruary 24, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sandra Simko, DVM"Tuesday was one of the hardest days I had in a long time. I have had many in the past 2 years but this day was the worst.
I stayed awake all night struggling with letting my Sophie go. I was physically sick. When I knew in my heart it was right, I called Lap of Love. I spoke to Donna, who was wonderful. Kind, understanding and compassionate. We scheduled Dr. Simko to come at 3P.M. and the day seemed endless. My stomach was sick all day, and I couldn't stop crying. I have 2 other dogs, Francis and Pearle and we were a team. They went everywhere with me. Such a void now.
Dr. Simko is an angel herself. Wished she was in private practice. I can't find a Vet I really like or trust. Just started with a new one for Francis, he has a sensitive stomach. Hoe she works out, so far she is good.
Dr.Simko was kind, compassionate, and made this awful experience bearable. Sophie died peacefully, and with dignity. We should all be so lucky in this difficult world.
She took care of Sophie and did things I just could not do. She hugged me with sincerity and we talked awhile about the work I
use to do. She listened intently and showed me she cared. What a blessing she is.
So, the aftermath is heart wrenching and grief takes so much time. The pain never really goes away for animal or human, we just get by somehow, I think with many little holes in our hearts that heal with painful scars. But we can't forget the happy memories, that made us love them so much.
Sophie was one of my angels and I hope she is playing and happy with all those that went before her, and smiling down at me, saying: "Don't worry Mom, I am O.K. now and happy!! I want you to be one day also. God take care of my Sophie Love, rose."
rose Christencranford, New JerseyFebruary 24, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Courtney Brookens Graham, DVM"My wife, Nancy, and I will always be grateful for the compassion, dignity and respect that Dr. Graham showed our girl Skater at the end of her 14 year life. Dr. Graham was exceedingly patient with us, giving us the time, privacy and kindness we needed to say goodbye. It is the hardest thing a pet owner has to do, but doing it in our home made it as compassionate as it could be.

Additionally, the young man who delivered Skater's ashes the next day was very polite, dignified and genuinely sorry for our loss.

Thanks, Doc."
David BassettRoyal Oak, MichiganFebruary 24, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: William Tancredi, DVM"Dr B,
Was so very kind, gentle and caring during our time of grief. He took the time to explain the procedure in a caring and respectful manner. We are so grateful to Dr. B and Lap of Love for allowing our family to honor Ozzie gracefully and with dignity during his time of passing.
The Baer Family"
Donna BaerBirdsboro, PennsylvaniaFebruary 23, 2017Ozzie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Gardner, DVM"I had to say goodbye to my old girl Bebe in November of last year. Like all animal lovers, we want to extend their time here with us as long as possible with proper medications and an abundance of love and attention.... and in some cases that works for awhile.
For me the hardest part of letting go is knowing when it's the right time. With Dr. Mary's guidance I was able to let go before crisis mode set in, which would have been the worst possible scenario.
My girl had a beautiful, stress free send off in her own home and on her own bed. She was at peace, which in turn brought peace to my heart. Lap of Love was the best gift I could've given to both of us.
For anyone struggling with this very difficult decision I highly recommend contacting Lap of Love. What an amazing and much needed service they provide. God bless the entire staff, particularly Dr. Mary Gardner - thank you for your love and emotional support!"
Cheryl BrownYorba Linda, CaliforniaFebruary 23, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Toby Goldman, DVM"I would like to thank Dr. Toby for helping me through this difficult time. I was uncertain what to expect, and didn't want my sweet girl Ruby to be in any discomfort. He made me feel at ease, and Ruby was treated with the up most respect and caring. His thoughtfulness will never be forgotten."Arlene ReposaLas Vegas, NevadaFebruary 23, 2017Ruby's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Leslie Peltier, DVM"Dr. Leslie, I am very thankful to have found you in Blossom's time of need. Your skill made this a peaceful experience for her. And the compassion and dignity that you brought to the situation made this a far more tolerable experience for me, too. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor."Trent HanesColumbus, OhioFebruary 23, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Betsy King, DVM"Dr King came to our house on Tuesday, 2/21 and euthanized our beloved dog Niki. She was very professional and empathetic. She explained the process and made Niki relax during the whole process. Both my wife and I want to thank Dr. King for the way she presented herself, but of most importance how she comforted Niki during her time with her. It was an experience we will never forget."Tom PlataniaRaleigh, North CarolinaFebruary 22, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Courtney Brookens Graham, DVM"Deciding to have Dr. Courtney Graham come to my home for Pookie was the best decision I could make, at a very difficult time. Dr. Courtney was wonderful, understanding, in no hurry. She wanted to hear all about Pookie and her life. God bless her for what she does."Christine StephensonShelby Township, MichiganFebruary 22, 2017Pookie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Amy Tanis, DVM"There are no words to thank Dr. Amy for the care and compassion that she showed to Gabbi. On one of the hardest days for myself and my family she was more than compassionate and understanding, she treated Gabbi as if she was her own. You could feel from Dr. Amy that every word she spoke she meant from her heart and that meant everything to us. Thank you Dr. Amy for helping Gabbi to finally be able to rest peacefully and no longer have to be in pain. And thank you for being genuine and have such a kind heart. You helped make a very hard day a little easier. We are very grateful to you!"Angie LogsdonCharlotte, North CarolinaFebruary 22, 2017Gabbi's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Lauren Cassady, DVM"#mayaownstherecliner This was a hashtag created because my dog loved her recliner. I bought a recliner in college because I thought it was a great lazy piece of furniture a college kid should have. It did not take long to learn that recliner would soon be Maya's. She loved it, if you sat in it, she would just sit there and stare at you. If you got up, you would return to her sitting there. If you sat there too long, she would be sitting in your lap. Eventually her recliner started peeling and became an eye sore. I decided it could not be in the living room any longer. So I got up one Saturday morning and went to buy a new one. Not because I enjoyed it at this point but because it was Maya's favorite spot. The picture you are looking at is the day she got her new recliner. In my bedroom she always rather sleep on the floor than in the bed. I think it had to do with body heat because in the winter she would jump in the bed on a regular basis. I decided to move her old recliner to my room and tuck a blanket where it had started to peel. That decision probably made Maya more happy than ever. She never slept on the floor again. You could either find her in the recliner in the living room or my bedroom. She loved those chairs. I tell you this because what made me so happy about the service Dr. Lauren provides is that Maya was able to pass from the comforts of her recliner. When Dr. Lauren arrived Maya was already laying in her recliner, surrounded by those that loved her. It was a peaceful experience. Maya went quietly in the spot she loved so much. And since that day, my other dog has started making the recliner his spot to sit in every day. Thank you Dr. Lauren for giving Maya a chance to take her final rest in the place she loved so much. Giving her this option was probably the best choice that could have been made for her."Brandon SwainAtlanta, GeorgiaFebruary 22, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sandra Simko, DVM"Dr. Sandra

Words can't express my gratitude for helping me and PeeWee during his transition.
Your kindness and patience while I rambled on with my stories about PeeWee and then to read on your tribute to him that you not only listened, but remembered...well it touched my heart more than you'll know.
This was the hardest decision I've ever made, but you made me understand that it's usually the kindest and most important decisions that are the hardest in our lives.
For that I can never repay or thank you enough.
You really were an angel and blessing to me and my little boy.
Much love and light to you always.

JoAnn, Olive and PeeWee"
JoAnn PresleyFlanders, New JerseyFebruary 22, 2017Peewee's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Dana Lewis, DVM"We are so grateful for the kindness, knowledge and experience of Dr. Lewis during a very difficult time. She was patient and caring and treated Anabelle with compassion and dignity. If we're ever in this situation again we'll ask for her help without hesitation. (Jeff)"Christina UrdanetaCary, North CarolinaFebruary 21, 2017Anabelle's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sunday Cozzi, DVM"I am not sure I have the right words to describe the support I received from Lap of Love and Dr. Sunday. From the call back when I first reached out, to the care she took with us and our Teddy, to her bringing him back home to me. She was an angel who came into our family at a time when we were all hurting so much and she helped us to move thru this process with grace and comfort and most importantly knowing that she truly cared about Teddy and his last moments here. I will be forever grateful for how she helped Teddy and really how she helped me."Cheryl MulvehillEvans, GeorgiaFebruary 21, 2017Teddy Bear's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Dana Lewis, DVM"Dr. Dana was wonderfully helpful during this painful and sad time. She gave us time to say goodbye and let us set up in the backyard where we always sit and let the dogs snooze in the gardens. There really is no better, more loving way to let your fur kids go then where they are comfortable. The after care Dr. Dana provided, the loving streatcher and blanket to carry our boy to her car, the foot print and lock of fur. None of that mattered at the time, but it did as soon as we watched her drive away with our boy's old, broken body. We knew he was out of pain, but we so appreciated the care she took of us who were left with a whole in our hearts, but a new believe we let him go when he was ready. Thank you Dr. Dana."Georgia DaibnettDurham, North CarolinaFebruary 21, 2017Munchkin's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi, DVM"Dear Dr. Heather

You made the worst day of our lives just a little bit better. I don't think we could have managed or made that decision without you. The paw print and the lock of hair you left were something that will be cherished forever. Even when it was time for Mia to leave her home the way you put her in a wicker bed and covered her in a snuggle blanket you made us feel as if Mia was one of yours. Your beautiful words on face book were so moving and caring they brought tears of gratitude to our eyes. Dr. Heather you truly are an Angel god bless you!!! All veterinarian's should be trained by you.
Even though you spent such a short time with us you will always be part of our family now. thank you so much again we will never forget you.
Holbrook, NYFebruary 21, 2017
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Julie Greenlaw, BVMS"Dr. Julie was very kind and supportive. She helped me make a terrible decision that had to be made. Thank you for your support, Dr. Julie."Anita LovittDelray Beach, FloridaFebruary 20, 2017Princess/little Prin's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Betsy King, DVM"Dr. Betsy's continued kindness is a great comfort to David and me. I cannot express the gratitude we feel towards her and the help she gave us. The process was one of the most caring, loving acts I have been a part of. We both felt such peace about the way we were able to let go of her. We knew it was the right thing and we feel we spared her from the pain that was right around the corner. That is truly one of the greatest gifts we can give. This work is so meaningful.

Thank you for all that you did for our family, especially Sophie. She died like she lived, peacefully and surrounded by love. Lucky girl!"
Mary PinaulaRaleigh, North CarolinaFebruary 20, 2017
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