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National Directory of Lap of Love's mobile veterinarians dedicated to end of life care including euthanasia.

Tampa & St. Petersburg

Drs. Dani, Nil, Jade, Loren, Susan, Anna, Amanda & Jessica

North Carolina, The Triangle

Dr. Dana Lewis & Dr. Betsy King

South Florida - Broward & Palm Beach Counties

Drs. Jordan, Tiffany, Julie, Amanda, Kim, Matt, Robyn & Laura

Orange County California

Drs. Amanda, Hannah, Mary, Jeni & Jess

Martin & St. Lucie Counties

Dr. Tiffany Matheson

Columbus and Surrounding Areas

Drs. Leslie and Nellie

Los Angeles

Drs. Tina and Christine

Albuquerque & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Erin Deveau & Dr. Elizabeth Noyes

Baton Rouge & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Carly Billeaudeau

Kansas City & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Suzanne Cosentino

Atlanta & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Lauren, Cary, Ashley and Jo

Albany & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Melanie Santspree

Greater Boston Area

Drs. Lauren Shell & Sally Lynch

Louisville & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Allison Reynolds

Central New Jersey

Dr. Shannon Skevakis

The Twin Cities: Minneapolis & St. Paul Area

Drs. Jessica Bollinger and Anna Rauk-Mitchell

Buffalo / Niagara Region

Drs. Steven Schultz & Erin Gorney

Dallas Ft. Worth & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Erica, Jessica & Sarah

St. Louis & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Dawnetta, Carrie & Keri

Greater Houston Area

Drs. Tina & Jessica

Greater Jacksonville and St. Johns Area

Drs. Katie S, Michelle & Katie G.

Annapolis-Baltimore Area

Dr. Rachel Klickman

Northern Virginia & Washington DC

Drs. Christine, Nora, Beth, Stephanie, Kimberly

Orlando & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Annie, Elizabeth and Stacy

Philadelphia & Surrounding Areas | South Jersey

Drs. Brad, Samantha, Abby & Anne

Phoenix & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Jordy Merrifield

Seattle & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Ashleigh, Tara and Christina

Greater Richmond Area

Dr. Sarah Clarke

Brazos Valley

Dr. Colleen Lambo

Inland Empire

Drs. Leon & Lorry

Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs

Drs. Juliana, Kristina, Karen, and Liz

Nashville & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Regan and Jessica

Jennifer Dempsey, DVM

"To have someone so wonderful, caring, understanding and professional come into our home was the best decision. Dr. Jennifer was loving and her interaction with DC and our family made things so much easier. Though it was an emotional day, her assistance put everything at ease and peace. Thank you Dr. Jennifer Dempsey. We are so appreciative to have met and had you with us through this."

Annette Gangale
Winter Springs, Florida

Heather Manfredi, DVM

"Dear Dr. Heather,

Thank you so much for being with us the day Norton passed. The kindness and love you showed Norton will never be forgotten. You are truly an angel and we were blessed to have you by our side that day.

Our home does feel empty and we still look for Norton at certain times during the day. We miss Norton terribly. On what was a heartbreakingly sad day, you were able to let love and kindness shine through. We both felt it and we are sure Norton felt it also. The kiss you gave Norton on his passing will forever be etched in our minds. And for that, we can never thank you enough."

Barbara & John Dias
Nissequogue, NY

Anna Champagne, DVM

"I wanted to say "Thank you" for this very important service/organization. I had to say goodbye to the love of my life yesterday. He was steadily declining and I couldn't bear to see him struggle anymore. He wanted so much to stay with me and be with me but his aging body would not allow it. I can say I am glad his Mast Cell Tumor Cancer was not the end to his life although he fought a very hard battle for many years but by God's grace he never seemed to let him get to him. I was blessed beyond belief to have such a wonderful companion and friend for almost 13 years.

Please know Lap of Love along with Dr. Anna and Dr. ..."

Scherry Powers
Riverview, Florida

Nancy Rodriguez, DVM

"Thank you for the compassion and kindness you showed Harry as he crossed over the rainbow Bridge. You made everything peaceful and we thank you for that. Jenny"

Jenny Cochran
Evans, Georgia

Heather Manfredi, DVM

"Lap of Love is absolutely amazing - from the lovely and compassionate person who first answered our phone call to Dr. Heather who helped our dear sweet Gialla. Dr. Heather made Gialla's passing peaceful. She was so loving to our family and Gialla. We will forever be thankful to Dr. Heather for her support, compassion, and love in such a sad time for our family. Dr. Heather also contacted us a month later to tell us she was thinking of us. Dr. Heather is truly amazing and will forever be in our hearts."

Jo Ann DiPippa
Huntington, NY

Jessica Bollinger, DVM

"Dr. Jessica was patient and compassionate. While relieving Ginger of her misery was hard, the process was kind and gentle.

Dear Dr. Jessica - Thank you so much for being kind and compassionate and PATIENT. Letting Ginger go was very hard for us, but you made the difficult process bearable. Ginger is no longer suffering, and she went calmly and without pain. Thank you so much. I will recommend you to all! I will only use your services in the future.



Evy Engrav
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Services We Provide
Lap of Love's mobile veterinarians focus on veterinary hospice, in home euthanasia and consultations for your terminally ill or elderly pet.

Veterinary Hospice

Veterinary hospice is an at home service with a mobile veterinarian administering ways to improve the last few months, weeks or days you have with your pet.

In Home Euthanasia

Learn more about the process of in home euthanasia for your terminally ill or elderly pet by a mobile veterinarian.

In Home Veterinary Consultation

Learn more about an in home Veterinary Consultation for end of life pet care by a compassionate mobile veterinarian in your area.


Learn more about cremation options available through Lap of Love and its mobile veterinarians.

On-Line Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy allows your hospice veterinarian to recommend medications and food that best suits your pet’s needs.

Quality Of Life
Information and tools to help you evaluate your pet's quality of life designed by our Lap of Love founders.

Determining Pet Quality of Life

When do you know it is the right time to say goodbye to your pet.

How Will I Know It Is Time

Information to help guide you in understanding when it is time to put your beloved pet to sleep.

Quality of Life Scoring Tools

Printable assessments to help guide you with your decision.

The Pet Hospice Journal

An interactive tool designed to help you monitor your pet's disease and/or decline in an effort to maintain comfort during the end of life stage.

Grey Muzzle

Quality of life calendar app for your mobile device to help guide you with your decision.


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Pet Memorials
“Our dear dear Ginger.

You loved all of the fosters, even the puppy mill dogs
You loved all people
You loved your 1/2 sister Poppy and grieved when she left us in 2015
You loved your crazy pal- Butters the Pomeranian, who misses you now
You loved Frankie, the cat
You loved all types of weather (except rain), but loved the snow
You ...
Evy Engrav
May 22, 2018
“Dear Fang,
You were an Amazing Friend, from the day you were born. We came to visit you every day from the time you were 3 days old. We finally got to bring you home at 8 weeks and you made yourself right at home. We knew that as long as you were with us, that we were very well protected from anything or anybody. You were very loving to your ...
Jimmy Kellerher
May 22, 2018
“Dear Jack,

I believe that earth angels come in many forms and mine came in the form of you. You have shown me true acceptance, non-judgment , humility and compassion. We have shared so much in our 15 years together--trips, patient visits, runs, walks and more walks, snowy, rainy, cloudy and super sunny days and clear starry nights. Just you ...
Andrea F
May 21, 2018
“1 - Four days disappeared in a Hoarder/Neighbor's garage during a peak Kansas City Summer Heat Wave. Lucky for us the fool admitted to me that he had accidentally punctured the wall and was too fat/lazy/stupid to repair it. He punctured it exactly where the HVAC was, and had unintentionally been Air Conditioning his garage.
2- Twisting a toe in ...
Colin Sumner
May 21, 2018