Our Veterinarians
National Directory of Lap of Love's mobile veterinarians dedicated to end of life care including euthanasia.

Tampa & St. Petersburg

Drs. Dani, Nil, Jade, Loren, Susan, Anna & Amanda

North Carolina, The Triangle

Dr. Dana Lewis & Dr. Betsy King

South Florida - Broward & Palm Beach Counties

Drs. Jordan, Tiffany, Julie, Amanda, Kim, Matt, Robyn & Laura

Orange County California

Drs. Amanda, Hannah, Mary, Jeni & Jess

Martin & St. Lucie Counties

Dr. Tiffany Matheson

Los Angeles

Drs. Tina and Christine

Columbus and Surrounding Areas

Drs. Leslie and Nellie

Baton Rouge & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Carly Billeaudeau

Kansas City & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Suzanne Cosentino

Atlanta & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Lauren, Cary, Ashley and Jo

Greater Boston Area

Drs. Lauren Shell & Sally Lynch

Central New Jersey

Dr. Shannon Skevakis

Albany & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Melanie Santspree

The Twin Cities: Minneapolis & St. Paul Area

Drs. Kara Fuchs and Anna Rauk-Mitchell

Louisville & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Allison Reynolds

Buffalo / Niagara Region

Drs. Steven Schultz & Erin Gorney

St. Louis & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Dawnetta, Carrie & Keri

Greater Houston Area

Dr. Tina Vaziri

Greater Jacksonville and St. Johns Area

Drs. Katie S, Michelle & Katie G.

Annapolis-Baltimore Area

Dr. Rachel Klickman

Northern Virginia & Washington DC

Drs. Christine, Nora, Beth, Stephanie, Kimberly

Orlando & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Annie, Elizabeth and Stacy

Philadelphia & Surrounding Areas | South Jersey

Drs. Brad, Samantha, Abby & Anne

Phoenix & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Jordy Merrifield

Seattle & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Ashleigh, Tara and Christina

Greater Richmond Area

Dr. Sarah Clarke

Brazos Valley

Dr. Colleen Lambo

Alachua County

Dr. Melissa Carter

Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs

Drs. Juliana, Kristina & Karen

Nashville & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Regan and Jessica

Erin Deveau, DVM

"Dr. Erin helped us with the passing of our cat. She was compassionate and caring, and made sure the entire process was as peaceful as possible. The home euthanasia process was a great choice for us, and allowed our cat to peacefully slip away in the comfort of her normal surroundings. Dr. Erin did a great job of explaining each step, gave us all the time we wanted, and treated the entire procedure with care and dignity."

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Heba Kashkosh, DVM

"We recently used Lap of Love when our 16 year old cat went into end stage kidney failure. Every pet owner will have to experience this and in many instances they have to experience this many times within their own lifetime. It is never easy but using Lap of Love for in home euthanasia was the right choice for us. Lap of Love was able to provide my husband and I guidance and comfort during this time. They showed compassion for not only the animal but for us as humans. It takes a special group of people to provide the service that they provide. Dr. Heba came to the house to help us say good bye and gave us the privacy we needed to ..."

Linda Sener
Parrish, Florida

Carrie Roberts, DVM

"Dr. Carrie is a true guardian angel, she's absolutely a God send. She's been a big comfort for us through this time and Taji was given the best care possible. I couldn't have asked for a better person by our side throughout this ordeal."

Alicia Smith
Saint Louis, Missouri

Heather Manfredi, DVM

"I cannot say enough great things about Lap of Love. The team on the phone were so kind, understanding and accommodating and even arranged the Dr. to come to my home late in the evening when a storm was on the way. Dr. Heather who came to my house was so incredibly compassionate, and helped us get through a very difficult evening. She sat with us for a while and made us feel comfortable with what was about to happen, and Daisy went peacefully in my arms. I can't thank her enough for helping us send Daisy to heaven in a very comfortable, peaceful way."

Patti Day
Merrick, NY

Annie Dion-Byrd, DVM

"Dr. Annie Dion was very reassuring when she came to our house. She didn't rush things and explained what would happen. She also gave us options to participate as much or as little as we wanted. The process was much more peaceful than I ever imagined and the blanket and basket was very comforting. This is a very hard decision to make but doing this at home saved my beloved Cocoa from the anxiety of going back to a sterile vet's office especially after being so sick. Thank you for your loving care."

Yvonne Naese
Lake Mary, Florida

Amanda Page, DVM

"It was on a Friday that we found out that my Buddy's cancer had come back full force (He was 10 1/2 and a rescue). He was slowly declining, so we weren't surprised. Since some family members wouldn't be in the area until Sunday, and since Buddy was overall doing OK, we decided to put him to sleep on Monday at his Vets. Unfortunately, Buddy took a turn for the worse, and by Sunday morning it was obvious it had to happen that day. My vet is closed on Sundays. He couldn't walk, and car rides stressed him out. There was no way I was going to take my best friend to an emergency vet to send him off.

I called Sunday morning, and ..."

Mark Von Rohr
Brea, California

Services We Provide
Lap of Love's mobile veterinarians focus on veterinary hospice, in home euthanasia and consultations for your terminally ill or elderly pet.

Veterinary Hospice

Veterinary hospice is an at home service with a mobile veterinarian administering ways to improve the last few months, weeks or days you have with your pet.

In Home Euthanasia

Learn more about the process of in home euthanasia for your terminally ill or elderly pet by a mobile veterinarian.

In Home Veterinary Consultation

Learn more about an in home Veterinary Consultation for end of life pet care by a compassionate mobile veterinarian in your area.


Learn more about cremation options available through Lap of Love and its mobile veterinarians.

On-Line Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy allows your hospice veterinarian to recommend medications and food that best suits your pet’s needs.

Quality Of Life
Information and tools to help you evaluate your pet's quality of life designed by our Lap of Love founders.

Determining Pet Quality of Life

When do you know it is the right time to say goodbye to your pet.

How Will I Know It Is Time

Information to help guide you in understanding when it is time to put your beloved pet to sleep.

Quality of Life Scoring Tools

Printable assessments to help guide you with your decision.

The Pet Hospice Journal

An interactive tool designed to help you monitor your pet's disease and/or decline in an effort to maintain comfort during the end of life stage.

Grey Muzzle

Quality of life calendar app for your mobile device to help guide you with your decision.


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Pet Memorials
“My King your reign was supreme, you taught us how to love, live, laugh, and brought the best out of us all. Rest in peace sweet angel you'll always be in my heart and on my mind. I thank God for allowing me to have such a faithful companion. I can't wait to see you again, until then I know you'll keep watch over us. With Love Mom...”
Alicia Smith
March 18, 2018
“Dear Sweet Dakota, it's only been a day since your passing. We feel like it was just yesterday that we were driving to pick up you and your sister in Maine. The house is so empty and quiet. Not seeing your Sammy smile every day leaves a hole in our hearts. You were our best friend, protector and our comic relief. We loved how you "talked" to us. ...
Shireen Scott
March 17, 2018
“Rest in peace, Big Boy!!”
Monique de Quay-Jones
March 17, 2018
“We miss you everyday Lilypups! You were mommy and daddy’s babygirl. We love you so much! The house is so empty without you now. But, we are happy knowing you are in heaven with no more pain and suffering. Running and playing and bossing everyone around. You were our 1st child and we will never forget you! Run and play and love! Enjoy laying in ...
Becky and Kevin Osborn
March 16, 2018