Our Veterinarians
National Directory of Lap of Love's mobile veterinarians dedicated to end of life care including euthanasia.

Central New Jersey

Dr. Shannon Skevakis

Baton Rouge & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Carly Billeaudeau

Atlanta & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Lauren, Cary, Ashley, Jo and Elizabeth

St. Augustine Area

Dr. Kali Jimenez

Greater Houston Area

Drs. Christina & Leanne

Inland Empire

Dr. Lorry Jolitz

Seattle & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Ashleigh, Christina, Hannah, and Tara

Long Island - Nassau & Suffolk Counties

Drs. Kristine, Heather and Kristen

Greater Boston Area

Dr. Sally Lynch

Northern Virginia & Washington DC

Drs. Christine S., Nora, Beth, Stephanie, Kimberly, Danielle, Abby & Christine H.

Berks & Lehigh Counties

Drs. Becky & Amy

Albany & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Melanie Santspree

Austin & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Kimberly Carper

Buffalo / Niagara Region

Drs. Steven and Julie

Boulder | North Denver

Dr. Aimee Vasse

Los Angeles

Dr. Tina Olivieri

Southeast Michigan

Dr. Kayla Stomack

Greater Richmond Area

Dr. Kiley Cameron

Annapolis-Baltimore Area

Dr. Rachel Klickman

Dayton & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Georgeanne Croskey

Naples & Ft. Myers Areas

Dr. Maggie Mottram

Phoenix & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Jordy and Scott

Greater Jacksonville Area

Drs. Katie and Jessica

Philadelphia & Surrounding Areas | South Jersey

Drs. Brad, Anne, Toni, Melinda & Karen

Charlotte & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Rachel & Jennifer

St. Louis & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Dawnetta, Carrie & Keri

Orlando & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Annie, Stacy, Elizabeth & Lauren

Sacramento & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Sue and Caroline

Trenton & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Shannon Cabell

Brazos Valley

Dr. Colleen Lambo

South Florida - Broward County

Drs. Jordan, Tiffany, Kimberly and Amanda.

Orange County California

Drs. Amanda & Jeni

North Carolina, The Triangle

Drs. Dana, Christina & Betsy

South Florida - Palm Beach County

Drs. Tiffany and Kimberly

Tampa & St. Petersburg

Drs. Dani, Nil, Jade, Loren, Anna, Elizabeth, Jessica & Cathy

South Treasure Coast Florida

Martin County Florida

Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs

Drs. Juliana, Kristina, Karen, and Liz

Rachel Klickman

"Dr. Rachel Klickman was absolutely amazing. Her calm and gentle demeanor put us all at ease and even Cindy seemed to sense that Dr. Rachel was there to help her. We cannot thank her enough for such an incredible experience. Cindy's last moments were pain-free and extraordinarily peaceful. Thank you, Lap of Love and Dr. Rachel. We were so blessed to have your kindness and expertise during this sacred time of transition for our family.

The Rogel Family"

Susan Rogel

Sarah Tangeman

"Our sincere thanks to Dr. Sarah Tangeman for her loving assistance in helping Sam to cross the rainbow bridge with care and dignity. It was a very difficult day for us; made so much easier by the professionalism and authentic concern displayed by Dr. Tangeman. Highly recommend."

Chris Mullen

Lori Braun

"Our veterinarian was the best we could ever have. She was very caring, knowledgeable and very patient. We all want to thank her very much for making our family's memory of his passing kind and peaceful. Thank You"


Elyse Persico

"All things considered, that was one of the best and tragic experiences in my life. Dr. Elyse was so kind, thoughtful, considerate and loving towards Diamond and myself; it is hard to put into words. The entire experience from setting the appointment to the administration of medication was just handled with love and consideration to the comfort of my Diamond, myself, and my family down to the finest detail. My Diamond went peacefully and I couldn't have been happier/sadder at that moment. All my feelings and desires were taken into consideration. Diamonds comfort was paramount in every step of the process. Thank you for giving ..."

Derrick Johnston

Jessica Spitzer

"Dr. Jessica came to our home to help us during one of the most painful times in our lives. Georgette has been a member of our family for 16 years and we needed someone who we could trust to give sensible advise in a caring way. Dr. Jessica was not only knowledgeable, but also very compassionate and understanding."

Allie Leven
Los Angeles

Stephanie Henderson

"Dr. Stephanie is truly an angel sent from above. She was a calming presence and took her time with us all as we prepared for heaven to gain our angel. Our family can never repay the love and peace she shared with our Pixie during the most difficult day of my life. She was so soothing to Pixie. She told her she loved her and what a good girl she was and when the procedure was over, she made a paw print and gave us a lock of her hair and tucked her into a little basket with a blanket like a little baby. She was amazing in a very hard time and we are forever grateful."

Heather Atkinson

Services We Provide
Lap of Love's mobile veterinarians focus on veterinary hospice, in home euthanasia and consultations for your terminally ill or elderly pet.

Veterinary Hospice

Veterinary hospice is an at home service with a mobile veterinarian administering ways to improve the last few months, weeks or days you have with your pet.

In Home Euthanasia

Learn more about the process of in home euthanasia for your terminally ill or elderly pet by a mobile veterinarian.

In Home Veterinary Consultation

Learn more about an in home Veterinary Consultation for end of life pet care by a compassionate mobile veterinarian in your area.


Learn more about cremation options available through Lap of Love and its mobile veterinarians.

Quality Of Life
Information and tools to help you evaluate your pet's quality of life designed by our Lap of Love founders.

Determining Pet Quality of Life

When do you know it is the right time to say goodbye to your pet.

How Will I Know It Is Time

Information to help guide you in understanding when it is time to put your beloved pet to sleep.

Quality of Life Scoring Tools

Printable assessments to help guide you with your decision.

The Pet Hospice Journal

An interactive tool designed to help you monitor your pet's disease and/or decline in an effort to maintain comfort during the end of life stage.

Grey Muzzle

Quality of life calendar app for your mobile device to help guide you with your decision.


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Pet Memorials
“Nolah your where the best dog a family could ever ask for.God blesses us with you for 11 years.You loved and protected us through the years watched our children grow you gave all you had all the love and protection.You saved our home twice once from a intruder and another for a potential fire!Yiu really protected us.We will never forget you sweet ...
Priscilla Whitlock
July 22, 2019
“Cinderella "Cindy" Rogel We all miss you, Cindy. We are still expecting to see your face at the front window when we return home, or to see you curled up at night in your bed. We know that you are no longer in any pain and that you are romping at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for thirteen years of furever love with us.”
Susan Rogel
July 22, 2019
“12.5 years. You gave us 12.5 years more than I thought I ever wanted with you...until I met you. And now I can’t imagine that time without you. Your half human half dog personality roped me in. I’m not sure you even knew you were a dog. You definitely didn’t know you were a big dog. I know we didn’t appreciate every day together, but we loved ...
Nicole Overton
July 22, 2019
“Sam was an angel on earth, who guarded us here and will now guard us from above. Mama and Popths will miss and love you forever baby Sam.”
Chris Mullen
July 22, 2019