Lap of Love Angel Externship Opportunity

Veterinary students… Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go into a client’s home and help manage every aspect of their pet’s end of life care? Saying goodbye to our beloved animals is extremely difficult, but Lap of Love Veterinarians help ease this pain by guiding animals through a peaceful passing in the comfort of their home, surrounded by their loving family members. This unique practice of veterinary medicine and the many benefits it offers is unparalleled. As a part of our 3-day externship program, you will be given the opportunity to witness this first hand. Veterinary students from around the world are invited to shadow our Tampa, Florida veterinarians on house call hospice and euthanasia appointments, as well as learn from our Veterinary Care Coordinators, who are the first line of communication with clients enduring the end-of-life decision. Interested students should contact [email protected] for an application and more information. 

Scholarship Opportunity

One of the most important aspects of learning to be a veterinarian is obtaining real life, hands on training. The majority of veterinary school is spent in the classroom with just one year of clinical work in the university hospital before graduating. In addition, many veterinary schools require students to complete various externships or internships around the country. This is a fabulous way to gain experience, meet fellow colleagues and learn from a variety of doctors, clients and patients that they may not have seen in the university setting. While these are wonderful opportunities for the students, the vast majority come at a large financial cost. Many externship programs are not able to reimburse students with any of the associated costs, such as travel and lodging. Veterinary school is already a huge financial burden for students and this adds to the increasing cost of their education. To financially help students doing an externship with Lap of Love, we have created the Angel Externship Fund.

How to make a donation

Lap of Love has been hosting veterinary students for years and we wanted a way to help offset some of their expenses – and this is where our Angel Externship Fund will help! Often families that have been assisted by a Lap of Love veterinarian want to give back in some way. The Lap of Love Angel Externship program is one way they can do that in honor of their pet.  All donations received will be fully applied to a future veterinarian doing an externship with Lap of Love in Tampa, Florida. This would include airfare, rental car, food and lodging. Many veterinary students would love the chance to learn more about end of life veterinary hospice, but they simply can’t afford to. Any amount of money that you could donate would be very appreciated – and you would know you had a hand in helping train a future veterinarian about the importance of quality end of life care. If you have any questions about the scholarship or donation process, please email [email protected]

How to apply for the scholarship

Once you are accepted for the externship program, you are eligible for a scholarship! Our externship coordinator will send you information on how to apply.