Support Center of Lap of Love

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Our Veterinary Care Coordinators are there to help, offering guidance and support for one of the hardest phone calls that we, as pet parents, may ever make. You are not alone - we are here for you every day of the week to coordinate and assist you every step of the way. 

Alex Puig

Alex moved to Florida from her hometown, Ellington, MO in 2014 to seek adventure and opportunity. She shares her life with an amazing husband and son, two dogs- Brodie and Belle, two cats- Regina and Romeo! Alex’s hobbies include spending time with her family (near and far), eating tacos, cooking and traveling.

Alex graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program at Jefferson College in Hillsborough, MO in 2011. She had the opportunity to work in large animal, small animal and also exotic practices.

Alex realized that she wanted to be a part of Lap of Love in 2016 when a fellow employee brought the company to her attention. She had always found humane euthanasia and quality end of life care to be such a blessing and have such a huge impact on the human-animal bond. Alex wanted to be able to utilize her empathy, knowledge and compassion on an advanced level, and to be able to make a difference. 

Amanda Higgins

After graduating from college with a degree in Criminal Justice, and working in the field for 6 years, Amanda needed a change. Her love for animals brought her to the Veterinary industry, where in 2006 she began her career as a Veterinary Assistant at a large 24-hour Animal Hospital. After 9 years of learning and growing there, she moved on to become the Practice Manager at a small one-doctor practice. 

When the opportunity to join Lap of Love came calling, Amanda immediately knew she wanted to be a part of such an amazing organization. Helping pets and their families are what being in the Veterinary field is all about, and with Lap of Love that is the #1 priority. Amanda looks forward to doing whatever she can to help!

Amanda Quillin

Amanda’s very first family pet was at age one, and so began her lasting love for animals. She has spent her time all over the state of Florida, pursuing education both in the saddle and veterinary clinic. In 2005, she made the decision to obtain her AS in Veterinary Technology while still pursuing her passion for equine event riding. 

Her love of all creatures and her belief in lifelong education have instilled in her a philosophy to provide the best care for animals and the people that love them.
After a 2018 conference, she decided that Lap of Love was where she wanted to dedicate her time when she isn’t in the saddle.

Angie Benatar

Angie is originally from Kentucky. She relocated to Pensacola FL in 2000 and has called this her home ever since. Angie began working in the veterinary technician field in 2003 and found her calling - helping animals. Angie has two cats - Latte and Romeow. Her free time is spent with her daughter who is a natural born animal lover like her Momma. Angie was drawn to Lap of Love while working in a veterinary clinic and seeing the need for excellent end of life care for our beloved companions.

Ann Beal

Ann was born and raised in Minnesota and, after vacationing in Florida one year, decided she preferred warm weather and beaches so she moved to the Tampa area. She and her husband Tom have been rescuing dogs (primarily Yorkies, Schnauzers and the occasional Maltese) since 1996. Their rescue specialty has always been special-needs and older dogs, and they currently have several of their own. After a long career in the telecommunications field, Ann decided to pursue opportunities where she felt she could truly make a difference. Since animals have always been her first love, a new career with Lap of Love seemed to be a perfect fit. Having been through the pain and heartache of losing dogs over the years, she felt her experience could help fellow animal lovers through the painful process. When a good friend (who is also a Lap of Love employee) told her about an opening, she jumped at the chance. Ann feels very blessed and honored to be a part of the Lap of Love team and hopes to make this difficult time just a little easier. 

Annie Whalen

Annie was born in South Florida and raised in beautiful Naples. She and her six sisters grew up surrounded by Florida’s lush, tropical beauty. Many childhood days were spent outside, exploring treasured beaches and mangrove sanctuaries. Those days instilled in Annie a deep appreciation for Florida’s wildlife and natural beauty, and a strong desire to learn more. She started studying biology at The University of Florida and graduated with a BS in Agriculture.

Her passion to work more with horses was fulfilled with her first job out of college. For 2 years, she lived on a thoroughbred breeding farm in Ocala, FL working as a groom. There she helped care for the broodmares, foals, and yearlings as well as assisting in managing the farm.This was very fulfilling work, however, after two years she was looking ahead to a new challenge.

Her travels around the U.S. eventually brought her to Colorado and she settled near Vail. There she was lucky to have “Bentley”, a beautiful standard poodle as a housemate. Bentley and Annie became fast friends, sharing hiking trails and adventures all around Colorado. Everywhere they went, Bentley brought smiles and joy to everyone, which inspired Annie to look into animal-assisted therapy. Working with “Pet Partners”, they soon became a certified “team” visiting patients and staff in local hospitals and cancer centers.

Helping Bentley through hospice and through his final days, was the most difficult experience of Annie’s life.  However, it was an honor to give her best friend the gift of a peaceful passing at home and finally no more pain.

Annie joined Lap of Love in 2017. She is now able to share her empathy with other pet families who are struggling with the same end of life journey she had with Bentley. It is very fulfilling for her to help families understand, the most honorable gift we can give our pets is a gentle, dignified passing at home.

Ashley Rasanen

Ashley is the proud mom of two amazing yet crazy pups. Lotus, a Black Lab/Basset mix, and Lucy a Black Lab/Boxer mix. She has never known a day without the love and companionship of her fur friends. The day Ashley was brought home from the hospital as a baby, her dad surprised both her and her mother with a Vizsla puppy named Max. He was her best friend/brother for the first 15 years of her life, and will forever be the gold standard for how important the human-animal bond is. She was fortunate enough to grow up with loving parents who indulged in her need to adopt every stray fur baby she could lure into her home with that infamous phrase “can we keep him?” Ashley now feels an incredible sense of honor to share her love and compassion with families as they journey through this delicate process with their truly beloved companions.

Barbara Duva

Barbara has always been fascinated with the human-animal bond and found her calling in helping families through one of the most difficult decisions. She has lived all over the United States and has returned home to Florida to become a part of Lap of Love in May 2018.  She shares her life with her sweet Pembroke Corgi, Fergie, and her two cats, Shelby and Lolita. In her spare time, she enjoys writing stories, sewing, cooking and sleeping. 

Her work in the veterinary field spans over 8 years, and positions from part-time receptionist to practice manager.  Working with clients dealing with difficult decisions, hospice care and end of life issues is her forte. Her passion in life is helping others. One of her favorite quotes comes from Dalai Lama ~ “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others, and if you can’t help them at least don’t hurt them.” 

Bethany Flanagan

Bethany joined Lap of Love in 2017 after a little over a decade as a veterinary assistant in general and emergency practice. She loves all species, but is "mom" to 3 pit bull mixes, several cats, and her true love, bunnies! She is a proud born-and-raised Floridian, and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors degree in Social Work. In her free time, she loves volunteering with local rescues, reading, listening to podcasts and music, and being silly! She is happy to be back in the Bay area after exploring Florida for the last ten years.

Brian Caffee

Brian grew up in Gainesville and graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Criminal Justice.  He worked as a police officer in Gainesville before meeting his wife.  Growing up Brian’s family had German Shepherds and while a policeman he used to volunteer with the K9 unit as a “bad guy” wearing a bite suit.  In 1998 he changed careers and moved to Tampa to be with his wife. They now have 2 teenage daughters and a Border Collie named Dyson (after the vacuum cleaner because he picks up everything).  Between working 2 jobs and the demands of family life Brian does not have the time he would like for hobbies but he makes time to play Frisbee with Dyson whenever he can.

Camila Heredia

Camila was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Her family is originally from Lima, Peru. Camila graduated with her BS in Health Sciences in May of 2016 with a minor in Public Health from the University of South Florida. She one day aspires to become a veterinarian and own her own practice. She looks forward to her future endeavors and continuing education. Camila has loved animals from an early age and currently owns a sassy bunny by the name of Truffle. Camila started her journey with the Lap of Love family in August of 2017. She believes that supporting families and their furry loved ones at one of the most heartbreaking of times can be the biggest factor in helping people through their grieving, and ultimately healing, process. 

Chelsea Holmes

Chelsea is a Florida native and fur mom of two huskies and three cats. After studying veterinary technology, she has been working in the field as a Veterinary Technician since 2010. She has had the pleasure of working with a large array of animals including companion, exotic, large, and domestic-wildlife animals. Chelsea learned of Lap of Love while working as a technician in Tampa and jumped at the opportunity to join the team in 2018.

Cheryl Wyatt

Cheryl is a mother of three daughters, Sarah, Maria and Rose, and four fur babies, including two Chihuahuas, Tony and Penny Lane, a black Lab, Lilly, and a cat, Smokey.  She lives in Oldsmar, Florida, very close to Old Tampa Bay, where she strolls with her furry loves every evening. Having been raised in the military, it has always been a passion of hers to nurture and care for animals where ever in the world she happened to live. As a child, when other little girls were pushing dolls in their baby buggies, she was strolling around with kittens and puppies, and the occasional frog in hers! She was working as a Paralegal in a law office when she met Dr. Dani.  When she learned about Lap of Love, and how she could help families and their precious babies, she knew this was her calling, and she left her legal career behind. As someone who has always had a passion for animals and their welfare, she feels this is her contribution to help prevent pain and suffering from occurring in them, and to help bring them and their families peace.

Cristina Perez

Cristina was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She has been happily married to Robert since 2008 and has a handsome little boy, Noah. She has been in the animal-medical field since 2001, working for an animal emergency clinic. She met Dr. Dani and Lap of Love in 2014. It is so rewarding to be able to help families and their companion animals through such a difficult time in their lives. She couldn't have asked for a greater honor. 

Donna Vorobel

Donna was born and raised in Tennessee. As a child she lived on a farm where she learned to love and appreciate animals. She spent most of her time with her horse "Bo", at Dressage expositions.  She is married and has two grown children and three wonderful grandchildren. Prior to coming to Lap of Love she was a middle school, Language Arts teacher and an Elementary School Principal, both very rewarding careers. She is looking forward to continuing to make a difference in people's lives at Lap of Love. As a person who deeply cares about people and animals she feels very blessed to be able to partner with all the very loving, caring people at Lap of Love. She is deeply impressed with the passion of the Doctors and the dedication of the support center team. She believes together they can provide families with a gentle, compassionate end of life experience for their furry babies. She considers it an honor to be a part of Lap of Love.

Erin Vaccaro

Erin was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Growing up she developed a great love for horses and dogs that she still treasures today. Growing up she enjoyed spending time in the barn caring for her horses, taking lessons, showing, and being a member of the United States Pony Club. Her love for dogs began with Little Bit the long hair dachshund. The pair first met when Erin was 3 years old and Little Bit was 3 months old, it was love at first sight. Little Bit lived a beautiful life to the old age of 21. She was truly a life long friend that will always be in Erin’s heart. Shortly after Little Bit passed Erin adopted Jake a handsome pit mix. He is an alliance therapy dog who brings happiness and joy to everyone he meets.

Erin attended the University of South Florida where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders. She is also a PATH, International Certified Therapeutic Instructor and dedicates her free time to the equine assisted therapeutic riding field at local therapeutic facilities. 

Gail McNulty

Gail is originally from Massachusetts, but she has been living in Florida for more than 15 years. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Framingham State College, and her M.Ed from Lesley University. Gail has always had a deep love for all types of animals and is actively involved with many animal rescue groups. After several years of teaching, she discovered that her true passion was being involved with pets and their people. During her free time, she shares her home with several senior fur babies, as well as several birds. Gail joined the Lap of Love team in 2018 and hopes to help families facing these difficult decisions with compassion and dignity. 

Jacquelin Wester

Jacquelin was born in Arlington, TX but has lived in the Tampa, FL area most of her life.  She has had a love for animals her entire life and has worked with Lost Angels Animal Rescue for over 10 years helping with administrative functions as well as fostering dogs of all breeds from Pitbulls to JRT's.   Jacque has several dogs and a cat, all rescued and added a human baby boy to her pack in 2016.  She recently left her career as an Accountant to join the Lap of Love family.  

Jennifer Harney

Jenny has lived all over the United States, but spent the most time living in Washington state, so that is where she calls "home". She has been in Florida since 2011, and she has worked as a veterinary medical professional since 2008. She shares her home with her fiance, and their 14-year-old cat, Salem. In her free time, she likes to travel. Her favorite places that she has traveled so far have been Italy, Alaska, and Canada. Her favorite part of being a Veterinary Technician has been animal rescue, rehome, and rehabilitation. Jenny joined Lap of Love in 2017 with a heart full of love and compassion for those going through such an incredibly difficult time.

Jennifer Rudy

Jen is a lifelong animal lover and a veterinary technician since 2001. During her veterinary career she had the opportunity to work in private practice, emergency, and non-profit hospitals. She was very excited to begin helping families at Lap Of Love in February 2017.

Jennifer Santiago

Jen is originally from Great Falls, MT but currently resides in Brandon, FL with her Australian Shepherd Sadie. She has lived in the Brandon area for over 17 years. Her hobbies include reading, watching Netflix and petting every dog and cat she sees in public.

Jen has been an animal lover her entire life so being able to combine that passion with her drive to help others is what led her to Lap of Love. She is thankful that she is able to help guide families through the difficult process of saying goodbye and provide comfort and reassurance that their beloved pet is in the best of hands.

Josue Rosario

Josue is a passionate servant at heart. He strives to learn about life on a daily basis to grow continuously through every experience. Being a student, his goal is to obtain his bachelor's degree in International business and further his education in Pharmacy or Psychology.  He is driven by the motivation to succeed and to help in any way possible. He believes that working with excellence and showing care to things goes a long way. Josue is a very spiritual person that believes that love conquers all odds. He believes that through life, in every situation there is a way to achieve peace and prosperity. Josue loves to sing, dance and cook because it brings joy to the people around him. Josue also enjoys the finer things that life has to offer and tends to wine and dine and shop too much. He loves sharing his heart with people that are broken and looking for validation during hard times. It makes him feel whole, and brings a level of fulfillment knowing that his voice transcends peace over people's lives during difficult times. His love for animals enhances his connection with each family that calls in. Josue feels blessed to have found such a wonderful place to work and share his time as he grows and learns about life. 

Julia Penner-Zook

Julia Penner-Zook was born in Canada, but has lived most of her adult life in the US or Europe. She has a Master’s degree in Theology, is a published author, translator and editor. She also holds a certification in life coaching. Julia is married and has 2 adult children and 5 vivacious grandchildren. She has had furry family members frequently throughout her life. Most recently, she was Mom to a Maltese rescue, Scooter, who won hearts wherever he went. In September, two wonderful Lap of Love veterinarians helped ease Scooter to the Rainbow Bridge. This was a profoundly difficult but heartwarming experience. It was this experience that nudged her to find a niche in this wonderful organization. When not pursuing one of several lines of work, she loves to spend time with family and friends, run, read and bake pies!

Kaitlyn Leiter

Katie was born and raised in New Hampshire where she fell in love with the great outdoors and animals all shapes and sizes. She grew up spending her spare time in a local barn, caring for horses in exchange for riding lessons. As soon as she was old enough, she spent her summers on a variety of working guest ranches throughout the West. These experiences led her to earn her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Montana State University. After living in Montana from 2012-2017, she made the leap to move to Florida. Katie spends her free time getting out in nature as much as possible and is always joined by Gracie who is one very exuberant and goofy labradoodle.

After learning about Lap of Love, she jumped on the opportunity to combine her love of animals, serving others, and a listening ear. Katie believes that every furry friend is just as important an equal member of the family and hopes to help make this process a little easier.

Karin Smith

Karin was born and raised in the hustling and bustling Washington D.C. area. The sunny beaches and sparkling waters called her name all the way to Tampa Bay where she completed her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at the University of South Florida. Having always been the resident "cat lady" with her friends and family, she followed her passion into a career in veterinary medicine. She has worked in animal shelters and general practice. Her love of caring for animals led her to Lap of Love where she focuses on assisting families through the end of life journey for their companions. Karin shares her home with a pair of chihuahuas and three of the finest felines a gal could ask for. Karin often says that without them, her home would be clean but her heart would be empty!

Kelly Wilson

Kelly has lived in Florida her entire life and loves the sunshine.  She retired after 17 years as president and founder of Lost Angels Animal Rescue.  She loves to adopt and foster animals especially the elderly and handicapped.  She loves to spend time with her family as well.  She has a son and daughter in law and 3 awesome grandchildren!  Working at Lap of Love is very important to her and is more than a job.  It is a calling and a gift to be able to provide this service to those that are suffering. 

Kristen Tufo

Kristen is a certified veterinary technician, with specialized experience in the areas of physical rehabilitation and positive reinforcement training. The extraordinary human/animal bond, most notably the one that exists between pets and their owners, is one she was able to appreciate very early on. The respect and understanding for this relationship, as well as the love she has for her own animals, is the foundation she uses to provide the most compassionate care and empathetic ear she can. Kristen is a mom to many, furry, special-needs babies and in her free time enjoys running, cooking and kayaking. She is both honored and humbled to be part of the Lap of Love family, and able to help pets and their owners when they need someone the most.

Laurie Rankin

Laurie was born and raised in Pinellas county, Florida where she continues to live with her husband of over 20 years, their two handsome teenage sons, 4 cats and 1 dog. Laurie has worked as a Certified Veterinary Technician in private practices dealing with exotic pets, at the county animal shelter and as an adjunct instructor for St. Petersburg College's Veterinary Technology program.  Laurie has long been a proponent of debunking myths about shelters and talking openly with others about euthanasia in a positive light rather than with the usual knee jerk reaction that euthanasia is "bad."  While moderating lectures for a local veterinary conference, Laurie crossed paths with Dr. Dani and Lap of Love and has been on the sidelines cheerleading for this fabulous service ever since.  She knew then that it was only a matter of time before she would join this wonderful group of caring, compassionate people to assist owners in granting their fur babies the gift of a peaceful, dignified passing.  When not working, Laurie enjoys spending time with family, traveling the country, reading and watching movies.

Lynn Gipprich

Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Lynn spent her days trying to play with whatever animal she could find. She always knew that her life would revolve around them.

Her humble start began as a job working at a pet store, but her career would begin in earnest when she attended Boston University in 1989 and worked for the New England Aquarium as her work-study job. Later, she would volunteer over 3000 hours there.

In the Fall of 1995, her interested shifted to medicine and Lynn began working as a Vet Tech in Marblehead, MA as well as volunteering in marine mammal husbandry at the Cape Cod National Marine Fisheries. Her home life seemed to echo her career as she was the proud owner of dogs, cats, reptiles, and a variety of fish.

Having visited Florida as a child, she fell in love with the environment and decided to one day call the state her home. Lynn made the decision to return to the Tampa Bay area in 2017 and joined the amazing team at Lap of Love; she is honored that she could remain working with pets and share her love while helping them and their people.

Mary Rose

Mary was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and earned her Degree in Veterinary Nursing from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London, England. Having worked for veterinary practices in Europe and the United States, Mary developed a unique perspective and empathy in helping pet owners to cope with and resolve issues on their journey of loss and remembrance.

She and her husband have traveled extensively throughout the world and embraced the many different cultures, traditions and customs they encountered. The sunshine and moderate temperatures of Florida were irresistible and Tampa became home in 2009.

Michael Honer

Michael was born in Buffalo, New York and spent ten years in North Carolina before coming to Florida in the 1980’s. Most of his career has been spent in the veterinary field as a Veterinary Technician. His experience spans private practice, emergency medicine and most recently, 16 years in a large animal shelter in Hillsborough County. It was here that Michael cultivated many long-standing and cherished friendships with dozens of people throughout the rescue world; some of whom are also part of the Lap of Love family.

Through his work in the shelter, Michael also was able to feed his addiction to all things Dachshund. He even added five Dachshunds to his family over the years, many of whom came to him with special needs. It was those animals that give Michael his special appreciation for the care provided by Lap of Love. Michael currently lives in Valrico with his wife Heather and 3 Dachshunds – Cowboy, Mocha and Whiskey.

Paige Lawrence

Paige was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and currently resides in Texas. Her love of animals started when she was a young girl, growing up with horses, dogs, hamsters, and everything in between. After graduating high school, she fell even more in love with helping animals while working at a local veterinary hospital. Knowing she wanted to continue to help animals and provide support to their families, she was thrilled with the chance to join Lap of Love in 2018. In her free time, she enjoys riding her horses, taking her pup Whiskey on adventures, and spending time with her son, Steele.​

Paola Angarita

Paola was born in Chicago, IL and raised both in South Florida and Medellin, Colombia. She has been with her husband since 2007 and has 2 beautiful Children Adrian & Arabella. At a very young age, she found happiness in ensuring that those around her were always taken care of. This included animals of all shapes and sizes. She often scared her mother with all the critters she would bring back home. Paola had always dreamed of working with animals. When she met Dr. Mary Gardner in 2009 and had the opportunity to work closely with her, she learned more than she ever thought possible. She spent several years as a foster mommy, helping to place many furry babies in new homes. One of those babies found a forever home with her family. Her name was Rose, and she was a 3-year-old Pitt bull; they quickly formed a strong bond. In 2012 Paola lost Rose unexpectedly. Dr. Gardner and Lap of Love helped Paola during this difficult time, and she never forgot what a difference Lap of Love made. 

After her experience with Rose, she knew that she would love to one day be a part of such an amazing and compassionate team so she too could help families during this transition. In 2018 Paola relocated to Tampa to join Lap of love. She is honored to be able to help other families, as Lap of Love once did for her. 

Rachel Jones

Rachel was born in Newport News, Virginia. Her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia when she was 13 years old. Rachel obtained her Associate’s in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from Gwinnett Technical College in 2003, and worked as an RVT primarily in a small animal clinic while in Georgia. Rachel, her husband, and newborn (at the time) son moved to Tampa, Florida in 2011, where her husband is originally from. Rachel first heard about Lap of Love working at a clinic in Tampa, and later, from fellow employees. Rachel decided she wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of fellow pet parents. Rachel has 2 dogs - Louie and Scruffy, and 1 cat - Zelda.

Rebecca Goldstein

Rebecca spent her childhood in Long Island, New York before moving to Florida in 2013. Growing up, her mother was a certified Veterinary Technician. Rebecca often spent her time in animal hospitals. She was so moved by the human-animal bond, she set her mind on becoming a veterinarian. Currently, she is working to complete her undergraduate degree. 

Rebeccafirst learned about Lap of Love when she met Dr. Dani, and saw her passion for helping pets and the people that love them. 
After her meeting, she decided she wanted to join the team so she could help families come together in such a hard part of life.

Rita Mouradian

Rita fell in love with animals in her early childhood. She stems from a large family and often finds refuge in the calming presence of her pets. She has a soft spot for special needs animals and currently has a blind bird, along with 2 other birds, 2 cats and her beloved horse.  Rita has devoted her career to working with animals and has spent much of her time expanding her knowledge to help pets and their families. She has a degree in Public Relations and is currently pursuing a Master's degree. Whenever Rita gets a chance she loves taking road trips to explore other states and to embrace her adventurous side. 

Rose Wyatt

Growing up as the daughter of an army soldier Rose’s family moved very frequently. At a young age, while stationed in Germany, she got her first family dog named Becky. She was a chow/lab mix and they all fell in love. Becky followed her family back to the states where they acquired several other pets including hamsters and a rabbit. Becky lived a long and beautiful life in which she was very much loved when she passed away at the age of 16. Shortly after she lost her sweet girl Rose moved to Tampa for college where she adopted her two babies Vito, a Chihuahua, and Layla, a rat terrier. They are the light of her day!

Rose attended the University of South Florida where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, emphasis on clinical psychology and research methods. Rose loved clinical psychology for the ability to comfort and ease someone in distress. She feels that this background significantly impacts her understanding and compassion for families with geriatric or ailing pets. Her love for animals has always been a huge part of her, and with Lap of Love she is able to combine a love for animals with grief counseling and comforting families. Rose feels it is an honor and a privilege to work with the Lap of Love veterinarians. They amaze her every day with their compassion and nurturing spirits.

Sarah Toole

Sarah moved to FL when she was 6 months old from LeClaire Iowa. When she was just 17 years old, she started working at an animal hospital. She then spent the next several years with hands-on-learning, working her way up to Veterinary Technician. In 2011 Sarah took an opportunity to explore the human side of nursing and received her LPN license. After experiencing nursing in Infectious Disease and urgent care settings, Sarah took some time off to take care of her ill father. When he passed away, she decided to focus on the most important things in life - being present with her loved ones.

Sarah has known her true passion has always been to work with animals. After hearing about LOV from a previous co-worker, she knew she wanted to be a part of such a compassionate service. Having experience in assisting with in-home euthanasia, she understands the connection between animals and their family. Her desire to serve others and her heartfelt compassion allowed her to fit right in with Lap of Love's mission, in 2018 she joined the Support Center team. 

Sarah shares her life with her heroic husband and 3-year-old son Noah, two dogs- Skid and Betty, two cats- Harold Lee Hogsteen and Dotty. Her hobbies include spending time with her family fishing, camping, and adventures outdoors.

Shanan Runyan

Shanan was born and raised in South Florida. She has worked as a Veterinary Technician, both for a mobile vaccine clinic and a non-profit organization. In addition to her passion for animals, Shanan has a great appreciation for the outdoors and enjoys hiking and taking adventures in nature. She stays active through practicing yoga, and more recently with Acrobalancing. Her creativity extends to designing and making handbags. Shanan is also a certified Esthetician.

A dedicated and vigilant cat mom, she has three rescue girls named Kali, Molly, and Squee. Her beloved kitty boy Boots, whom her family rescued from a local park and who had her heart from the moment her mother placed him on her chest, passed away after a good life of 16 years in 2013. His passing gave Shanan a better appreciation for the heartbreak that families experience when losing their pets.

Sharon Weatherspoon, DVM

Born and raised in Shaker Heights, Ohio, Sharon attended Hampton University for her undergraduate degree, and double majored in Public Relations and Business Management. She continued her educational pursuit at Tuskegee University where she received her Master’s of Science in Food and Nutritional Science. She continued her Doctoral education at Tuskegee University and graduated as a veterinarian.

Sharon wanted to become a veterinarian for as long as she could remember. Her parents did not want a pet, and so she was not allowed to bring any into the home. Every Christmas and birthday that passed, she begged for a little furry friend. She received every stuffed animal money could buy, her parents even going as far as to give her a toy dog to walk and feed. Although her parents tried everything to appease the desire, they finally realized their antics weren’t working. Eventually, she was told if she received straight A’s, she could get a dog. 

Report card, after report card went by and she would get A’s with that one dreaded B. After YEARS of just falling short, she made it to the state science fair. Sharon’s parents were so proud of her finishing in the top 3 that they finally caved and allowed her to get a dog.

She was elated! Skye was adopted from the humane society. She was Sharon’s life and was loved with all her heart. It was then that Sharon knew she had to become a vet. She knew it was her calling to make sure Skye never felt pain, and if she ever got sick, to be there to make her feel better like she did so many times for her human. It is Sharon’s firm belief that helping animals is not just a passion it is also a blessing.

Shelley Furne

Shelley grew up on Vancouver Island, Canada and moved to the States when she married the love of her life Kory. Shelley has lived in Florida for the last 5 years and is proud to call Tampa her home. She has a beautiful German Shepherd named Deja that she loves fiercely and was rescued in 2015. After working in a law office and lending company, she found her passion working with animals. Shelley has lived and worked in animal hospitals located in California, Maryland, and Florida. She first discovered Lap of Love when she had to make that painful decision to say goodbye to her Siamese kitty Sam in 2014. Shelley was struck with how compassionate and loving each person that she came into contact with was. She is so grateful to pay that kindness forward to other families who are struggling to make the same decision.

Stephanie Evans

Stephanie was born and raised in Georgia and lives outside of Atlanta with her husband Eddie and their fur babies. She is the proud dog mom of three amazing dogs who are center of her world; a Pomeranian, Dolce, a Doberman, Odin and a Yokie/Maltese mix, Stella. Growing up she learned what it truly meant to love all animals and personally knows how difficult and heartbreaking it is to make the decision to say goodbye to a part of your family. Stephanie had always hoped to find a way to express her passion for animals in a way that would benefit them and their loving families. So when she was offered a position at Lap of Love in 2017, she followed her dream and jumped at the opportunity, leaving her career in International Logistics behind. She is blessed to help bring peace to families who are suffering and is inspired daily by the passionate individuals whom she works with. 

Taylor Blourne

Taylor was born in Loxahatchee, FL and grew up in Palm City. Most of her childhood was spent outside, and her parents encouraged her to explore her environment. Her passion for animals was found as an elementary school student when she would choose nature documentaries over cartoons.

Taylor moved to Tampa in 2013 to start her education at the University of South Florida, obtaining a BS in Public Health. She shares her life with her boyfriend, and her cat, Hobo. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, yoga, and nature walks. Her work experience includes general practice and Veterinary emergency medicine, in which she was always the go-to "euthanasia tech". Taylor's gentle touch and desire to help families in the most difficult situations led her to seek a position where she could dedicate herself fulltime to it; in 2018 she finally found her home at Lap of Love.

Tiffany Langley

Tiffany was raised in Charleston SC and found her way to Seattle in 2009 where she started her career in veterinary medicine. Her career has included extensive work in rescue and fostering (particularly for dachshund rescues!). She moved to sunny Florida in September 2017 with her three dachshunds Reese, Dixie, and Rufus. In December she added a puppy, Marvin, to her pack. She enjoys spending her free time with family and friends soaking up the sun at local beaches and working on training and certifications with Marvin. Tiffany joined the Lap of Love family in 2018 to help others with a more peaceful alternative and hopes to bring some comfort in a difficult time.

Tina Hatin

Tina was born and raised in upstate NY, then married and moved to Vermont in 1985. Tina and her husband Ron made Florida their home in August of 2015. Tina has 3 children, Todd, Jay and Honey Rose, 4 grandchildren, Kyra, Ryan, Taleah and Malina. She also has three fur-babies: Mama Dog, Bubby and Scrunt (all rescues). In 2011 she started a 501c3, Emma's Foundation for Canine Cancer (In loving memory of her yellow lab, Emma who was lost to mandibular osteosarcoma). Her foundation provides financial assistance to dog owners who cannot afford the cancer treatment for their beloved pet. Her desire is to make a difference for these animals and for the people who love and need them.

Valerie Gardner

Valerie has been with Lap of Love since 2011.  She is a huge family, friends and animal lover.  Her personal motto is “Pets are family too, they make us better people.”  Her interests are happiness, smiling daily, positive thinking and gratitude for each breath she takes.  Her hobbies include her kids (fur included) and her “hubby.”  Her social life is their social life.

Vicki Baum

Vicki moved to Florida from her hometown in Olney, Maryland in 2017 to be closer to her family. She is owned by her Newfoundland, Gracie and her Cockapoo, Bella who joined her family in 2010. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, bike riding, kayaking, and the beach. 

After graduating from the University of Maryland with associates degrees in both Business Administration and Accounting, Vicki's lifetime love of animals led her to become a Veterinary Technician in 2007. She spent 7 years in clinical practice, then transitioned into clinical management and finance for an additional 2 years.

Vicki found the Lap of Love organization when she was in need of the amazing services we offer. After years of experience dealing with families during the loss of their beloved pets, Vicki knew this was the place where she could utilize her vast experience with love and compassion to help others.

Victoria Ramirez

Victoria was born and raised in VA, and moved down to Florida to finish her college education. She is currently in pursuit of a Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences and plans to go on to medical school. She has worked with large animal rescue organizations, and has been a four legged foster mom since 2012. She foster failed and ended up adopting three gorgeous cats. She shares her life with a beautiful little girl. When she is not fostering, volunteering, in school, or working, she loves to play with her daughter, read, and go to the park.  One of the things that drew her to Lap of Love was the opportunity to help others go through the heartbreaking process of letting a fur baby pass peacefully. Having been through the process several times before, she found her calling in guiding others.