At Lap of Love, we believe all pets and their family deserves the most compassionate and supportive end of life experience. 

Lap of Love is a network of veterinarians around the country (locations) whose goal is to empower every owner to care for their geriatric pets. Our philosophy centers around the human-animal bond and the need for that bond to be as undisturbed as possible during this most difficult time. The desire to bring this important service to families across the United States is slowly being realized as additional veterinarians begin working under the same philosophy. Lap of Love is honored to have some of the most compassionate and empathetic vets working with us. 

Dani McVety, DVM and Mary Gardner, DVM are the founders of Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, the largest network of veterinarians dedicated solely to end of life veterinary care. As one of the first services of its kind, Lap of Love has quickly grown since 2009 from one veterinarian in Tampa, Florida to over 90 veterinarians around the United States.

Drs. McVety and Gardner frequently write and speak for professional and lay audiences on end of life veterinary topics in hopes of empowering both parties to seek the highest standards of care. They have been featured on numerous local, national, and professional media outlets including ABC, Fox 13, University of Florida Alumni Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, DVM Newsmagazine, and many more. Both Drs. McVety and Gardner proudly graduated from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine where they were awarded the Alumni Achievement Award.