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I leave an appointment with a trail of grieving people in my wake, and I feel a glow of satisfaction and rightness and karmic return because I know that I have done good and profound work.

~ Lap of Love Hospice Veterinarian
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We believe all pets deserve peaceful end-of-life experiences

Lap of Love is a network of veterinarians around the country with the goal of empowering every owner to care for their geriatric pets. Our philosophy centers around the human-animal bond and the need for that bond to be as undisturbed as possible during this most difficult time. The desire to bring this important service to families across the United States is slowly being realized as additional veterinarians begin working under the same philosophy. Lap of Love is honored to have some of the most compassionate and empathetic vets working with us.

At Lap of Love, we firmly believe in the inherent value of diversity and inclusivity and are committed to providing our services with respect, compassion, dignity, and equality for all families that reach out to us!

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Pets are our best friends. They pick us up when we are down, and they never, ever take a day off from being by our side. And this is why pets deserve a peaceful and personal end-of-life experience. This is why we help them leave this earthly existence the way they want to—in the comfort of their homes, in the warm embrace of their favorite people.

It's an honor to provide pets with peaceful end-of-life experiences.

Because pets are family. That's why we do this.

Any veterinarian who chooses to dedicate his or her life to the practice of veterinary hospice and euthanasia is incredibly special. This may not be an easy role to play in our society, but we all respond the same way when asked why we do this: because pets are family, and this is an honor. At Lap of Love, our nationwide network of doctors is in constant communication with each other. Not only are we continually discussing new medical protocols for achieving the best possible outcomes (whatever that may be) for our patients, but we are also the industry leaders in this new and evolving field of veterinary medicine. Plus, we're animals lovers, too—we've dedicated our lives to helping the creatures we share this planet with. And yes, we know what it feels like to lose a family member… grief is grief, no matter what species it is!

Dr. Mary Gardner

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