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National Directory of Lap of Love's mobile veterinarians dedicated to end of life care including euthanasia.

Tampa & St. Petersburg

Drs. Dani, Nil, Lisa, Merari, Jade, Loren & Amanda

North Carolina, The Triangle

Dr. Dana Lewis & Dr. Betsy King

South Florida - Broward & Palm Beach Counties

Drs. Jordan, Tiffany, Julie, Amanda, Kim, Matt, Robyn & Laura

Southeast Michigan

Dr. Courtney Graham

Orange County California

Drs. Amanda, Hannah, Mary & Jeni

Martin & St. Lucie Counties

Dr. Tiffany Matheson

Atlanta & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Lauren, Cary, Ashley and Jo

Baton Rouge & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Carly Billeaudeau

Annapolis-Baltimore Area

Dr. Rachel Klickman

Kansas City & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Suzanne Cosentino

Los Angeles

Dr. Tina Olivieri

Greater Boston Area

Drs. Lauren Shell & Sally Lynch

Louisville & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Allison Reynolds

Central Savannah River Area

Drs. Nancy and Sunday

St. Louis & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Dawnetta, Carrie & Keri

Greater Jacksonville and St. Johns Area

Drs. Katie Stender, Erin Coello & Katie Green

Phoenix & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Jordy Merrifield

Albany & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Melanie Santspree

Northern Virginia & Washington DC

Drs. Christine, Nora, Beth, Stephanie & Eume

Orlando & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Annie, Elizabeth and Stacy


Dr. Sally Lynch

Seattle & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Ashley Rhoades

Central New Jersey

Dr. Shannon Skevakis

Buffalo / Niagara Region

Dr. Steven Schultz

Greater Houston Area

Dr. Tina Vaziri

St. Augustine

Dr. Jennifer Vencil

Greater Richmond Area

Dr. Sarah Clarke

Brazos Valley

Dr. Colleen Lambo

Alachua County

Drs. Melissa & Jennifer

Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs

Drs. Juliana, Kristina & Alecia

Nashville & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Regan and Jessica

Lori Braun, DVM

"Thanks, Lori. I've been telling everyone how you made Leah so comfortable and relaxed. I don't think she even knew what was happening - only that she had a bunch of people petting and loving on her. I'm so grateful to you for making her passing so easy for her (and for me and Thom). I'll put together a memorial for her and put it on your memorial page. What a lovely idea. You're a special person to do what you do and to make it all so loving. Thank you so much. Kay"

Kay Crawford
Tigard, Oregon

Karen Gadberry, DVM

"Having Dr. Karen take such great care of Washington in his final moments was a true gift that I wish for any pet parent that has to make that difficult decision. Her calmness, focus on keeping our Wash comfortable throughout the entire process, while explaining to my wife and I every step of the way, made us feel like he was in the best hands.

In the end, I truly felt like we did give our Wash the gift of a peaceful passing and I can't think anyone could have conducted themselves with more professionalism and love for animals as Dr. Karen did for us. It was worth a million bucks and we are grateful for her support."

David Cheung
Glenview, Illinois

Jessica Wilbourne, DVM

"Dr Jessica was so kind and a blessing. Instead of going to a sterile office this service was a god send.

Max was able to enjoy the comforts of home with me by his side. During his last few months Max was not able to walk and was falling, couldn't get up steps. We tried different meds hoping it would help him. They are part of your family and it hurts to see them in pain. Even though they can't speak to you, you know when they are not themselves anymore.

I am very thankful for Dr Jessica's help and can't thank her enough."

Tina A
Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Dawnetta Woodruff, DVM

"When we knew that our time with our Lucy was coming to an end...we couldn't imagine it happening anywhere but our home. The entire process of working with Lap of Love was so smooth and effortless. From the beginning, Dr. Woodruff and her team were kind, sympathetic, and wonderful. When Dr. Woodruff came to our house, we knew we had made the right decision - she was patient and gentle with our Lucy, and explained the entire process to my wife and I. She treated Lucy like she was her own, and when the time finally came, Lucy crossed the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by her family and finally at peace. I cannot thank Dr. Woodruff ..."

Gayan De Silva
University City, Missouri

Tiffany Matheson, DVM

"We would like to truly thank Dr Tiffany Matheson for coming to our home to assist Ozzy across the rainbow bridge,, We thank her for her caring and compassion and the very tender and gentle way she helped with his passing it was so peaceful and took place with such dignity giving such grace to a heartbreaking time. Thank you so very much 🐾❤️🌈"

Michelle Elliott
Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Kendra L. Healy, DVM

"I couldn't be more thankful for Dr. Kendra. My dog hated the vet, and would shake the whole way there. He would have known something bad was going to happen to him. He was at home, on his bed. Dr. Kendra gave him a shot to relax him. When he passed away, he had two people loving on him.

Dr. Kendra told me exactly what she was going to do. She let me go on my own pace. The paw print she gave me is awesome. If you are thinking about using her service, do not hesitate. Considering how hard of a moment it was, it couldn't have gone better.

Thank you Dr. Kendra!"

Shawn Singleton
Lexington, Kentucky

Services We Provide
Lap of Love's mobile veterinarians focus on veterinary hospice, in home euthanasia and consultations for your terminally ill or elderly pet.

Veterinary Hospice

Veterinary hospice is an at home service with a mobile veterinarian administering ways to improve the last few months, weeks or days you have with your pet.

In Home Euthanasia

Learn more about the process of in home euthanasia for your terminally ill or elderly pet by a mobile veterinarian.

In Home Veterinary Consultation

Learn more about an in home Veterinary Consultation for end of life pet care by a compassionate mobile veterinarian in your area.


Learn more about cremation options available through Lap of Love and its mobile veterinarians.

On-Line Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy allows your hospice veterinarian to recommend medications and food that best suits your pet’s needs.

Quality Of Life
Information and tools to help you evaluate your pet's quality of life designed by our Lap of Love founders.

Determining Pet Quality of Life

When do you know it is the right time to say goodbye to your pet.

How Will I Know It Is Time

Information to help guide you in understanding when it is time to put your beloved pet to sleep.

Quality of Life Scoring Tools

Printable assessments to help guide you with your decision.

The Pet Hospice Journal

An interactive tool designed to help you monitor your pet's disease and/or decline in an effort to maintain comfort during the end of life stage.

Grey Muzzle

Quality of life calendar app for your mobile device to help guide you with your decision.


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Pet Memorials
“Leah was a wonderful, beautiful dog who was adored by many friends and family members. When we let people know that she had cancer and was going to be put to sleep at home, on my bed, by Lap of Love, everyone wanted to come over to kiss her and say goodbye. So many people came with hugs, kisses and cookies(!) that she had to know how loved she ...
Kay Crawford
September 22, 2017
“Our sweet girl Sadie was only 8 years old when we had to say good bye to her. She had cancer and while we knew her time with us would soon be ending, we didn’t expect it to happen so suddenly. She rapidly declined overnight on a Saturday, we were worried we wouldn’t be able to have someone come to our house on Sunday. But at 6:30 on Sunday morning ...
Bethany Martin
September 21, 2017
“Our beloved Washington, you filled our hearts with love and endeared us with your gentle presence. You surrounded us with your boundless fur, in our house, on our clothes and every else we never expected. But deep down that was your way of always letting us know that you were always near and those golden threads reminded us that we had a dog ...
David Cheung
September 21, 2017
“To the OG, The Sheriff, The Peacemaker, my sweet Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds...I love you and hope you find peace and happiness barking at all of the crazy dogs on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Keep 'em in line over there, my angel”
Gayan De Silva
September 21, 2017