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National Directory of Lap of Love's mobile veterinarians dedicated to end of life care including euthanasia.

Annapolis-Baltimore Area

Drs. Rachel and Kelly

Seattle & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Christina, Ashleigh, Jen, Evin and Jason

Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs

Drs. Christie, Miranda, Tyler and Maura

South Florida - Palm Beach County

Drs. Tiffany, Kimberly and Blaine.

Tampa & St. Petersburg

Drs. Dani, Loren, Anna, Cathy, Keely, Megan, Shantelle, Lisa and Kelly.

Central New Jersey

Drs. Lauren and Sam

Columbus and Surrounding Areas

Drs. Nellie, Jennifer, Jessica and Ryan.

Atlanta & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Ashley, Jo, Elizabeth, Sydney, Amara and Erin.

San Diego & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Lauren, Sean and Brian

Kansas City & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Lindsey Whittmeyer

Baton Rouge & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Carly Billeaudeau

Buffalo / Niagara Region

Drs. Jen, Kathy and Caitlin

Austin & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Kimberly and Liz

Berks & Lehigh Counties

Drs. Becky & Amy

Indianapolis & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Dan, Mary and Amy.

The Wasatch Front - Salt Lake City

Drs. Casandra and Andrea

Los Angeles

Dr. Rina Fernandez

Greater Richmond Area

Drs. Kiley and Laura

St. Augustine Area

Dr. Kali Jimenez

Denver & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Kim, Jennie, Danielle and Kaitlin

Southeast Michigan

Drs. Laura and Stacii

Greater Houston Area

Dr. Christina Guillory

Long Island - Suffolk County

Drs. Kristine and Heather

Greater Boston Area

Drs. Sally and Mary

East Bay and Surrounding Areas

Drs. Torie, Matt and Dianicia

Northern Virginia & Washington DC

Drs. Christine S., Beth, Stephanie, Kimberly, Danielle S., Abby, Christine H., Jessica, Jillian, Danielle L. and Jen.

Inland Empire

Drs. Lorry and Brenda

Long Island - Nassau County

Dr. Kristen Miller

Tucson & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Kenzie and Lisa

Montgomery County

Drs. Jen and Angie

Tulsa and Surrounding Areas

Dr. Rhiannon Gonzalez

Orange County California

Drs. Charlie and Willie

Chester County

Drs. Sara, Brianna and Leslie

Greater Jacksonville Area

Drs. Rhett and Sarah

Bucks & Montgomery Counties

Dr. Jessica Wilbourne

Philadelphia & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Brad, Toni, Lucy and Jen

Nashville & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Regan, Abra and Emily

Charlotte & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Jennifer, Emily and Lindy

St. Louis & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Dawnetta and Christina

Orlando & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Annie, Stacy, Elizabeth, Lauren, Amanda, Matt and Maite

Milwaukee & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Allison and Beth

Dayton & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Georgeanne Croskey

Naples & Ft. Myers Areas

Drs. Maggie and Desiree

Hartford & New Haven Areas

Drs. Rachel, Meghan and Lolly

Pittsburgh & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Allison and Olivia

Phoenix & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Scott, Elena and Danielle

Sacramento & Surrounding Areas

Drs. Sue and Caroline

Trenton & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Shannon Cabell

Brazos Valley

Dr. Colleen Lambo

North Carolina, The Triangle

Drs. Dana, Christina & Betsy

Jessica Wilbourne

"At a most difficult time, Laps of Love was caring, gentle and very understanding. No one wants to say good bye to their beloved pet, but Laps of Love was the perfect way to say good bye in our own home. Thank you, Jessica"

Ande Waters
Lower Gwynedd

Lisa Rodin

"I can't begin to express how grateful my whole family is for everything you have done to help us through this process. Given how hard the situation was and still is, you have made the whole process better than I could have imagined. I have the utmost respect for you and how strong you are to be with us and many others during their last moments with their beloved pets. I will cherish the last moments I was able to spend with Greta and now the memories I have to remember her. Not only have I felt so much pain after losing her but before it happened, I kept thinking I was making the wrong decision. You helped my husband and I ..."

Kelleen Roark

Kali Jimenez

"Dr. Kali was so compassionate. This was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. Diesel was my comfort, my strength and my purpose for me since I lost my beloved husband in 2008 and my beloved boxer, Katie in 2017. To see him struggling every day in pain was too much to bare. Dr. Kali spoke softly, was gentle to both diesel and I. I was able to be with him to the end without him being in no more pain."

Vicky Stephens
Saint Johns

Kristine Campanelli

"She was so compassionate and caring with my baby girl ❤️"

Karen Loiacono

Jessica Spitzer

"Thank you to Dr. Jessica Spitzer for coming to us on such short notice to help our beloved Pookie pass peacefully so he was no longer in pain. I'm glad I chose this option to have him pass at home which made it more comfortable and peaceful for him and us then at the vet center. Jessica was very courteous and professional under these difficult circumstances. Thank you very much . Rene and Jennifer"

Rene van der Horst

Nikki Lynch

"Dr. Nikki was an incredible comfort during a very difficult time for our entire family. Her kindness and sensitivity throughout this process is something we will not forget. The gift of being able to say goodbye to a beloved part of our family while being in the comfort of our home (and more importantly Mickey’s home) was extremely special and Lap of Love and Dr. Nikki are to thank for that."

Paula Rossi

Services We Provide
Lap of Love's mobile veterinarians focus on veterinary hospice, in home euthanasia and consultations for your terminally ill or elderly pet.

Veterinary Hospice

Veterinary hospice is an at home service with a mobile veterinarian administering ways to improve the last few months, weeks or days you have with your pet.

In Home Euthanasia

Learn more about the process of in home euthanasia for your terminally ill or elderly pet by a mobile veterinarian.


Learn more about cremation options available through Lap of Love and its mobile veterinarians.

Quality Of Life
Information and tools to help you evaluate your pet's quality of life designed by our Lap of Love founders.

Determining Pet Quality of Life

When do you know it is the right time to say goodbye to your pet.

How Will I Know It Is Time

Information to help guide you in understanding when it is time to put your beloved pet to sleep.

Quality of Life Scoring Tools

Printable assessments to help guide you with your decision.

The Pet Hospice Journal

An interactive tool designed to help you monitor your pet's disease and/or decline in an effort to maintain comfort during the end of life stage.

Grey Muzzle

Quality of life calendar app for your mobile device to help guide you with your decision.


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Pet Memorials
“In loving memory of our Buddy, our baby, our best friend, and the best part of every day. Loving you brought us more joy than we could have ever deserved, and losing you has left a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. You taught us so much about life, love, and what really matters. Now, we are learning to lean on each other the way we ...
Chris and Katie Holder
February 27, 2021
“Which is worse: being devastated or heartbroken? How about devastatingly heartbroken?

Our boy is gone. Our delightful boy who was so good all the time, is gone. I'm not sure how I'm going to function. He was not just a dog - he was a Force. Not in a Star Wars type of Force - or maybe he was exactly just that. Something not of this world.
I ...
Michele Ritter-Ellwood
February 27, 2021
“When I saw Denali at Mary S Robert’s Pet Adoption, I was instantly in love. I already had a scared little rescue at home, and they warned me not to get my hopes up, as he might be dog aggressive, but this sweet boy proved everyone wrong. When I came into the room with Little, who was shaking and terrified, he got down on his belly and army crawled ...
Jocelyn Pronovost
February 27, 2021
“Our beloved Moxie girl earned her wings on February 25, 2021. Ever the Diva, she undoubtedly pranced her way right in to heaven, much like she pranced her way around her home and yard.

Moxie joined our family on March 1, 2009. All 1.5 pounds of her utterly terrified our 100-pound lab, Sojo. He didn’t know what to do with that cotton ball’s ...
February 27, 2021