Pricing and Information

All services are provided in the comfort of your home.


Veterinary Hospice$375

Includes a brief examination by the veterinarian, a full assessment of your pet's quality of life, and a custom treatment plan to help you care for your pet and monitor their condition.


Includes a discussion with the veterinarian, medication to ensure comfort, gentle euthanasia, pawprint impression keepsake, lock of fur, and Lap of Love's Eternal Pawprints booklet. The additional cost for the varied cremation services are detailed in the Aftercare Pricing section.

Geriatric Consultation$375

Includes a brief examination by the veterinarian to help explain your pet's condition, discuss symptom management including pain and anxiety, and prepare an end of life care plan using the appropriate quality of life scale to manage your pet along with your family's needs and desires.

Additional Appointment Fees

There may be an additional charge for extended travel (see Service Area below), holidays ($50 - $100), pets over 99 lbs, appointments outside normal business hours (when arranged), aggressive pets, and some exotic species.

Other Species

Although we mainly see dogs and cats, some of our veterinarians can assist you with other species such as pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, birds, fish, and goats. Call for pricing and availability.


Private Cremation
Pets up to 49 pounds$250
Pets 50 - 99 pounds$300
Pets 100 - 149 pounds$350
Pets 150 pounds or more - please call
for pricing
Mailing of urn to your home or work$25

With this option, your pet is cremated privately at a licensed crematory. The ashes are contained in a lovely wooden urn with a printed name label. They will be made available directly from the crematory within two weeks or mailed to your home or office for an additional fee of $25.

Communal Cremation
Pets up to 49 pounds$125
Pets 50 - 99 pounds$150
Pets 100 - 149 pounds$175
Pets 150 pounds or more - please call
for pricing

This option is for families that don't wish to have their pet's ashes returned or wish to bury at home. Pets are respectfully cremated with other pets at a licensed crematory and the ashes are buried in a private location with no visitation. 

Additional Aftercare Fees

There may be a fee if additional assistance to safely carry your pet out of your home is needed. 


Dr. Rene will be unavailable from April 27th to 29th.  Our Support Team is available everyday via phone or email to answer your questions and to schedule an appointment upon her return.


We are here to answer your questions every day, from 5am - 8pm. Appointments are scheduled throughout the week, please call for availability.

Sometimes, pets take a turn for the worse overnight, so we do our best to accommodate same day appointments with a few hours notice when possible.

If this is a medical emergency, please contact your local veterinarian or one of the emergency clinics listed in the Local Resources section.

Meet The Doctor

Rene Butler, DVM

I grew up in Southern California, a city girl. My pets were mice, small birds, a rabbit and lots and lots of goldfish. Neighbors would often bring me orphan baby birds and kittens to nurse back to health. My mother's family were farmers in South Dakota, and we would visit in the summer. I was the crazy cousin from California out playing with the barn cats and the calves!

I can't remember a time when I didn't want to be a veterinarian. I was always very focused, studied hard and graduated from UC Davis Veterinary school in 1989. I have worked at several small animal practices in the San Francisco Bay Area, and while the majority of my patients are cats and dogs, I also enjoy treating birds, reptiles and pocket pets.

I have done many euthanasias over the years, primarily in a clinic, but also have gone to the clients home,when possible. Home euthanasia is so much preferable, providing a calm and stress-free environment. My goal is to help both owners and their pets through a very difficult decision. I hope that providing this service with Lap of Love, I can help you honor and cherish your pets life when saying goodbye.

"Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away to the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, That, we still are."  Henry Scott Holland

""We want to thank the staff and Dr Rene for their kindness and compassion during this stressful and sad time. This was the first for us and everyone made it as easy as could be expected for us, and more importantly for Luke. We cant thank you enough for your tender, caring assistance in helping us make the heart breaking decision to help him pass.""

Pat and Chuck Panighetti
Vacaville, California

"Dr. Rene was wonderful and professional and compassionate. It was the best experience possible considering the circumstances. We would highly recommend Dr. Rene to anyone.

Mark Eastwood"

Mark Eastwood
Kentfield, California

"I did not know such a hospice service would exist at YOUR HOME for our most love companions - our pets.

I am intensive care unit medical director. Life and death is a daily things for me to see in the hospital. However, I never knew that PETS can have the same treatments as us human if not better.

Dr. Renee made the experience very beautiful. I would recommend this service to anyone who loves their pets until the last moment. I dreaded the day that I may have to bring my Bella - German Sheperd- to a VET office. Thank you one of my ICU RN recommendation of Dr. Renee service, I decided to give it a trial.

Dr Renee came right on time as scheduled. She walks in and play with Bella. She makes her feel more at ease.

Then when we are ready, she injected Bella with a sedative followed by anesthetics. Bella appeared pain free and very relaxed. The whole process from start of injection to heavenly escort of Bella took less than 6 min. Bella has never appeared so much at peace and happy toward the seconds of her life.

Dr Renee did a lot more than just injection. There is a paw prints and she will help handle all cremation if requested.

i would not hesitate to use Dr Renee service again and again and again.

Please choose home euthanasia when the time comes and PETS do not ever want to leave us even in the last breath.

Best wishes to all that ever have pets !! they are our children forever."

Michael Luu
American canyon, California

"Dr Rene was truly wonderful. I felt at ease- she explained everything in detail and was so gentle and loving with our precious girl. This was such a Heartbreaking necessity but Dr. Rene was so patient and kind, letting me spend as much time with Montana as I needed and making sure she was comfortable the entire time. She did a beautiful paw print for us- we will keep forever. ❤❤❤"

Melyna & Andrew Huff Huff
Napa Valley, California

"This past Sunday we said goodbye to our sweet and loved dog Abby. Dr. Rene helped to make this a peaceful event. I am so grateful that our beloved puppy (14+ years old) passed in such a humane way. We would not have had it any other way. Dr. Rene helped our son understand why it was time. He told me afterward that that was very helpful for him. Abby was such a huge part of our lives and I am grateful that we could give her a compassionate goodbye. Thank you, thank you, for the help you provided us, Dr. Rene. We will never forget this experience. We are still grieving but with the knowledge that it was the right way and the right time.

With gratitude, the Joslyn Family"

Sara Joslyn
Santa Rosa, California

"Unlike my other beloved pet, Dakota, who lived for 16 years and was only ill for the last 2 weeks of his life, my dear 10 year old Mokai fell ill yesterday morning and by early that afternoon had no hope of living much past the following day. Dakota was lovingly ushered into the next life by a very carrying vet and I knew I wanted Mokai to have this same experience.

Before leaving the clinic, I was told that Dr. Rene would be contacting me soon. Numb from head to toe, I took Mokai back home, not sure how I could say goodbye to this precious soul in just 2 hours. My vet said he would be fine until the morning, but there was some uncertainty his pain medication would last that long since he would not eat a pill. Just as promised, I received an email from Dr. Rene, followed by an initial phone call verifying her arrival time at my house.

Once she arrived, I knew my Mokai would be in good hands. Dr. Rene explained each step of the process, allowing me to ask questions and treating my dog with the utmost care and dignity. She gave me plenty of space and time to say my last goodbye, so nothing felt rushed or pressured. I thought the little plaster pad made with the impression of Mokai's paw print was a beautiful gift...I wish I had one of dear Dakota's!

I want to thank Dr. Rene and all of the other caring vets of Lap of Love, for helping to guide our dear fur babies onto the paths leading to their next journeys. My heart is broken, but eventually it will heal...I only pray that God will bless me with another angel when it's time. Until then, be well and safe my dear boys...and little kitty girl...please, may I see you again...whole and happy, and forever young."

Tina Schlaile
Fairfield, California

Local Resources

Pet Life and Loss Support Services

Emergency Clinic

  (707) 864-1444

Solano-Napa Pet Emergency Clinic: Fairfield

Emergency Clinic

  (925) 808-3741

SAGE Emergency Care: Concord

Emergency Clinic

  (707) 584-4343

Animal Care Center: Rohnert Park

Pet Loss Hotline

  (877) 474-3310

Service Area

Helping families in the following areas:

We proudly serve our neighbors in the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Solano, Sonoma, and Yolo. Extended service areas are over 25 miles from veterinarian's home and can be quoted upon request.

Pet Memorials
“Dear Montana, you will be in our hearts forever. We know you are in a better place, with no more seizures and no more pain. I know your brother Dakota and your sister Ella are with you now and you are running through fields of glorious flowers, finally chasing the birds you were never allowed to chase. We LOVE you!!!!!!!”
Melyna & Andrew Huff Huff
March 10, 2017
“My dear sweet baby boy! You were the most intelligent, patient, loving dog I have ever owned! Your predecessor was just as sweet and lived to be 16 years old...I thought we would have at least that long, too! I never knew you were so sick! You rolled in the grass just yesterday evening, and did your usual dance to be let outside this morning. It ...
Tina Schlaile
March 7, 2017
“Best friend, Exquisite barker, Best in Show, Sunbather, Gardner, Napping buddy, Park lover, Brave canine, Let me out Queen, Let me in Queen, Ambassador of our court, Loved everyone, Our Muse”
Lori Lott
February 13, 2017
“My sweet boy. My best friend. He is now in heaven feeling like a puppy again. I will always miss him, sometimes so bad it will hurt, but I'll be thankful for the 13 wonderful years he gave me. I couldn't have asked for a better companion to be by my side through the good times and bad. I will always miss how much he loved to cuddle, and play ...
Melissa Dutoit
November 17, 2016
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Payment Options

Preferred methods of payment are check (made to 'Lap of Love') or cash.

Most pet insurance companies cover Lap of Love services. Please have any paperwork ready for the veterinarian to complete so that you can submit it for reimbursement.

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Lap of Love
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