All services are provided in the comfort of your home.



Includes a discussion with the veterinarian, medication to ensure comfort, gentle euthanasia, pawprint impression keepsake, lock of fur, and Lap of Love's Eternal Pawprints booklet. The additional cost for the varied cremation services are detailed in the Aftercare Pricing section.


Includes a brief examination by the veterinarian, a full assessment of your pet's quality of life, and a custom treatment plan to help you care for your pet and monitor their condition.


There may be an additional charge for extended travel (see Service Area below), holidays ($50 - $100), pets over 99 lbs, appointments outside normal business hours when arranged (normal business hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm), aggressive pets, and some exotic species. *6% Kentucky State sales tax will be added to all fees excluding aftercare.


Holiday appointments can be accepted with approval. The following holidays incur a $100 fee when scheduled: Thanksgiving, Christmas Day & New Years Day. A $50 fee is incurred for 4th of July, Memorial Day or Labor Day.


Although we mainly see dogs and cats, some of our veterinarians can assist you with other species such as pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, birds, fish, and goats. Call for pricing and availability.


Pets up to 49 pounds$235
Pets 50 - 99 pounds$275
Pets 100 - 129 pounds$300

With this option, your pet is cremated privately at a licensed crematorium and returned in a cedar box. The cremains (ashes) will be ready in approximately 10-14 days and delivered to your primary care clinic, pick up at the crematory or they can be certified mailed to your home. Please speak to the vet directly for more information.

Pets up to 49 pounds$100
Pets 50 - 99 pounds$125
Pets 100 - 129 pounds$150

This option is for families that don't wish to have their pet's ashes returned nor wish to bury at home. Pets are respectfully cremated with other pets at a licensed crematory and ashes are scattered by the crematory. 


To best honor your personal space, our doctors do not arrive with a vet technician.  Therefore, if your family has elected cremation for a pet over 30 pounds, we may ask your assistance moving your loved one after euthanasia has been performed.  If additional help is needed outside what is available in the home, we may request that the crematory come to assist us.  In this case, an additional fee will be needed to cover their charge. 


Appointments are scheduled throughout the week, please call for availability. Sometimes, pets take a turn for the worse overnight, so we do our best to accommodate same day appointments with a few hours notice when possible. If this is a medical emergency, please contact your local veterinarian or refer to our local resources section.

Meet the Doctor

Let us introduce you to the amazing hospice veterinarian in your area!

Dr. Kendra

Kendra Healy

About Kendra Healy

"Dr. Kendra was so kind, loving, and gentle with Lexi that we knew she would not feel any pain or experience anything but a loving touch. That meant the world to us, since she had been at the emergency vet and really just wanted to rest. Dr. Kendra talked to us, reassured us, and gave us so much support and encouragement. Dr. Kendra's caring approach meant the world to us, and we appreciate her so much!"

Mary Ellen Hunt
Lexington, Kentucky

"We spent a couple of sad, difficult months trying to help Joonee get well. Numerous trips to the vet would provide a very small, temporary improvement in his condition, We watched our big, sweet cat get progressively weaker despite our efforts. We finally had to make that agonizing decision to do the one compassionate thing we could offer him. Dr. Healy was so kind, she took time to pet him and talk softly to him. She took time to offer words of comfort and hugs to us. I can't say enough about her or the service she provides. So much better than making them endure yet another car ride and trip to the vet. Our cat hated the vet, and this offered him a last peaceful morning at home with us. It's apparent that Dr. Kendra loves animals. It can't be an easy job going to people's homes but I am so thankful for her and the compassionate service she provides."

Cara Graves
Mt. Olivet, Kentucky

"I really wish I wasn't writing this because that means my beloved schnauzer, Mo Mo is gone. However, I am writing so that others who might be questioning their options know that this is the absolute BEST choice you can make. Keeping your pet in your their home for this is the right thing to do. For something that feels so awful and foreign, I don't think it could have been done in a more respectful manner. Dr. Healy is a very compassionate person. Everything was able to be done with my dog in my lap and he was treated so respectfully once he was gone. She placed him in a cushioned basket and wrapped him in a blanket. That is my last image of him and it was one of peace. While these next few days will continue to be very hard my husband and I are very happy with our decision to call Dr. Healy. You might pay a little more vs going to your vet but believe me when I say it is beyond worth it. I am very grateful for Dr. Healy and this service."

Morgan Tipton
Lexington, Kentucky


We cannot thank you enough. When we realized it was near the end for our sweet Belle, we were panicked. We did not know where to turn or who to trust with such an important job. Then we were referred by Woodford County Animal Hospital to look into Lap of Love since we were interested in an in-home euthanasia service. We knew that we had very little time to make this decision as Belle’s health was declining quickly. When we called you, we were relieved to know that appointments could made with very short notice. The communication before and after the appointment was great and you kept us informed on when you would be arriving. You also gave us information on how we could possibly prepare for one of the hardest days of our lives. When you arrived at our home, you explained to us the procedure in detail and what to expect. For a family who had never had a in-home euthanasia service before, we were nervous about what to expect but you did an excellent job informing us and answering any questions we had. You were very sweet to our Belle Belle by giving her pets and loves. You were very gentle and gave her the utmost respect. You let us take our time and did not try to rush us with any step of the process. The lock of hair and paw print mold that was given to us was extra special and we really appreciated these features that will help us keep a piece of Belle close to us. Thank you for making such a difficult process go as smoothly as possible. We appreciate you and everything you do!"

Lindsay Smith
Versailles, Kentucky

"Dr. Kendra was very kind and was able to help me and Minerva so she wouldn’t suffer any longer than she already had. She made it so Minerva didn’t have to spend her last moments in the place that scared her the most, the vet."

Elizabeth Caskey
Georgetown, Kentucky

"Dr Kendra was wonderful. This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. I am so grateful that she was able to come to my home and ease our 21 year old cat Sally into a peaceful passing. She was so gentle, kind and understanding. What a wonderful service to provide to grieving pet parents. It was really a nice way to end Sally's journey. I am eternally grateful for Dr Kendra and this service."

Daphanie Chapman
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky


Emergency Clinic

  (859) 276-2505

MedVet-Lexington: Phone

Emergency Clinic

  (859) 286-7604

BGVS + Animal Emergency

Pet Loss Hotline

  (904) 392-4700

University of Florida-Gainesville

Pet Loss Hotline

  (614) 292-1823

The Ohio State University

Pet Loss Hotline

  (916) 752-4200

University of California-Davis

Service Area

Helping families in the following areas:

Local Service Area: 0 - 20 miles (no additional fee): Georgetown, Paris, Lexington - North of Man O War Blvd, Stamping Ground, Midway

Extended Service Area 1: 20 - 30 miles ($30 additional fee): Lexington - South of Man O War Blvd, Corinth, Sadieville, Cynthiana, Frankfort, Versailles, Nicholasville

Extended Service Area 2: 30 -  40 miles ($60 additional fee): Carlisle, Dry Ridge, Lawrenceburg, Mt Sterling, Owenton, Wilmore, Winchester

Extended Service Area 3: Greater than 40 miles (to be quoted): Berea, Danville, Elizabethtown, Lancaster, Harrodsburg, Morehead, Shelbyville

Pet Memorials
“Lexi was the most beautiful, smart, charismatic, fluffy dog you could ever ask for. As a sheltie, she took it as her personal mission in life to keep our back yard free of birds, squirrels, voles, moles, or any other type of creature she deemed unfit to be in our yard! She loved to chase laser lights, tear squeakers out of any toy we bought her, ...
Mary Ellen Hunt
January 10, 2020
“A tribute to Joonee, our gentle giant:
Thank you for choosing us to be your family. When you arrived on our doorstep some 14 years ago, we weren't looking for another cat. We already had our dear Mr. Kitty, and at first he wasn't too happy about another cat in our home. The two of you soon bonded and you made your way into our home and our ...
Cara Graves
December 27, 2019
“Our sweet Belle Belle, thirteen years with you just wasn’t long enough. Your story with us started at the Lexington Humane Society. We had recently just lost our dog of sixteen years and for the first time in sixteen years our home was dogless. Our family immediately felt the emptiness in our home and we were ready to give a great home to another ...
Lindsay Smith
December 19, 2019
“Goodbye, Minerva Belle. You came to me somewhat unexpectedly and you left the same way. I’ll miss your super loud purrs and chasing you around the house so you could flop over for petting and attacking my hand. The house is emptier without you.”
Elizabeth Caskey
December 14, 2019

To make the experience as peaceful as possible, credit card over the phone (before the appointment) is generally preferred. We are also more than happy to accept a check (made to 'Lap of Love') or cash during our time with you.

Most pet insurance companies cover Lap of Love services. We are happy to help complete any paperwork needed to submit for reimbursement.

We also accept Care Credit.

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