Pricing and Information

All services are provided in the comfort of your home.


Veterinary Hospice$265

Includes a brief examination by the veterinarian, a full assessment of your pet's quality of life, and a custom treatment plan to help you care for your pet and monitor their condition.


Includes a discussion with the veterinarian, medication to ensure comfort, gentle euthanasia, pawprint impression keepsake, lock of fur, and Lap of Love's Eternal Pawprints booklet. The additional cost for the varied cremation services are detailed in the Aftercare Pricing section.

Geriatric Consultation$265

Includes a brief examination by the veterinarian to help explain your pet's condition, discuss symptom management including pain and anxiety, and prepare an end of life care plan using the appropriate quality of life scale to manage your pet along with your family's needs and desires.

Additional Appointment Fees

There may be an additional charge for extended travel (see Service Area below), holidays ($50 - $100), pets over 99 lbs, appointments outside normal business hours (when arranged), aggressive pets, and some exotic species.

Other Species

Although we mainly see dogs and cats, some of our veterinarians can assist you with other species such as pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, birds, fish, and goats. Call for pricing and availability.


Private Cremation
Pets up to 49 pounds$280
Pets 50 - 99 pounds$325
Pets 100 - 149 pounds$350
Pets over 150 pounds will be quoted

With this option, your pet is cremated privately at a licensed crematory. The ashes are contained in a lovely wooden urn with an engraved nameplate and will be returned to your primary care veterinarian within two weeks. They can also be made available directly from the crematory or mailed to you for an additional fee.

Communal Cremation
Pets up to 49 pounds$145
Pets 50 - 99 pounds$175
Pets 100 - 149 pounds$215
Pets over 150 pounds will be quoted

This option is for families that don't wish to have their pet's ashes returned nor wish to bury at home. Pets are respectfully cremated with other pets at a licensed crematory and ashes are scattered on a private farm. 

Additional Aftercare Fees

There may be a fee if additional assistance to safely carry your pet out of your home is needed. 


We are here to answer your questions every day, from 7am - 11pm. Appointments are scheduled throughout the week, please call for availability.

Sometimes, pets take a turn for the worse overnight, so we do our best to accommodate same day appointments with a few hours notice when possible.

If this is a medical emergency, please contact your local veterinarian or one of the emergency clinics listed in the Local Resources section.

Meet The Doctor

Erin Gorney, BVMS

I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania though I was raised in Florida.  Animals have always been a fascination of mine from an extremely young age.  While I cannot recall one specific event that fueled my desire to become a veterinarian, I have been working towards that goal for as long as I can remember.  Dogs, cats, horses; you name the animal and I wanted to know everything about them.  Coupled with this love of animals was an affinity for science.  I have to know how things work! 

I attended veterinary school at the University of Glasgow in Scotland from 2007-2012.  Upon graduating, I started my career at a small animal clinic back home in Erie.  In addition to the clinical setting, I have also enjoyed working with the horses at the Presque Isle Downs as one of the State Veterinarians. Zoo medicine was also an exciting avenue to explore.  Even though I have enjoyed all of these areas of practice, I still felt like I had not found my niche. 

The first time I heard about Lap of Love, I thought it was an incredible idea and an invaluable service.  A few months later, I had the privilege of sitting through continuing education provided by Dr. Dani McVety and Dr. Mary Gardner.  After hearing about their work and passion for Lap of Love, I knew this was the niche for me.  Being able to provide hospice and in home euthanasia services for my patients and their families is an honor.  

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family, friends and my two furry children, Liam and Jethro.  I enjoy a wide range of interests, including woodworking, cooking, and exercising, just to name a few. I recently relocated to Pittsburgh and am enjoying exploring a new city.

"Our almost 12 yr old sweet Pit Bull, Sara had to be put down after having Cushing's disease for several years followed by cancerous tumors on her liver. We wanted to have her pass away at home in her own surroundings and Lap of Love was just the service we needed. Dr. Erin was so kind and gentle with Sara and even was patient with my other dog Lucy when she was trying to get attention from her. The whole process was heartbreaking for my husband and I but Erin was so understanding from the start and waited for us to be ready for the injections. The paw printing and the fur cuttings were a special touch along with the Eternal Paw Prints booklet. We had decided to have Sara cremated and the Dr brought a gurney and a nice blanket to wrap her in. After tearful goodbyes, they were gone. But Dr. Erin followed up the next day which was so wonderful of her. I highly recommend Dr. Erin Gorney to anyone who wants to have their pet euthanized at home. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Thank you Erin!!!"

Terry LaBryer
Monongahela, Pennsylvania

"Dr. Erin & her staff are wonderful. They are caring & comforting. I'm thankful for the service they provide as my Annie was very afraid of going to the vet. I'm so glad her last moments were at the home she loved. Thank you."

Michele Gebhardt
Monroeville, Pennsylvania

"Dr. Erin was the support I needed for the day. I appreciate all that she did especially the hug."

Melissa Renninger
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I am grateful that there are people like Dr. Erin. This service was invaluable to us. Her caring heart was evident from the moment she walked in our door until the moment she walked out. It is a difficult job, and she didn't miss a beat doing what she needed to do in the most compassionate way. Thank you for being there."

Bethany Gallagher
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Layla lived a full and happy life with us. I adopted her when she was 11, thinking she'd spend her last couple years in a nice retirement home with loving people and furry friends. She stayed with us 7.5 years and only in the last couple months was starting to show her age and dealing with some health problems. On Saturday evening, after coming home from a few days away, I could tell she was really not feeling well. She hadn't been eating for a couple days and wasn't moving much at all. Come Sunday morning, it was worse. I didn't want her to be in pain so I knew it was time to help her cross the rainbow bridge. I didn't want her to go through the stress of traveling and being in a vet's office, so I did some research online and found Lap of Love. Dr. Erin came on Sunday and I can't express how grateful I am to her. She was kind and gentle. She talked with my husband and me and walked us through all the steps. She was so gentle with Layla. Saying goodbye to Layla has been very hard. She was such a beautiful and sweet kitty. Thank you, Dr. Erin, for helping our last moments with her be peaceful."

Adrienne Jouver
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I just want to thank Dr. Erin and Lap of Love for all their help and compassion. My fur baby Rocky was 14yrs old and going down hill and I had found Lap of Love online and did some research on them. I felt it was the right fit for my fur baby and my family. After many emails and calls I made the appointment. Dr. Erin showed up and Rocky walked over and greeted her and he had not greeted anyone in days. It just felt right at that moment that Dr. Erin was perfect for helping us out. She explained the procedure and every one felt at ease knowing how everything was going to be done. My 9yr daughter was present with us and she asked many questions and Dr. Erin answered them all. I would recommend Dr. Erin and Lap of Love to anyone I know that loves their pet as much as I loved my Rocky. The past few days since he has been gone have been hard but I have received an email from Dr. Erin and a sympathy card with some wild flowers to plant in his honor. All this has helped me through the process."

Beth S
White Oak, Pennsylvania

Local Resources

Pet Life and Loss Support Services

  (412) 847-7081

Animal Friends' Pet Loss Support Group

  (412) 366-3400

Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center (PVSEC)

  (412) 885-2500

VCA Castle Shannon Animal Hospital

Service Area

Helping families in the following areas:

We proudly serve the greater Pittsburgh area, including Allegheny County and parts of Westmoreland, Indiana, Armstrong, Butler, Beaver, Washington, and Fayette Counties. Due to the expansive area covered, there may be a travel fee of $50-$75 based on your location. 

Pet Memorials
“My sweet Annie girl, I miss you more than you know. I know you were suffering & I thought this would be easier. It's not. I've woken up the last 2 mornings conscious of my legs & where I move them waiting to feel your soft frail body. But you're not there. Even Beau jumped looking for you, peeking over the edge to see if you were laying on the ...
Michele Gebhardt
June 25, 2017
“I had the perfectly imperfect dog. She was so stubborn, smart and absolutely loved me even with all of my faults as I did her. When she laid her paw on my arm as she fell asleep, I really hope it was a genuine gesture of love, empathy and trust. In the past year, I would relay stories using terms such as "used to". She used to grin when she ...
Melissa Renninger
May 25, 2017
“I consider Gizzy Mo a child of mine. He held that place before I could have a baby of my own. A tall order to fill, it might seem. But he did it-and lapped up every minute of it! He brought joy, love, laughter, kept any chance of depression at bay. On some days, he gave me a reason to be.
I’ve always said that my dogs are my heart & soul. But ...
Bethany Gallagher
May 11, 2017
“Our little Xander was what completed our little family here in Bloomfield and our best friend. He had so many friends, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and cousins who loved him very much, if we tried to name them all we would not have enough room on the page. He was a good boy with lots of energy and love to share with everyone around him. Some of his ...
Alicia & Jarrod DiGiorgi
April 9, 2017
Payment Options

Preferred methods of payment are check (made to 'Lap of Love') or cash.

Most pet insurance companies cover Lap of Love services. Please have any paperwork ready for the veterinarian to complete so that you can submit it for reimbursement.

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Lap of Love
PO Box 14041
Pittsburgh, PA 15239

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