Includes a discussion with the veterinarian, medication to ensure comfort, gentle euthanasia, pawprint impression keepsake, lock of fur, and Lap of Love's Eternal Pawprints booklet. The additional cost for the varied cremation services are detailed in the Aftercare Pricing section.


Includes a brief examination by the veterinarian, a full assessment of your pet's quality of life, and a custom treatment plan to help you care for your pet and monitor their condition.


There may be an additional charge for weekends ($30), extended travel (see Service Area below), holidays ($50 - $100), pets over 99 lbs, appointments outside normal business hours when arranged (normal business hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm), aggressive pets, and some exotic species.


Holiday appointments can be accepted with approval. The following holidays incur a $100 fee when scheduled: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & New Years Day. A $50 fee is incurred for 4th of July, Memorial Day or Labor Day.


Although we mainly see dogs and cats, some of our veterinarians can assist you with other species such as pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, birds, fish, and goats. Call for pricing and availability.


Pets up to 49 pounds$250
Pets 50 - 99 pounds$275
Pets 100 - 150 pounds$300

With this option, your pet is cremated privately at a licensed crematory. The ashes are returned to your primary care veterinarian within two weeks. They can also be made available directly from the crematory or mailed to your home or office.

Pets up to 49 pounds$125
Pets 50 - 99 pounds$175
Pets 100 - 150 pounds$200

This option is for families that don't wish to have their pet's ashes returned nor wish to bury at home. Pets are respectfully cremated with other pets at a licensed crematory and ashes are scattered by the crematory. 


To best honor your personal space, our doctors do not arrive with a vet technician.  Therefore, if your family has elected cremation for a pet over 30 pounds, we may ask your assistance moving your loved one after euthanasia has been performed.  If additional help is needed outside what is available in the home, we may request that the crematory come to assist us.  In this case, an additional fee will be needed to cover their charge. 


We are here to answer your questions every day, from 8am - 8pm. Appointments are scheduled throughout the week, please call for availability.

Sometimes, pets take a turn for the worse overnight, so we do our best to accommodate same day appointments with a few hours notice when possible, but cannot guarantee that.

If this is a medical emergency, please contact your local veterinarian or one of the emergency clinics listed in the Local Resources section.

Meet The Doctors

Let us introduce you to the amazing hospice veterinarians in your area!

Dr. Nancy

Nancy Rodriguez

Dr. Sunday

Sunday Cozzi

About Nancy Rodriguez

"I was not really sure if I would have posted a testimonial even though I knew Dr. Sunday was just the greatest thing that could have happened to us at that time in our lives. It was too difficult to put into words and I kept putting it off. Today is the one-year anniversary of my beloved Chihuahua's passing and I just received an email from Dr. Sunday. She was letting us know she was thinking of us and made a point to let us know she remembered. I was not expecting that and even though this day is so extremely difficult, I am incredibly touched that she reached out to us. Even though saying goodbye to my sweet dog was the worst day of my life, Dr. Sunday helped us hold it together. She was caring, attentive, and my dog immediately knew that she was there to help end his suffering. He always liked people but he treated her like he had known her forever. She took such good care of him during and after. If you have the option of using Lap of Love, you and your beloved pet cannot be in better hands than Dr. Sunday. She truly was a gift sent from God at a time when we and Chihuahua needed her most. Thank you, Dr. Sunday, for taking such great care of him and remembering us. The work you do is absolutely priceless."

Emily Ferraro
Grovetown, South Carolina

"I can't say enough about how comforting it was to have Lap of Love there as I said good-bye to my sweet Chloe. No matter how many times we have to let a pet go, even when we know it's time, it's never easy. Dr. Nancy was so compassionate, so caring with Chloe. I can't imagine ever letting a fur baby pass without Lap of Love being there beside us."

Estelle P
North Augusta, South Carolina

"Dr. Nancy Rodriguez has twice been to our home to end the suffering that accompanied end of life old age and illness for two of our dogs, Sophie and Chelsea. I am grateful to her for her compassion, experience, and skill. Both dogs were very comfortable with Dr. Nancy and without fear peacefully left this life. I'm very grateful and would totally recommend her. We are fortunate to have her in Aiken."

Susan Thoreson
Aiken, South Carolina

"Doctor Sunday was amazing I had so many doubts and even in the last few minutes I said wait I'm not sure this is what I should do and listening to her and her support it was easier to make the toughest decision that I needed to because I was being selfish I was keeping him here because of me I wasn't thinking about him and how he was suffering and all the medications that he was on and with her help and her support I was able to make that decision and she helped release him in and get him out of pain and I thank her so much for that."

Karen Finken
Grovetown, Georgia

"Dr. Sunday was amazing, very professional and compassionate.

She took the time to make our boy comfortable and he passed peacefully.

I am so grateful we found Lap of Love to assist us in this difficult time."

Ken and Barbara Sweeney
Williston, South Carolina

"Dr. Sunday was wonderful! She gave us all the time we needed, listened to our stories but most of all reassured us that we were doing the right thing for Murphy. All the details of cremation were handled which gave us peace of mind. And she checked in with us later that day. She was a gift."

Nancy Lambert
Aiken, South Carolina


Pet Loss Counselor

  (706) 496-3935

Cindy Foster, LCSW, NBCCH

Emergency Clinic

  (706) 733-7458

Augusta, GA: Augusta Animal Emergency

Emergency Clinic

  (706) 860-6617

St. Francis Animal Hospital

Emergency Clinic

  (803) 798-3837

South Carolina: SC Veterinary Emergency Care

Pet Loss Support

  (803) 407-3185

Joy in the Morning


We assist families with in home pet hospice and euthanasia in the Aiken-Augusta area including the following listed below. Our veterinarians are willing to travel upwards of 50 miles and travel fees will be determined based on distance from the doctor's home ranging between $30-$100. Please call us to learn more about pricing for your area.

    • Aiken
    • North Augusta
    • Augusta
    • Evans
    • Martinez
    • Beech Island
    • New Ellenton
    • Jackson
    • The Valley area
    • Trenton
    • Edgefield
    • Johnston
    • Ridge Spring
    • Monetta
    • Windsor
    • Wagener
    • Lexington
    • Hephzibah
    • Waynesboro
    • Barnwell
    • Saluda
    • McCormick
    • Batesburg/Leesville
    • Grovetown
Pet Memorials
“We said good-bye to Chloe Monday. Because she was a rescue kitty, I don't know how old she was, but she was with our family for 15 years.”
Estelle P
July 18, 2019
“On june 1 2019 we had to make the hardest decision in the world . I had to say goodbye best friend my soulmate my dog Scrappy had been suffering with kidney disease, hip dysplasia, seizures, and over the last couple of months I noticed he started getting worse and I had to make the tough decision and I got a hold of lap of love and they help me ...
Karen Finken
June 7, 2019
“Oh Murphy, how you won our hearts. You came into our lives as we mourned our sweet Golden Rosie. You were a wild thing, full of love, but tempered with a lot of anxiety as you had been living on the streets and didn’t know yet that you were home. But with lots of love, patience and work, you won us over. How you followed me everywhere, even the ...
Nancy Lambert
May 30, 2019
“We said goodbye to our beloved Shadow on Memorial Day. He will be greatly missed but will live in our hearts forever.

Shadow's Poem:
It's time for me to go now
Please don't mourn and cry
I lived a life of freedom
Always by your side
With your love and understanding
I never was afraid
I so enjoyed the friends we had
That came and often ...
Ken and Barbara Sweeney
May 29, 2019

To make the experience as peaceful as possible, credit card over the phone (before the appointment) is generally preferred. We are also more than happy to accept a check (made to 'Lap of Love') or cash during our time with you.

Most pet insurance companies cover Lap of Love services. We are happy to help complete any paperwork needed to submit for reimbursement.

We also accept Care Credit.

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