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10/14/2006 - 4/18/2019We love you so much Dakota. We miss you already sweet boy and hope your looking down from heaven and waiting until we all get to be together again.Wayne, MichiganApril 19, 2019
6/15/2006 - 4/18/2019Puppy, my best friend and manager of our household; you were the best dog anyone could ever have. You were there through high school graduations, births, deaths, holidays, and marriage. You lit up the room with your smiles and demands of chest scratches and ear rubs. Oh how I miss you but I know you’re enjoying heaven with nana, Pepper, and Apollo.Kearra MoralesApopka, FloridaApril 19, 2019
6/3/2008 - 4/16/2019I will miss you my dear, sweet boy. Thank you for helping me garden all these years. You made it more fun. Thank you for being such a good kitty. I will miss your big meow and your big feets and the way your head tilted when you looked at me. You gave great hugs too. Thank you for showing up at my house that one day and staying with me until the end. I will see you soon my friend. Garthur, Bob and Walter miss having you around as much as I do. Well, maybe not Bob but you know how he is. The neighbors will miss your visits. I love you Matisse.Lori SchwartzkopfReynoldsburg, OhioApril 19, 2019
9/30/2006 - 4/18/2019Cinnie was the sweetest, kindest and most loving girl! Cinnie enjoyed spending most of her time in the kitchen waiting for scraps to fall on the ground. She would always greet someone when they walked in with her tail going and a kiss if you were lucky! She loved slim Jims, cheese burgers, belly rubs, the birthday song, BACON, CHEESE and most of all her people. Cinnie thank you for being the best girl the last 13 years we will forever miss our yellow dog, this house will never be the same!Michele MacNeilRoslindale, MassachusettsApril 19, 2019
8/9/2008 - 4/15/2019We lost our beloved German Shorthaired Pointer Harley to cancer this week. Harley was a "Velcro" dog; glued to my husband at every moment. He was the most lovable pooch you could ever imagine. We will miss him dearly.South Park Township, PennsylvaniaApril 19, 2019
Lolly Lollypup
04/01/2004 - 04/17/2019Lolly was never your typical puppy. She wasn't rambunctious and mischievous and didn't do all of the things that puppy owners dread. Other than thinking that the room with the litter box was the room where she was also supposed to potty, she was pretty close to perfect. She quickly learned the boundaries of our yard and stayed within them, and also made sure our two yr old didn't get too close to them. They were like peas and carrots. Shortly after we adopted Lolly, my husband and I went through a divorce. I went through a period where I was barely functioning, let alone trying to take proper care of a 3 yr old and work a full time job. Lolly stayed by my daughter's side and gave her comfort when I was having a rough day. During that time, my daughter woke in the middle of the night and gave Lolly a "makeover". She painted her nails, put bows and scrunchies in her hair. Poor Lolly just sat there and let her do it. When I saw her the next morning, I removed what I thought were all of her accessories and thanked her for being such a good girl. A few days later I noticed that the skin under her chin was sagging and very swollen. The vet was baffled and was getting ready to treat her for a blocked salivary gland when a tech was rubbing her neck and her finger caught on a scrunchie around her neck that was embedded in her fur. She had to be uncomfortable, but she never let on. That's just how she was. The scrunchie was removed, she was fine and my poor daughter felt so bad she never gave her a makeover again. After the divorce, my daughter and I had to move to my dad's farm where Lolly spent her days running around the farm with my dad's border collie, Lilly. At night she'd come in and sleep with my daughter to keep her company in a new, scary bedroom. She made the transition bearable. I eventually remarried and had another daughter and she has grown to love them just as much as she has loved her original family. She would greet everyone she saw with a friendly "Arrrggghhh!" Sounding just like a pirate. My ex called her his "mighty pirate dog". When she was about 5 yrs old she started some odd behavior around me. She would sit at my feet and stare intently up at me and wouldn't leave my side. Sometimes, she would paw at my leg or the seat next to me. I noticed that the times that she did this were times when I wasn't feeling so great. After a trip to the dr, I found out that I had developed diabetes due to an autoimmune issue and she was alerting me when my blood sugar was too high or low. Because she was able to sense a spike or drop before I could, she saved me from further damage to my organs. She would also alert me when anyone in our house was getting sick. Because she had always been so obedient and calm, even without training, it was very easy to have her trained as a medical alert dog. She has stayed by my side ever since. She's walked the beaches of Gulf Shores, St Augustine, Cape Cod, the mountains of Gatlinburg, zoos, Hershey Park. She's experienced the finest dining, albeit on the floor at my feet, and even taken in several movies with us at the theater and drive in. She's won so many hearts along the way and was the reason that my oldest daughter is preparing to attend vet school. She has been a comfort for my youngest daughter who suffers from severe anxiety. She has served our family well. She has been our angel and we will miss her terribly.Michelle HowardNicholasville, KentuckyApril 18, 2019
8/1/2007 - 4/13/2019Guinness was our goofball dog. He was the most vocal Greyhound we’ve ever seen. He would reply with howling to us when we would say “I love you”.
Guinness was adopted and was from a racetrack that closed down. His records showed he only ran one race, which we joke was because he can’t walk or run a straight line. He would always cut me off while Al would be walking him next to me. He was the last of three dogs in the house and he got us through the hard times of letting our two female dogs pass on in the the last two years.
We had things we would say to him.... Who’s my handsome devil? / Who’s my buddy, Who’s my pal?
We were so lucky to have him and he won us over in only a few days after we were fostering him.
Guinness went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 13, 2019 to join all his fur baby brothers and sisters.
Until we meet again.....XOXOXOXOXO
Danielle & Al PalomarHighland, MichiganApril 18, 2019
4/15/2019Tennyson (aka Mr. T, aka King) got his angel wings and crossed over the rainbow bridge on Monday. He was a kind and gentile soul who lived up to his poetic name for over 15 years. I will miss him dearly. Goodnight sweet prince. It is so hard to say goodbye. Join Sophie, your soul mate, and run free with her. You will be in my heart always.Nancy MorrisNaples, FloridaApril 17, 2019
1/1/2011 - 4/15/2019My pretty girl, I miss you so much. The house seems so incredibly empty without you. We all miss you so very much. I know you are no longer in any pain, you are young again and you can see everything beautiful around you and that makes me so happy. You brought me so much joy and happiness. Even on my worst day you would make everything better just by being there. I’ll see you later pretty girl💗 I love u to the moon and back, always and forever

Lynn SouthardRotterdam, NYApril 17, 2019
12/21/2003The best friend, girl, sister & daughter you could have ever wished for. We will love you forever and miss you always. See you, Abby and Harley at the Rainbow bridge my angel.Jennifer SinatraAmherst, NYApril 17, 2019
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