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1/4/2004 - 4/16/2018As my best buddy & park partner you will be dearly missed. The house seems empty and it’s hard not to find you in one of your three beds - as a constant shadow you had to make sure you were always near us . We are so glad we were able to show you one last act of love - a peaceful passing. You will live in our hearts forever. Love you Mister man!Elizabeth BomerHouston, TexasApril 20, 2018
9/12/2005 - 4/18/2018RIP Queen Chili Beanz, Chili Willy Nilly Shamalamadingdong, Chilikers B. Wilikers, Mamasita Bonita Bananas, Chili Vanilli, Chili Chalupa, Chili Con Queso, Bang Bang Shrimp, The Boss Hog, The Original Gangsta, Hufflepuff, Chili Bazinga, Chili Bojangles, Chili Petunia Picklebottoms, Chili Van Damme, Chilvanka Lumps, Miss Chili B. Silly, Bestest Friend Beast in the Entire Universe - our family loved you to infinity and beyond. We are absolutely devastated that you're gone. For being such a tiny little thing, you had such an ENORMOUS heart. You brought us so much joy. And farts! We’ll miss you always and forever, Sweet Pea.Marisa NufferTampa, FloridaApril 19, 2018
03/01/2000 - 4/18/2018Abigail - How do I sum up the love, joy and friendship you have given us? We will miss all of the socks, seaweed from the lake and leaves from the yard you would bring us as gifts. You were my best friend, with me through thick and thin and I am forever blessed that you were part of our family. I'll see you on the other side of the rainbow.Mary SmithFair Oaks, CaliforniaApril 19, 2018
Spinner Anthony
5/31/2005 - 4/18/2018Spinner
I lay here writing this with tears in my eyes, knowing this will be the last night we spend together, with you laying on top of me; purring. A sweet & innocent sound that I will never forget, one that has lulled me to sleep more times than I can count. You have always been more than just a cat, you are stability, emotional support, my favorite travel buddy & my best friend. My little college graduate. You are the sun, the moon & all the stars in the sky.

I’ll never forget the time we solo road tripped across the country, the flights we took, the hotels we snuck into & the adventures that we shared(like that time we visited alligators!)You were there for all of the sleepless nights & for the days I couldn’t get out of bed; the days I spent in tears & the best days of my life. You, my dear, have been there for every single one.

It isn’t fair for it to end like this. But I knew the time we shared together in this lifetime was coming to an end and no matter how many times I tell you I love you, you’ll never know just how much I do.

We’ve had a good 13 years together, we packed a whole lot of love and life into your little life, even more so in the last 4 &there won’t be a day for the rest of my life that my heart doesn’t ache for you. But the pain I feel also comes with the understanding that I am so incredibly blessed to have such a connection with you. You were my first true love. Thank you for teaching me compassion, trust, patience and understanding. Thank you for teaching me how to love with grace. Thank you for all you are, and all you continue to be.

Rest In Peace my sweet baby ❤️ please comment your favorite memory of my boy if you have one, it helps to look back and smile
Chloe BawmannSaint Petersburg, FloridaApril 19, 2018
4/28/2008 - 4/17/2018Aka: Butters, Black Bear, Cub.
Thanks Zephyr for the best affectionate, love, happiness, sweetness and cuddles a family could ask for in a lifetime! You taught me so much about life and living my life like a dog and just rock and roll without worrying about the noise in the peripheral. Focus your energy on loving and being and the rest will work itself out.
Joe Van OyenDexter, MichiganApril 19, 2018
6/11/1997 - 2/26/2018Dixie came to live with us when my mother passed 4 years ago. She filled our home with love and easily fit in with the rest of our kitty family. She brought us comfort and healing. Such a sweet, loving, resilient girl! We miss her loudly purring her songs of love to us.Dorothy RomeoSunrise, FloridaApril 18, 2018
5/28/2006 - 4/14/2018Our sweet Sadie was the perfect dog for our family. She was my daughter's best friend. The house is very empty without her happy barks and playful waddle.Karen GiordanoMillersville, PennsylvaniaApril 18, 2018
12/12/2000 - 4/15/2018He will forever be in our hearts
There is a huge void in our lives without him❤️
Theresa TedescoBohemia, NYApril 18, 2018
12/5/2005 - 4/17/2018Mick made our days bright and filled us with so much joy. We miss him so much and feel lost without him by our side. Our home isn't the same without our big, beautiful boy. His kisses and playful but gentle nature captured our hearts where he will forever live. We love you baby.Stephanie SlagleHillsborough, North CarolinaApril 18, 2018
Sugar Ray Leonard
9/8/2017 - 4/17/2018Once by my side, but forever in my heart.Madison HoodHope Mills, North CarolinaApril 17, 2018
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