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Pet Memorials: 10
5/25/2008 - 2/15/2020Stanley,
I want to thank you for all the joy, fun and companionship you have given me since I brought you home at 5-months old. At 5-months I was hoping you would grown into those big floppy ears you had as they were bigger than your head, but eventually you did. You have brought many laughs from your Beagle howl, to playing hide and seek with your dog treats and to bringing home a neighborhood cat. You have spent countless hours with me volunteering with Arizona Beagle Rescue to seeing foster Beagles come in and out of our house. I will always cherish the time we had together and all the memories. You had the biggest heart and unconditional love anyone one could ask for. Just know that you will always be Momma’s Boy! I love and miss you so much, but I know someday we will reunite. Until then you will always be in my heart and in my thoughts.
Dona BonaiutoLitchfield Park, ArizonaFebruary 18, 2020
1/1/2007 - 2/3/2020My best friend and companion for the last five years, thank you, Agnes, for coming into my life and bringing such joy and comfort to me. You were the best travel partner! In the past 5 years you visited:
Lawrence, KS
Des Moine, IA
Some small town in Nebraska
Englewood, CO
Corrales, NM
Phoenix, AZ
San Diego, CA
Centennial, CO
You learned how to swim and went to the beach; ate at a restaurant on the boardwalk of the San Diego pier and slept in posh Hiltons across the mid-west. You hiked in Colorado and Iowa and Arizona and were always up for the adventure. My life is so empty without you but my heart is full of the love and joy you so easily shared with me. Safe journey on, my friend. I love you.
Karen MainPhoenix, ArizonaFebruary 8, 2020
Rio & Sierra
7/1/2006 - 2/5/2020To our "fluffy kids" Our sweet boy Rio and sweet girl Sierra,
Thank you for filling our hearts with your love and companionship through the years and being there to greet us at the end of the day with your big puppy smiles and wagging tails. We hold you both forever in our hearts and are missed dearly! The pain that goes with the missing of our beloved family members feels like a piece of us is missing, but the love goes on forever! All of the hikes, camping trips, rides in the car, daily walks (sometimes two) trips to the pet store, playing with toys, licks on the face, sharing of food and cuddles in bed are all cherished memories that we will hold close.
The bond created between us is everlasting and will never be broken; your spirits carry on!
We will meet again someday, but for now enjoy the pain free life at the Rainbow bridge! Thank you for touching our lives and everyone around you with your unconditional love! Forever in our hearts!
We love you and miss you!! Mommy & Daddy
Michael & Cheryl AbadPhoenix, ArizonaFebruary 6, 2020
10/21/2004 - 1/28/2020Everyone has the best dog, and Bronco was ours. He always met us at the door to greet us no matter how our day was. He was eager to take us on walks, as he always some how managed to pull his own leash to say "Come on! Let's get going!". He had quite the unique face and personality and overall was an incredibly happy dog that was adored by our family and our friends. Bronco, you were a huge part of our lives for 15 years and saw Jenna and Matt grow up and go through some of life's milestones. Thank you for always being there for us, making us smile, and sharing in our love. We could not have asked for a better dog than you buddy. We love you! Jim, Caryn, Jenna, and Matt.Jenna HaggertyGilbert, ArizonaJanuary 30, 2020
Madison Mae
8/13/2005 - 12/27/2019Oh our precious girl, how we miss you so!! You had the best personality and sweetest smile.....we were so blessed to have you for as long as we did and grateful for all the memories and love we shared, saying goodbye to you was one of the hardest days of our life and I am choked up just writing this now....THANK YOU for being such an amazing gift to us. Your sense of humor, love for play and piercing blue eyes won everyone over. You saved me during a very hard time when we had to move to CA for a couple of years, it was SO HARD to leave our family here but you and I bonded so closely and you gave me more than you will ever know...I hope you felt our love and I hope we were good parents to you my sweet one. Gosh, I missssssss you soooooo much....there are still the firsts; the first time I came home from work and you weren't waiting for me, I still hear you sometimes walking and I am grateful that you no longer suffer and are able to run again without pain. I am sorry if we were selfish and waited to long to let you cross over and run free, we just had to prepare and feel it deep in our soul as you were and are part of us. Love you sooo much always sweet girl.....enjoy your new friends and cousins Shadow and Lulu. xoxoxoxo Sad I cannot post a photo off of this computer, she is SO VERY BEAUTIFUL. I will add one if I can edit this from my phone.Lisa SmithScottsdale, ArizonaJanuary 10, 2020
8/18/2019 - 11/29/2019Roxanne, sadly we only got to spend a year with you. That year has easily been one of the most emotionally difficult to date. You offered so much love and joy, but watching your body decline so quickly was heartbreaking. We are so grateful for every second we had with you and can only hope that you knew how much you were loved. Thank you so much sweet girl!Annie CallaghanPhoenix, ArizonaDecember 2, 2019
2/6/2006 - 5/11/2019Thank you to those at Lap of Love, who act like extended family, when we had to comfort our favorite Lab.Phoenix, ArizonaDecember 1, 2019
8/5/2005 - 6/24/2019Lennon knows he was loved without a doubt he was loved by so many people. Always smiling & ready for any outing Lennon loved to go places. I was able to take Lennon with me every day to work for the first 4 years of his life. I don’t recall honestly leaving his side except for 1 vacation and honeymoon the first 4 years. Loving him so much he went with me everywhere & enjoyed barking at drive through food windows. Lol. He got the occasional fries but only 1 because he had been born deaf & also with very severe intestinal issues & allergies. He was at the vet oh about once a week his first year of life but we eventually got the correct diagnosis so his life would be long. You never expect after just getting your baby he would act sick but I wouldn’t have let my lover boy down & it was resolved quickly. He thrived and has had only 1 month shy of 14 loved years with his family who cared for him as we would a child. I can see his smiling face right now wagging his tail doing his little wiggle dance when I would just say hi or good morning. Waking up is not the same without you my love but mommy will never forget those morning kisses & smiles. I wish the only thing I could have done was take you to the beach but when I see you again we will go there together. We will watch the waves & snuggle while I will never let you go! I promised you I would be okay & I will. I promised you that you will always be remembered & you will. I thank you again as I did for your last few hours the blessings of being your mom. It’s been such a gift for I would not be who I am without you. Thank you again sweet Lennon for the honor! I am blessed to have had your love!!Tiffany FalsafiLitchfield Park, ArizonaJune 26, 2019
8/1/2009 - 6/17/2019Marshmallow was a quintessential bully. Friendly, demanding, affectionate and stubborn she had us wrapped around her little paw! She always wanted to be where we were and if we got our faces too close to hers, would try to nibble our noses or ears. Whenever we got home after being out, she wiggled that whipped-cream tail, if she wasn’t napping of course. She loved car rides and her walks, but yikes, she was a slow walker. Mellow and low key, she took nearly everything in stride. From vet visits to daily wrinkle cleaning she endured the life of a bulldog with patience and grace. She was no wallflower though. If she wanted attention, a butt scratch, or that last bite of pizza, she employed all her bully charms, and yeah, her whiny voice, to get her way. It worked … most of the time. Often, she would sit in the yard and seem to stare at nothing, looking deep in thought. Probably strategizing how she could get that next bite of pizza!

We’re heartbroken that she’s gone. Love you, our perfect jelly roll, our puffy tanker, our plushy linebacker….our Marshmallow.
Dave & Alicia EngelPeoria, ArizonaJune 20, 2019
10/25/2008 - 4/21/2019To our first love Capone ❤️

Thank you for enriching our lives with your big personality and never ending love.

You will never be replaced and we will cherish your soul in our hearts forever.

Mommy, Daddy, Teddy, Auntie Emily, Nana Vera and brother Tito
Natasha KericParadise Valley, ArizonaApril 26, 2019
Pet Memorials: 10