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5/10/2012 - 5/12/2019Jax came into our lives just a short 7 years ago. And although we may have not had him for, what some would say, was a long time, he made one hell of an impression on us and will most definitely live in our hearts forever.

Jax was diagnosed with cancer from a tumor that developed in December of 2019, but that wasn't going to stop him, or us. Chemo treatments and surgery, gave him a chance to live his best life and feel the immense love around him. However, that was short lived. Eventually the chemo stopped working, and his tumor grew back with a vengeance, and we knew there was nothing left of us to do.

He passed peacefully on Sunday, May 12 - in the security of his home, in our arms - but not before he got to enjoy one of his favorite meals, a gigantic Jimmy John's sandwich.

We miss him everyday. Our house just isn't the same without him. Jax's loyalty and loving antics are instilled in our hearts. We’ll never have another dog like Jax, and we will always cherish the memories we had with him. And whenever we see a rainbow, we know that are baby is in a better place - eating all the food of the counters that his little heart desires.
Kristen OwenDenver, ColoradoMay 18, 2019
Sir Taz Barksalot
2/12/2011 - 3/10/2019Taz was my Best Boy. I never needed to train him, he was always so good. He believed in free speech like his Mom and I supported him 100%. He loved life and liked to make people smile because he was so charismatic!Alma CarpenterLongmont, ColoradoMarch 11, 2019
3/12/2003 - 1/25/2019Dear sweet Napali, you will always be our sunshine. Mom and DadKen LabasTimnath, ColoradoJanuary 27, 2019
Hunter Boo
6/23/2006 - 11/26/2018Hunter Boo was the most amazing dog I have ever know, let alone had as a best friends. He was loved my many as a therapy dog, working at. Local high school he helped students with disabilities and students that were goin through a rough time. He was quiet and calm, what people need when they just want someone to listen or sit with. He would always be with me as my companion. Adventure after adventure we went in together. He was a big piece of my heart.Jennifer UsherFort Collins, ColoradoNovember 30, 2018
6/13/2009 - 9/10/2018Our baby girls name is Karma but we called her Roo Roo,
This family is not the same without you. You shared your love with everyone in this family, you had no favorites. You would stop my boys from fighting by walking in the middle of them and expressing your thoughts until they would stop fighting and start laughing. When I was down or having anxiety, you would know and come and stay right by my side until I felt better. I loved going on walks with you, that was our special time. Austin misses you sleeping in his room, and being able to love and pet you when he gets home from work. Daddy misses you hanging out in the garage with him. Everyone misses you so much Roo Roo. It is so hard to walk in this house and not see you laying on your bed, tail wagging and thumping on your bed, happy to see us. I miss talking to you, I am surrounded my testosterone with Daddy and the boys, you were my baby girl with such a big voice It felt like I wasn't alone. Now that you are gone, I feel so alone again. I miss looking in those big brown eyes. You changed all of our lives for the better, and made us a family. Everyone who met you, loved you. When everyone found out you were sick, the outpouring of love you received was amazing. Family, friends, neighbors came to see you, it was beautiful to see how many lives you touched. Even the lady down the street who would pick up her dog when she seen us coming (ha ha) came and said she was sorry to hear about you being sick. It is not the same without you my baby girl, we all miss you so very much. Rest easy Roo Roo, we love you !!! XOXOXO
Tonya McDonaldWheat Ridge, ColoradoSeptember 18, 2018
12/1/2004 - 4/10/2018Grace you were loved by everyone that ever met you, sweet girl. You're in a new wonderful place. Rest in Peace.Jeff MansfieldMaitland, FloridaMay 2, 2018
5/24/2017This was the first pet that was completely mine. He wasnt really a family pet. I took care of him and would sleep by me. I've never had a special bond like this with any dog. He was the perfect dog for me. He was always really active but could go to sleep in an instant. He would really adapt to whatever i was doing. He has been the most loving dog to me. We truly had a special bond that i think i will never get with another dog. I love him and hope he is in a good place.Bryan Torreshomestead, FloridaMay 24, 2017
5/4/2001 - 10/9/2016We love and miss you Angel! You were the sweetest, smartest puppy girl ever. Run free in heaven with your brothers Patches and Winston. Until we meet again.Lori MannKissimmee, FloridaOctober 11, 2016
1/6/2004 - 6/23/2016My sweet precious baby girl Sammi Sue as I always called you. What can I say, you were the love of my life, the bright spot of my day. I am lost, and heartbroken that you have left me. I know in my heart it was time and the right thing to do, but that still does not fill that gapping hole my heart has. You were small, but had the heart of a lion!
You were so small, but still took up the entire king size bed we slept in, and I was reduced to a 6x6 square to sleep in so that you, the Queen of the house could sprawl out every night! What I would give to have you back hogging the bed again.
You will be deeply missed not only by me, but by daddy whose heart is shattered because you are gone. You definitely took a piece of his heart with you. Max, your little brother is also missing you. I know that you are up in doggie heaven with your brother Zack, rehashing all the good times you two had, and the trouble you caused........
Patti Cuylernew port richey, FloridaJune 25, 2016
Sadie Allison
5/17/2016My first dog couldn't have been sweeter, more well behaved than you SADIE ALLISON!!

You always wagged your tail when I came home, reminding me no matter how bad my day was, you loved me unconditionally. Thank you for giving me comfort even when I didn't know I needed it

I love you ❤️ RIP
Sara BeelerPinellas Park, FloridaMay 18, 2016
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