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1/1/2008 - 4/4/2021I don't think people in the US freely speak enough about the depth of grief we feel when we lose a pet. The loss is profound because it's not only a beloved family member who is with you day in and day out, but it's a little life that we care for, and tend, from start to finish. But, they tend to us too. Yesterday I lost my beloved Niko, my familiar. He followed me everywhere I went and was such a huge source of comfort & joy for my family and I for nearly 2 decades. I am so grateful to him for how wonderful he was with our children, how gentle he was with the hens, and how fiercely he loved our beautiful Tilly. I hope he's with Tilly now and that they're running and playing and doing all the things they couldn't do here on Earth towards the end. I just cannot believe that I won't get his greeting at the door anymore or hear his nails clicking on the floor. I won't get to feel his soft fur or play with his floppy ears anymore. I feel heartbroken right now but I know Niko held on for so long for us. Now his spirit, which was all joy, love, and goodness, can rejoin the world as he has been released from the suffering of his aging body. Hug your loved ones tight guys.Audrey LongsonSaint Augustine, FloridaApril 5, 2021
You were the best little mama. Thank you for all the love and sweetness you gave us.Cheryl StevensPalm Coast, FloridaJanuary 29, 2021
1/17/2006 - 1/19/2021Sara, Sara You were always a little shy, but you ran with the best of them. You lost your other sister 5 yrs ago but you hung in there. You had a great 15 years. You went camping, you rode up and down the highway from Fla to NC numerous times per year. You were not impressed when the new puppy came to the house 4 years ago but you learned to love her and every once in a while you would even play with her. You always had a blanket as you are always cold, even in the hottest day. You loved to lay in the chair on the porch in the sun and you would stay there a long while. You and Madison became best friends after your sister passed. You would clean her teeth every night while she just laid on the floor. I never figured that one out. No more back pain, no more hip pain you are free to run. We will miss you Sara, SaraSusan ArnoldSAINT AUGUSTINE, FloridaJanuary 20, 2021
4/1/2006 - 1/11/2021In memory of Lily. She was the epitome of the perfect rescue dog. Happy for her life and always smiling !Ann SheahanSt Augustine, FloridaJanuary 12, 2021
Dasher Dean
4/30/2006 - 11/20/2020I never realized when I met you 14 years ago how much I would bond with you. I met you when I was just a teenager but you were with me from 16 to 30 years old, and how much my life had changed but you were constant and always the same. You were my buddy, my little brother, and my friend. I would take you on adventures to the beach and have the best of laughs with you. You were so up tight and grouchy but under that hard exterior was a sweet sweet boy who just wanted to be next to me and who loved his Chista.

I loved the way your face smelled just like love and how all the blankets would smell just like you after you got up. I’ll miss always talking in “your voice” and how you could never say your S’s. So I was your Chista and Sam was Cham and we will always be just that, Chista and Cham. I think you knew how funny you were and when you let your guard down we had some of the best times. You were also so slick about photo bombing pictures, you always knew when we were trying to take pictures and you would walk right in the shot to make us crazy but to make us laugh.

I’ll never quite understand why you were so rugged and tough but underneath it all was a lover boy who knew he was very very loved.
Megan FosterJacksonville, FloridaNovember 22, 2020
Trooper Ronnie Cimino
4/7/2020 - 10/31/2020We miss you beyond words, sweet boy. Thank you for your service as well as the many smiles you’ve provided over the years. We love you.Aubrie & David CiminoPalatka, FloridaNovember 2, 2020
7/22/2009 - 10/29/2020Diesel was my best buddy. He was my strength, my purpose, and my comfort after losing my beloved husband in 2008 and my beloved boxer in 2017. We shared everything together. I miss your rush to greet me as I came home and your snoring at night. I haven’t slept well without you. Seeing you in pain broke my heart. Everything in my home is sad without you; watching tv without your big English bulldog head in my lap, sitting on the front porch watching people go by, going for golf cart rides and car rides and sunny in the back yard. Diesel you were everything to me. I will miss you everyday. Please wait for me with Katie and soon we can all be together again. I am empty without you. You were truly a gift from God and I’m thankful for our time together. I will love you forevermore,

You are best!
Vicky StephensSaint Johns, FloridaNovember 2, 2020
1/7/2009 - 9/17/2020Mesha loved everybody. As long as you were a human you were welcome in Mesha's world. If uou were an animal other than the ones that lived on our property, they were not welcome. Mesha took cate of 5 cats and 6 chickens that were part of her pack. We have 5 grandchildren and they were all hers. Our youngest granddaughter dressed Mesha in her Halloween hair and sang to her this past Halloween. She was the most loving and caring animal I have ever had. She is deeply missed by all.Cheryl WallSaint Augustine, FloridaSeptember 19, 2020
10/11/2011 - 9/10/2020Daisy, we miss you every day. You were our shy little girl who almost no one got to know except us, and we had to work to get you to trust us, but how rewarding it was when you finally did! You were my funny little girl who sometimes let herself play and be kittenish, even as you grew older; it was somehow more fun and exciting when we caught you chasing your tail or racing around the house with zoomies or “killing” ponytail holders and bragging proudly about your catch, because so were so reserved normally. We and your sisters miss you dearly and know we’ll see you again on the other side. Save us a spot on the couch!Jodie HamiltonSaint Augustine, FloridaSeptember 16, 2020
1/11/2007 - 8/6/2020Boots was a sensitive little soul and a true friend.Jacqui MathisSt. Augustine, FloridaAugust 13, 2020
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