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6/1/2009 - 5/6/2019Brady, the dog, the myth the legend.Kristina BuoniReston, VirginiaMay 9, 2019
11/22/2003 - 2/15/2019From the day we picked you up until your last moment - we loved you and will always love you. We miss you and will cherish our memories.Karen StevensArlington, VirginiaFebruary 25, 2019
Meow Meow
2/23/2002 - 10/17/2018Eulogy to Meow Meow, the best twice-refurbished cat in the world:

Our adventures started in 2007, after I picked Meow Meow up from a seller on Craigslist who advertised a fat “beautiful lap cat” for sale for $30. Meow Meow, who was named Mitsu at the time, had been dropped off at a shelter and then adopted by the Craigslist seller who changed her mind about wanting her.

In our eleven years together Meow Meow provided unconditional love, companionship, and patience when she became the focus of my varied, and sometimes disastrous, creative pursuits.

For starters, on numerous occasions, Meow Meow allowed me to performed various salon services on her despite being an unlicensed cosmetologist. Although she often ended up with jagged fur cuts and glittery manicures, she loved me all the same.

When I decided that Meow Meow should start dressing up as a rapper for Halloween, she acquiesced just long enough for a few photographs in her Notorious C.A.T., Mewpac Shakur, and Nicki Mewnaj costumes. Although she didn’t make it to Halloween this year, she made sure to dress up in her final—and perhaps best costume—just a little early as her beloved Emewnem.

Meow Meow also challenged me to expand my home improvement skills. After she started exhibiting typical cat ambivalence on staying in or out of any room, I bought a handsaw and installed a cat door in my rented apartment. The landlord was not happy, but Meow Meow sure was. (Unfettered ingress and egress!)

Meow Meow was also the muse (mews?) for much of my artwork. Although I depicted her as a criminal, an arsonist, and a vandalizer of fine art, and most recently, a movie ticket thief, she didn’t mind that I didn’t portray her in the most flattering light. I think she was just glad that this creative pursuit did not involve cutting her fur.

As a senior citizen, Meow Meow became a minor celebrity when a video of her tucking herself into bed went viral. She never let fame get to her head, and continued with her modest lifestyle of sleeping, peeing, and playing in boxes.

Although I’m heartbroken that my furry best friend is gone from this world, I have no doubt we will have more adventures in the next life time, filled with endless seaweed snacks, Mitchell’s Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp ice cream, and T-bone steak. I love you, Meow Meow, my little ghost kitty.
Diana WangWashington, District of ColumbiaOctober 31, 2018
2/1/2010 - 10/1/2018My sweet girl Bella ❤️ She had lived some hard years in rural North Carolina before being brought north with City Dog Rescue in January of 2017. I agreed to foster her and the rest is history. My crazy, stubborn, lovable hound. She had some medical issues to deal with, and she powered through Heartworm and radiation treatment like a champ. She was doing so well and we all thought she had a few more good years ahead. Unfortunately the past few weeks proved us wrong, as she battled so many issues and we finally said enough. She loved being outside in the sunshine, so that is where we chose to say goodbye on a beautiful October morning. She was so loved and will be missed by so many in my neighborhood. Thank you to Dr. Beth and Lap of Love for being there - again- for us. Karen ElsburyAlexandria, VirginiaOctober 30, 2018
6/11/2011 - 9/19/2018Remi, our sweet loyal girl. Cancer took you from us too soon and our home and our hearts will never be the same. You brought us so much joy and happiness we are so grateful we got to have you in our lives, even if you were taken from us too soon. You will forever be our love and we know nothing will compare to the bond we all shared with you. You deserved to have the best life and we can only hope we provided that for you. You are so loved babygirl, we think about you everyday. You will forever be in our hearts, we love you unconditionally.Brittany MelendezFort Belvior, VirginiaSeptember 24, 2018
9/26/2002 - 9/12/2018Baby girl,

I miss you very much. You were my sunshine girl. Everyday when I got home from work you brightened up my day. You always greeted me at the door and made your funny noises and jumped all over me. I am glad I adopted you and you were worth every penny I had to spend on you to keep you happy and healthy baby girl.
Daniel ZubrzyckiAlexandria, VirginiaSeptember 17, 2018
10/18/2005 - 8/6/2018Summer was the best, best friend ever. He helped me raise my children and filled each and every day with love, sticks, and extra fur. Every single minute with Summer was a blessing. We miss him terribly, but are so thankful for all the love and lessons we learned from him.Jean KomenderaFalls Church, VirginiaSeptember 2, 2018
7/25/2006 - 7/25/2018Olive will be greatly missed. She was a very sweet little cat. I'd like to thank Dr. Beth from Lap of Love for caring for Olive in her last moments.John WalkerAlexandria, VA, VirginiaAugust 9, 2018
4/14/2005 - 7/23/2018This week we made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to Melba. Even though her tail never stopped wagging, her ability to breathe kept getting worse. It’s hard to put into words the joy she brought to our family, but my 12 year old daughter did a pretty good job of it below:

God brought Melba into our lives in the Summer of 2015. She was a yellow lab and a rescue dog. The woman that brought her in and offered her to us originally told us she was five years old, but once we met her it was clear that wasn’t true! The vet told us she was at least ten. We think that her previous parents left her outside, because she wouldn’t go in the backyard without us going outside with her. But, she grew to be comfortable with us. We never wanted to be too attached, though, because we knew she was just a foster dog. We were only keeping her until her temporary owner could find a permanent one. But that’s not what was meant to happen. Melba was a blessing to our family and we were meant to be her permanent family.

She was never the most athletic, but she was always happy and eager for attention. She would sit on the porch and wait for people to come by, and when they did, she would bark and wag her tail at people to come pet her, but she would never get up and go to them on her own. But she was happy this way. Mommy/Susan tried to bring her on a run when we first got her, and she stopped, lied down, and looked at her like, “Seriously, lady?!”

Although she’s never been interested in running, swimming, hiking, or other activities that require a lot of energy, Melba was everything we needed and hoped for. She was an amazing dog and was always happy and ready to cheer us up if we were upset.

Melba isn’t like most dogs: she purrs when you pet her. Like a cat. And she wags her tail so hard it thumps loudly on the ground. She won’t chew up stuffed animal toys unless you make it clear that she can - by waving it in her face for a while. She sheds so much that if you sit next to her, you stand up with a blanket of hair. She doesn’t like licking people, but she does prefer that her paw is on top if you put your arm near her. All these things make her the special and gifted dog she is.

Everything happens for a reason, and this one is that God decided it was time for Melba to leave her earthly form. God brought such an amazing creature into our lives, and we hope she will reunite with him in heaven. Melba will forever remain in our hearts.
Susan, Paul, Kate and Lucy GraySilver Spring, MarylandJuly 25, 2018
12/26/2007 - 6/18/2018It's only been a week and I am still very much overcome with grief and heartbreak. You were my best friend and were there with me through the best and worst moments of my life. I could always count on you to make me smile, calm me down, make me realize there is goodness and purpose in this world. I am lost without you, and I will miss you and love you forever.Reuben SweeneyArlington, VirginiaJune 28, 2018
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