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8/1/2004 - 7/31/2019Yesterday we said goodbye to Squeakers, who passed today at the age of 15. A worldly woman, she was born in Minneapolis, lived in Queens, New York, and traveled as far as Wyoming before making her final home in Atlanta. In her later years, she enjoyed aerial journeys by way of Apple TV--they brought her great comfort. She also adventured to the great outdoors of Adair Park, although after one night on the lam and untold encounters with neighborhood wildlife, her exploration was limited to the backyard of our home on Lexington Avenue.

Squeakers was loved for her charming personality. On several occasions, she converted “dog people” to “cat people,” and on every occasion, brief meetings with Squeaky resulted in “Squeaks people.” Her sweetness was simple, her spirit pure.

Her peculiar habits will also be missed--Squeakers loved to enjoy beer, chew on the strings of blinds, and paw at any closed door her dad was behind. She loved basking in the sunlight, be it perched on a window sill or sprawled across the floor. Over the years, she perfected the choreography of the Water Dance, a beautiful piece marked by quick-shuffling paws in front of a water glass, creating a lively song as her claws tapped the edge of her jar. Ah, yes...she would only drink from a mason jar.

Squeakers passed away peacefully at home (with the compassionate assistance of a doctor) following the complications of kidney failure. We will miss her so much, especially William, who loved Squeakers for the past 15 years--nearly all of his adult life. And she loved him too...endlessly. Things won’t be the same without her lively spirit and constant companionship, morning snuggles, or bounding to the back door when I get home. It won’t be the same without her bringing us toys at night, sneaking under the covers, and curling up while we watch a movie. We planted a garden in her honor and will remember her always.
Alyssa and William ThysAtlanta, GeorgiaAugust 1, 2019
Keylala Ann
11/4/2005 - 6/23/2019Keylala Ann (lollipop)
Dogs lives are much too short, their only fault really. (Agnes Turbull)
Kathy JohnsonConley, GeorgiaJune 25, 2019
3/5/2008 - 5/28/2019In loving memory of Bogey,
He passed away in his home with his mom by his side where he always loved to be. He will be greatly missed by his family.
Duluth, GeorgiaJune 15, 2019
4/22/2019 - 5/10/2019This is Verdandi. She was 10yrs old, but I was fortunate enough to know her five of those years. Verdandi loved to sit and watch the world unfold. Her eyes were always beaming with curiosity and wonderment. She was the most laid-back, quiet, and loving cat I had ever met. She would never flee from new people; shyness was not in her cat-vocabulary. She let her opinions only be known during "The Feeding". She would extend her little cat-paw if she ever felt the pets you gave her weren't sufficient. I ended up nicknaming her "The Littlest Bits" because everything about her was just so...little. Her meows. Her cheeks. Her face (except her eyes). Her paws. But what was not little was her strength. The past year had not been kind to her. She experienced peaks and valleys, but the valleys had become too much to bear. Whether it was the inability to eat/drink, go to the litter box, or the weight was just too much for her little body. But she always TRIED. She refused to stay down. But unfortunately, we have our limits. After a year of medication and vet visits, our household had to make a difficult, but humane and selfless, decision. Today, Verdandi took her last cat-nap. Today, Verdandi was able to bask in the sun and feel the blades of grass under her little bean-toes. She was able to hear the birds sing. She was able to feel love...that unconditional love she had given our household. For anyone that has to endure this pain, our household understands. We understand the loss of love, companionship, and a true member of the family. We will always love and never forget you, Verdandi. Thank you. ❤️️

Written by Nathan Alley
Kisha BertrandAtlanta, GeorgiaJune 1, 2019
Oliver Brucker
1/1/2007 - 5/26/2019The best whistle yawner, trick master with shiny ears -THERE EVER WAS!Marianna BruckerAlpharetta, GeorgiaMay 29, 2019
5/20/2002 - 5/9/2019Our dear girl Roxy crosssed the rainbow bridge just 11 days short of her 17th birthday. To say she was the joy of our lives in an understatement. She was my husband and I's first baby and she taught us so many things about life, love and caring for others. She taught us it's ok to take a nap in middle of the living room floor; that we should enthusiastically show our love to our humans each and every time we see them (even if it's only been about 5 minutes since we saw them last!); begging sometimes does work, don't be too proud; tolerance for those that are different pays off, ex. cats and toddlers can be our friends (and share their food). Although a wise soul, we never could convince her that the mail carrier and the UPS delivery guy were actually on our side. With her help, we raised three kids, an endless stream of cats, and two puppy sisters. She was the consumate leader, always willing to show a newcomer the ropes. She never met a body of water that didn't need jumping in, or a tennis ball that didn't need chasing. She was the most awesome dog, friend, and fur child and we'll love her forever. She was preceded in death by her dear friend Lola the border collie and together now they are chasing butterflies and mailmen-shaped clouds in the sky.Dederick FamilyClarkston, GeorgiaMay 18, 2019
5/8/2005 - 5/3/2019Ditto was our first and only pet. We are going to miss her more than words can convey.Jody DyerAtlanta, GeorgiaMay 5, 2019
5/3/2003 - 4/23/2019Freckles was adopted from a farm in Louisiana as a puppy. She was the cutest basset hound with long ears that she would trip over as she ran around. She was one of the sweetest and most loyal dogs you could ever ask for. She loved going up to the Blue Ridge mountains to lay in the sun on the porch, and loved any kind of human food. She will be greatly missed by our family.Angela HillAtlanta, GeorgiaApril 26, 2019
5/6/2008 - 4/22/2019We love you buddy. You're missed deeply.Robert and Jennifer RaganJonesboro, GeorgiaApril 25, 2019
6/1/2004 - 4/12/2019Roxy was my dog soul mate and was truly a gift from God. She had an incredible personality and everyone who came into contact with her loved her. She is missed beyond words. I love you Roxy.Shawn HarlanStockbridge, GeorgiaApril 13, 2019
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