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12/1/2005 - 8/5/2019Sassy will always hold a piece of everyone’s heart who she met. Despite being hurt before I got her she had the capacity to love and forgive and I am thankful that this special cat chose to love me. Sassy you watched me grow in my adulthood and saw me cry, be angry and have joy. No matter what you were there for me. You helped me and you held all my secrets. You helped me heal and I hope I gave you some peace that you know that I have always and will always love you.
We will always miss you and will always love you.
Rebekah NicholsBelleville, IllinoisAugust 16, 2019
3/1/2008 - 8/14/2019Our home feels empty for the first time since the day we brought you into it. You aren’t here to greet us at the door or to snuggle with us in bed. Many people have told us that we gave you such a great life but, the truth is, you gave us such a great life. You picked us to be yours and we are forever grateful and so lucky to have had you as part of our family. We know you’re already chasing squirrels, rescuing tennis balls, and getting belly rubs wherever you are... you are and will always be loved.Melissa KleinChicago, IllinoisAugust 16, 2019
7/4/2002 - 8/11/2019Love never dies.Ron FleischerHighland Park, IllinoisAugust 13, 2019
5/1/2009 - 8/5/2019Our lives will never be the same without our little Looper. She was the light of our lives, the silly little monkey we cherished. We will miss her luxurious fur, her expressive eyes, her bouncy walk, her bossy attitude, her snuggles, her snoring, and her crazy digging in blankets and how she could make her own throne out of a pile of pillows and snore the day away on top of them as queen of the castle. I will miss how she used to throw herself at me, chest to chest, like velcro that attached her heart to my heart, when I walked in the door. I will miss caring for her and loving her and her caring for me and loving me back. We are devastated and empty, and our hearts cry for our little Loop, but through our tears, we try to remember the happy times with her, and all the joy she brought to our lives, and the imprint she left on our hearts. It was an honor to take care of her, to know her, to be her person, and we will love her forever and will never forget her.Theresa DamatoMedinah, IllinoisAugust 6, 2019
10/21/2003 - 7/5/2019Our sweet Willie was one of a kind. We often called him "Wiggle Willie" because his tail was always wagging. He loved to lay outside basking in the sun. Willie loved to play with his fur siblings Trixie and Oreo by running in the yard. Willie also found his courage with his "Crew". He would buddy up next to his brother Oreo and try to bay like no body's business. Only thing was that he couldn't quite get that by right. He sounded more like a walrus! Willie was also fond of his cat siblings Dodger and Taz. He would greet them each morning by giving them beagle kisses even when they didn't want him to. Willie just enjoyed life. He was so grateful to have a loving home that he gave his love back 110%.

You will always be in our hearts little one. Words cannot describe your love of life, nor can they express my love for you. You are deeply missed, and irreplaceable. You fought the good fight, and I fought it along with you until you told me it was "time". I will remember you always my love...

I dedicate this song to you... "Don't Give up on Me" Andy Grammer - I never gave up on you until my heart was black and blue. I'll love you forever my little lamb...
Becky StachLindenhurst, IllinoisJuly 16, 2019
Spencer Kensington
9/5/2005 - 7/5/2019Spencer Kensington touched the heart and soul of every person he met. He was a gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Blenheim in color. His beautiful face, large dark round eyes and long ears could express dozens of emotions. But it was Spencer’s gentle spirit and loving demeanor that instantly warmed the hearts of anyone who met him. Children from the neighborhood would visit Spencer, and he loved being the center of attention and having his ears stroked. A young seven-year-old neighborhood boy once said, “Everyone should have a Spencer!” The world would be a better place if that were possible. He was a member of the #cavpack on Twitter and had friends and followers from around the world.

Spencer showered love and affection upon whoever he was with. He had a deeply calming effect and brought smiles to faces just by strolling into a room. He loved to play fetch, do tricks, play hide-and-seek, eat carrots and rice cakes, dress-up for Halloween, take naps and watch cooking shows. He liked to dance and direct music with his paws (mostly with the help of his father). His photo was featured in a children’s’ book of beautiful puppies. He disliked horses, mules and zebras, but loved cats and rabbits. He barked whenever a horse appeared on tv. The only foods that he would not eat were lemons or limes – he found everything else to be delicious and would eat endless quantities if given the opportunity. He never bit, nipped or growled at a soul in his near 14-years of life. He only knew how to show love.

Spencer was born in Wisconsin and had two brothers. His grandparents were show-dogs from England and registered with the United Kingdom Kennel Club. His forever parents drove 300 miles through thunderstorms to adopt him on a cold night in November 2005. It was love at first sight, and Spencer and his new dads quickly developed a deeply intense bond – together they were “the three amigos” and inseparable for the next 13+ years. Given the name “Cole” at birth, his name was changed to “Spencer Kensington” upon adoption to reflect his English heritage.

Spencer’s life was not without struggles. He suffered painful hip and knee congenital conditions and long-battled pancreatitis. In the last six-years, he ate a very low-fat home-cooked diet of chicken breast, potato, pumpkin and chickpea powder. Fortunately, he adored raw vegetables. He lost his ability to hear in the last year of his life, which made conducting music difficult, but not impossible. Spencer made progress during more than two-years of physical therapy, but his physical pains finally got the better of him. In the summer of 2019, Spencer grew tired and could no longer walk without falling multiple times; he got to the point where he could no longer get back up on his feet without help. He suffered dementia and would get lost in his own home. His once ever-present joyful expression disappeared, and his eyes indicated that he did not have much more life to give. Surrounded by his parents and a compassionate veterinarian from Lap of Love, Spencer peacefully left us in the comfort of his home on July 5, 2019. He was 13-years and 10-months old.

On the day before he left this world, a celebration of Spencer’s life was had in the park. Ribbons adorned trees and Spencer was given steak to eat. He smelled the flowers in the garden at home, which he loved to do, was awarded a “medal of honor,” which was affixed to his collar, sat on his front porch to people watch, visited neighbors, danced cheek-to-cheek with his dad and he watched his favorite movie, “The Sound of Music,” one last time. For the first time in his life, he did not bark at the horse-drawn carriage in the movie, but only smiled. Spencer’s physical departure from this earthly world was very painful for those who loved him. He is deeply missed, and the world seems less joyful without him. In time, joy will return, and tears will be replaced by smiles. His dads will one day be reunited with Spencer; but until then, they are blessed with many fond memories … and thousands of photographs and videos of the world’s most photographed dog. One photograph of Spencer dressed as the Pope for Halloween was featured on the evening news. Loving Spencer for nearly 14-years was the honor of a lifetime for his dads. Spencer brought joy, comfort and companionship to everyone, and life was made brighter because of his existence. He left his mark on the hearts of many; he will be deeply missed and fondly remembered. A stone fountain was made by Spencer’s father and placed in the home flower garden in Spencer’s honor and a candle is lit nightly at dinner time in his memory. Donations in honor of Spencer can be made to the Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue.
Dan and Jim IngramChicago, IllinoisJuly 9, 2019
6/26/2017 - 6/15/2019Bella came into our lives at a special time. She was a special girl with a huge heart and showed us that she loved us every single day. She was smart, resilient, awesome, and absolutely adorable. I miss her kisses and hugs. I miss her cuddles and her little cute nose. I miss her huge smile whenever we’d come through the door and her wagging tail. I miss everything about her. Every time I cried she’d be there and comfort me and lick my tears away. She was the greatest best friend I’ve ever had and I will always cherish that. But I know she’s in a better place and I know she’s looking after us and making sure we’re okay. We all miss her terribly but it’s hitting me super hard. I know she wouldn’t want us to be sad and I know she wouldn’t want us to be mad. She would want us to spread love and help others. One day this will get easier but at least for now we’re all grieving and we all terribly miss her. Every morning she would come to me and just lick my face and say good morning. I’m going to miss that now. I cried all day and night yesterday and barely slept. And before I fell asleep I wrapped her collar around my hand and I slept. I felt like she was there comforting me. One day me and her will reunite until then I love you Bella and I miss you.Ashley PadillaElgin, IllinoisJune 16, 2019
1/17/2004 - 6/14/2019In loving memory of our beloved Skye Girl
2004-June 14, 2019

Where do I start... you came into our life damaged and sad, we worked hard to give you a wonderful life, the life you should have always had. You were my first doggy and you made life so much better. You came out of your shell after realizing you were with a loving family, you jumped on everyone and pulled on that leash! You stole daddy's sandwich off of the table, and made us laugh so hard when you were a silly girl. A natural born herder, you would herd everyone that came into the house with your big fluffy butt! You loved your car rides and even took a girls trip to Door County. You were the most amazing girl in the world! You taught us so much throughout your long life. When we brought Norman home you were not happy, you bit his little nose so hard I thought you killed him, but you grew to love him and he loves you so much. I have taken special care of you for two years as age got the better of you, I don't know what to do now. I helped you up and down the stairs to go potty, took you for special treatments, gave you your oil and pills every day, and it taught me even more. I feel blessed to have been able to do that for you. Your daddy and I struggled with letting you go, but you needed to be free of your failing body. We will always think of you and talk about you, you will always be with us and now you can walk on your own, run, play and enjoy your new life in heaven.

Mommy, Daddy and Norman
And everyone that met you and fell in love with you.
Becky SlagleHomewood, IllinoisJune 15, 2019
5/1/2008 - 6/6/2019Royce was the ultimate best friend. From the day he met my mother, Liz, they were completely inseparable. He was the constant for her in this world that can feel like a ship listing from side to side in massive swells. Royce would never leave her side. For anything, including when she would attempt to use to the bathroom. Royce was there. He was always there. For her. For everyone he met. Everyone says their dog was the greatest, which for certain they were. Royce, however, was different. He was not only the beacon of light for our family, but he was truly my mother's best friend. For a son to one day spring a dog on his mother, there was nothing greater you could possibly ask for, than Royce. We truly were lucky just to have known a spirit as pure as Royce's.Royce StamerWinnetka, IllinoisJune 9, 2019
10/1/1999 - 5/10/2019Mouse was rescued from animal control at about a year old. She had been on the streets a couple months and was very sick. A worker at animal control brought her home and nursed her back to health. She lived 19 years in her new home, where she flourished until succumbing to complications of CRF at age 20. She will be deeply missed.Tory CChicago, IllinoisMay 12, 2019
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