Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Manny Valastro
1/1/2007 - 10/31/2018A loving and loyal pet who made our family more complete. I am so glad God sent him to us to bring so much love and joy into our lives and to let us give him the same which he deserved so greatly.

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Anatole France
Claudia ValastroDickinson, TexasNovember 4, 2018
10/30/2018 - 8/28/2018Bob The Greyhound has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. He loved unconditionally and always looked to the bright side of things.

Bob was my friend, confidant and companion. No other has equalled his loyalty and love.
Peter OdellHouston, TexasAugust 30, 2018
8/13/2018GiGi is our latest angel to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Dr. Tina thank-you for helping us through, you are wonderfulSandra HawkinsonSanta Fe, TexasAugust 30, 2018
4/13/2006 - 8/12/2018Sweet Dee~We knew our time with you would be brief and we made the most of our time together. Miss you like crazy and giving you hugs and kisses.Jeanie HanzalKaty, TexasAugust 16, 2018
5/15/2010 - 7/22/2018Sadie, we will love you forever. We rescued you, but really you rescued us. Thanks for bringing so much love and so many smiles into our lives.Gina CovellPearland/Houston, TexasAugust 3, 2018
8/13/2002 - 7/8/2018Addie Dog! The Big Dog. Baby Girl. I miss you so much. You were such a rough girl but with the gentlest heart. Never mean. Always a happy girl. You got along with all kinds of cats and your late brother-dog, Elbe (photo below). The only thing you didn't like was people on bicycles. I miss your constant companionship, our trips recycling, to the park, bank, or just looking at Christmas lights. I miss bring you home a soft flour chicken taco. I miss your kisses. I believe you knew you were deeply loved and are missed terribly by so many.
Dr. Tina was so kind and gracious to us. She made this difficult time bearable. I experienced Dr. Tina as not only a skillful professional DVM but a warm, supportive and caring person with a personal gift of working with pet hospice.
Rhonda CamposTexas City, TexasJuly 12, 2018
5/21/2005 - 6/8/2018Gabe, we miss you so much. It feels so empty not having your smiling face always keeping us company. I worked in the garden today, and missed you staying right by my side the whole time, making sure I was safe. You were the sweetest dog ever. If anyone was afraid of dogs, they just needed a few minutes with your gentle spirit to change their mind. I will forever remember you sprinting back to us every time we called you home, tongue flapping out the side of your mouth and your ears flying in the wind. And napping right next to my little girl. Thank you for protecting her. My sweet doggy. You brought me so much joy.Suzanna HellingerTomball, TexasJune 13, 2018
Tom tom
3/7/2001 - 6/7/2018Tom was a very good Tom cat. He was the boss, but never a mean boy. He was very patient and kind to the other kitties and even dogs that were part of his family. He never tried to bite or scratch anyone. He was great around kids. He loved being petted and his toys. He was even trying to play with his toys up to a few weeks before his passing. We take comfort in the belief he is able to play and run painfree and free from the constant thirst and discomfort that came from years of kidney disease. Run free and play,Tom. Until we meet again.... your family: Poppa, Mommy, Nick, Derek and Cassia along with your sister Crystal and the rest of the pets.Tami & David SmithPasadena, TexasJune 10, 2018
3/2/2005 - 5/30/2018Troy was our buddy and companion for over 13 years. The house is so empty but we know he's no longer in pain.Gwyn RossiManvel, TexasJune 4, 2018