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6/1/2007 - 4/8/2021I had to send the love of my life Henri to meet the lord on Thursday April 8, 2021. We were together through thick and thin for 12 years and he almost made it to 14 years old but his sweet heart gave out on him. He has been the greatest joy in my life and I will miss him more than words can ever express. I know he is at peace with the lord and my mom and dad now ... watching over me and Bella (my second pup). To me he was the greatest dog to ever walk the face of the earth and would not trade one minute I ever had with him. I would do it all over again and again.

Rest In Peace my sweet angel Henri and know that you were loved more than words could ever express.
Gwen GrossmanChicago, IllinoisApril 10, 2021
2/14/2021 - 3/26/20212/14/2007-3/26/2021

Siouxsie, you were the most beautiful, loving and sassy girl in our lives. Anytime we walked through the door you were there to greet us with a smile and lots of tail wagging. At night, you would stay close to mom and dad, and we kept each other warm and cozy. We have the best memories of playing together, snuggling, and feeding time. Even though you were a small girl, you had a mighty bark and a towering personality. I always knew when there was someone outside the door because you would make sure to notify us with your boisterous barks. You enjoyed sitting near us on the couch, and we knew you felt safe when you plopped down on your side for a nap. And this year, car rides became one of your most enjoyable moments as you’d look out the window. When the weather was nice, you’d stick out your head, sniff, and enjoy the fresh air on your face.

Unfortunately, the last seven months became difficult for your little body. You developed a tumor on your parathyroid gland, your calcium levels couldn’t get regulated, and your kidney disease became worse. We did our very best to give you the best care possible. Even though we know you didn’t always feel great, you still managed to put on a smile. Your little body couldn’t fight anymore, but you still found energy to fill our hearts with joy when you brought us a toy. We miss taking care of you. We miss our routines throughout the day. We miss feeding you. We miss whispering sweet words in your ears and telling you how much we love you. We miss your corn chip smell and kissing you on your little sweet neck. We wish we could still rub your warm belly. Most of all, we miss holding you in our arms and looking into your beautiful eyes that looked back with love.

We will always love you and you will be in our hearts forever. Enjoy the heavens and run wild and happily with all your friends.

Love, Mom, Dad and big sister, Cheli
Alex DiazChicago, IllinoisApril 2, 2021
Canelo Ananda Chavez
9/7/2013 - 3/18/2021Ananda, we feel so lucky to have had you in ours lives. You brought us endless joy and love. You will live forever in our hearts.Julia and Alberto Chavez MoylanChicago, IllinoisMarch 20, 2021
Allie Langston (allie R Cat)
2/19/2003 - 3/15/2021We will forever miss you little girl. You were my best friend. I will miss you every moment of every day until we are reunited. Play nice with your brother Nike. Love you foreverTeri LangstonChicago, IllinoisMarch 19, 2021
6/1/2006 - 3/15/2021Charley was the best friend anyone could ask for. You can always count on your family pet for unconditional love. They are always there to talk out your problems and keep you feeling loved. When you can’t trust the truth in any human, you can trust your pet to always be truthful in action not words. There isn’t a deeper love to be found. I had my boy for 14 of his 15 years. I rescued him from Iowa where he was chasing horses around in a farm. He was turned into Heartland shelter and being I was on the waiting list they called me. I asked “how will I get him” and a couple that was working there said they would bring him to Chicago for just gas money. I took Charley without seeing before adoption. I have never regretted my decision. This was one of the hardest devious I had to make to send him over the rainbow bridge. My love is forever for him.❤️Rose BattagliaArlington Hts, IllinoisMarch 16, 2021
8/14/2010 - 12/30/2020You were my rock and my best friend for 10 years. And you saved me in ways that no one ever could. You gave me hope and (in a lot of ways) you gave me purpose. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for all of the snuggles. Thank you for the kisses. Thank you for the long walks and dog park adventures. Thank you for being there when you knew dadda was sick or feeling sad. Thank you for dancing around the house with me just because. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for always meeting me at the door with smiles. But most of all, thank you for your love, Riley. You gave me enough to last a lifetime. Forever in my heart. And forever my baby boy... Rest In Peace my sweet precious Angel. Until we meet again....❤️🐶🐾Benjamin GarciaOak Park, IllinoisMarch 11, 2021
9/11/2002 - 2/19/2021Chevy you were so loved and we miss you a ton. It’s so sad not having you around anymore but we know you are free of pain and enjoying your life over the Rainbow Bridge. We were so blessed to have 18 years and 4 months with you. You were a great hunter and loved bringing me presents which I did not appreciate. You were family to us and I will always have many great memories of you. Until we meet again. Love you Chevy Boy. ♥️😘😺♥️Mary PriolaVilla Park, IllinoisFebruary 22, 2021
10/5/2008 - 1/26/2021It's been 3 weeks since we lost our best friend. We miss, love, and think about you everyday, Jojo. You lived 12 years by our side, literally. You were attached at the hip with us, but we were just as attached to you. You lived through the best days and worst days with us, always keeping us company and helping us push through the hard times. You were so spoiled and everyone knew it. You would get the whole couch to yourself, and the whole bed while leaving us with a tiny corner to curl up in. You got your own plate during dinners and your own blanket and pillows so you could rest afterwards. You were the king of every house you entered. You had such a personality that shone through the way you loved to cuddle, get kisses and hugs, the way you loved to be tucked in, and how you gave kisses and licked away tears. You had the funniest underbite and cutest front teeth that always made us laugh and reminded us how cute you are. You had extremely long eyelashes and popcorn feets and the cutest little ears that reminded us of batman. You were and are a beautiful soul inside and out. You could turn our bad days completely around as soon as we came home to you wagging your tail, bring us toys, constantly pawing at us until we petted you. You made us feel so needed during thunderstorms when we would build you forts in the closet and hold you close to remind you you would always be safe with us.

It will take time for us to adjust to life here without you. We keep looking for you everywhere and not a day goes by that we don't talk about you and how different home feels without you. We look for you on the couch, our beds, the car, we wait to hear the sound of your little claws tapping around the floor, to hear you howl at the passing ambulances, to hear you bark when the doorbell rings...everything here will always remind us of you. But we know that though you are no longer here physically, you live in our hearts.

It is crazy that since you've been gone, it has not stopped snowing. You spent your last day playing in the snow and got to say goodbye in the comfort of your own bed and your home, surrounded by people you loved and who loved you immensely. To know you went peacefully is all we could ask for. You were tucked into a purple blanket and Dr. Tyler told us that purple was the color of royalty, which was so fitting for you. You were our king. You were treated like royalty from the beginning until the very end. The following day, the sky and the sunset were purple and we felt peace knowing that you were now resting. We know that wherever you are, you are chasing pigeons, squirrels, and bunnies, getting cuddles, and continuing to protect and watch over your family who misses you so much. We will always think of you a little extra and miss you even more on snowy days and when we see purple skies.

Thank you for teaching us what true unconditional love is. When the time comes that we meet again, we know that you will be there to greet us with a wagging tail and all the hugs and kisses. We love you more than words can explain and we will miss you for the rest of our lives. Thank you for the wonderful memories and for being the most perfect handsome boy you could be. You will forever be our king, Joe. <3
Mariana FloresChicago, IllinoisFebruary 17, 2021
1/31/2021My baby chose her humans. A dog I got for my dog ended up becoming my baby, and she wouldn’t leave my dads side since he has been in hospice care. She was silly, and goofy, and protective. She was the best dog I ever could have had. She meant so much to me, and became such a lover that she meant so much to people beyond my family. I will miss her more than anything. The tears have not stopped. But she is with her sissy Lillie, and her kitty Westie. I will see them again one day, and I look forward to it.Kara ParilloOak Lawn, IllinoisFebruary 2, 2021
Della Blue
4/12/2010 - 1/29/2021Della was in a class of her own and loved to be the highlight of your conversation if you we talking with other around you. She would lay on her back with all 4 paws in the air. She had an internal alarm clock when it was feeding time. We would get the stare at 4:45, the stand up at 4:55 and then barking and pouting by 5. She was also so happy to see us and greet us wagging her nub, and demanding a cookie because she was a good girl. She will be greatly missed and no doubt think about her on a daily basis. We love you sweet Della Blue! ❤Julie RuizDES PLAINES, IllinoisJanuary 30, 2021
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