Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
2/1/2006 - 5/14/2018Hunter,
You are an amazing doggie! We love you so much. You have brought so much love, laughter and joy into our family. We miss you so much. It's so quiet in the house. I even miss your bark! You were and are truly man's best friend. Can't wait to meet again, and cross the rainbow bridge together. Love you.
Michelle ManningKaty, TexasMay 23, 2018
7/1/1999 - 5/4/2018Oryon was a king in his Castle. From the day we brought him home he made sure we knew who
Ran the house. He is missed and very much loved.
Peronda MorrisNEW CANEY, TexasMay 8, 2018
5/5/2003 - 4/20/201815 years ago, the best fur baby ever chose us to be his home. He crossed over the rainbow bridge on Friday. I know he is running, playing and no longer in pain. He is and will be missed greatly.Joely FabritsisHouston, TexasApril 23, 2018
1/4/2004 - 4/16/2018As my best buddy & park partner you will be dearly missed. The house seems empty and it’s hard not to find you in one of your three beds - as a constant shadow you had to make sure you were always near us . We are so glad we were able to show you one last act of love - a peaceful passing. You will live in our hearts forever. Love you Mister man!Elizabeth BomerHouston, TexasApril 20, 2018
Kieko Scarlott
9/13/2005 - 2/7/2018To Our Beloved Akita, Kieko Scarlott. You have no idea how much your absence has affected our entire household. Your little buddy "Audi" walks around whimpering and sniffing for you. Your daughter Spot has been so confused without the Matriarch of the family and she is trying to figure out her role here now, without you to show the way. You led like a true Queen and you even left this world like a Royal, with dignity and class. Your last act was to fold your paws across one another and bow your head and then you went to your true home, where I know I WILL see you again sweet angel. You gave us almost 13 years of the most amazing adventures and stories anyone could ever hope to have or tell. You were a force to be reckoned with but your Loyalty was never questioned nor did it ever waver. This entire family mourns your passing and many, many tears have fallen these past few weeks over your illness and subsequent passing. You are, and always will be missed, Baby Girl. Thank you for gracing our lives with your Noble Presence. We LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!! <3 <3 <3Cameron CopelandFriendswood, TexasFebruary 9, 2018
12/1/1999 - 11/17/2017Thank you, Sally, for caring for our family for so many years. Such a sweet lady and our mommy dog. I will miss you by my side.Trina HansLeague City, TexasNovember 27, 2017
5/1/2000 - 11/13/2017Scooter was a good boy most of the time, but he was my good buddy all the time.
He was mischievous, fearless & loving with an endless zest for playing.
He had a good life, almost 100 in dog years, I miss him very much.
God will definitely want to recycle this little soul.
Jarrett TarrantMagnolia, TexasNovember 17, 2017
Mac, you were the best dog a girl could ask for. You were gentle and kind to everyone you met. You loved me unconditionally. You were a great teacher to Sam. We went through a lot together in the last 10 years and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. I love you Mac.Evelyn HernandezPasadena, TexasOctober 16, 2017
12/14/2005 - 10/9/2017Maggie didn't know she was a dog ...and neither did we. The smartest dog I've ever known. She was a thief. Maggie stole our heart and I may never get it back.Juda MyersHumble, TexasOctober 11, 2017