Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
2/5/2016Our Ludo came to us one day in a shelter in Tucson, AZ. We went in for a small dog & came out with a big, scared black lab/pit mix. Over his 15 amazing years, Ludo moved across the country with us. He slept in our beds & on the couch. He played with his feline brother Pepper. He loved long walks & chewing up stuffed animals. I can't put into words how much I'm gonna miss him. My house feels so empty without him. My mom & brother & I feel so lost not having him around. Everything just feels so out of balance... But Lap of Love was wonderful. They made a horrible thing, into something bearable. My family wouldn't have been able to do what we did without Dr. Christie & Lap of Love.
My Ludo had a soul too beautiful & too pure to be gone forever.
We all miss him so much...
Sara RoweWheaton, IllinoisFebruary 7, 2016
12/14/2016 - 1/28/2016Lady was and will always be in are hearts forever so many memories.We love you always.Angelo RamosChicago, IllinoisFebruary 1, 2016
Rock Cavnar
5/24/2001 - 1/5/2016After giving 14.5 years of pure love, we are deeply saddened to say that our beloved Rock went to Heaven yesterday, leaving his little sister Shenanigans, his three little human brothers, and two heartbroken parents. Rock, a/k/a Rocketdog, the dog of a million nicknames, hailed from a shelter in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and spent his many days in Ferndale, Chicago, and Evanston, and many a summer in northern Michigan. Those who lived above or below him were well-acquainted with his bone-jarring, off-key accompaniment of all sirens, trains, and other emergency vehicles passing through the area. He enjoyed running in the woods, long-jumping off docks, marching in parades, knocking over trash cans, drinking beer with his dad, as well as the unauthorized use of furniture. In his later years, he cherished cozy nights at home with his family, where he patiently let little boys climb all over him. Godspeed, Rocketdog, you are so loved, you are so missed, and we will see you again one day, dear boy.Sam & Shelby CavnarEvanston, IllinoisJanuary 6, 2016
3/20/2000 - 12/29/2015We added Buddy as a family member when he was 11 weeks old. He was a rescue from Kay's Animal Shelter. He was my "kid with fur". What a sweet boy. My children were 8 and 12 years old when we got Buddy. They grew up together. At age 11 he had to deal with cancer (mast cell tumors) which we surgically removed and he thankfully lived another four years. The cancer returned as a tumor in his mouth at age 15. We had to say goodbye to him this week but he will live in our hearts forever.Brenda DuddyHuntley, IllinoisJanuary 1, 2016
10/1/2003 - 12/11/2015In loving memory of Lyla, our cherished 12 year old shepherd mix, with beautiful golden eyes, who many thought was a black wolf. We enjoyed your wonderful life so much and miss you so. You were a sweet gentile girl that was a great swimmer, companion and like a daughter of ours. Lyla, you gave us so much fun, love and joy, and you will always be remembered. We are forever grateful to you. You were the best dog ever. Rest well, our sweet love.Ronald BrumbachChicago, IllinoisDecember 19, 2015
5/1/1997 - 11/20/2015Thank you for coming to live with me. I am sorry I made the milk to hot for you one night. You were so little.
Thank you for being so nice to Awesome.
Thank you for being a gentleman to PJ, Twister, Lollipop and Mo. I know you missed Awesome and it’s been hard living with Mo.
Thank you for not falling out of the 3rd story window that day you popped the screen out.
Thank you for making me laugh each time you carried the foam insulation around the apartment.
Thank you for making me laugh when I would find your bag of treats in the closet, empty and with a hole chewed in the bottom.
Thank you for making me laugh the day you tried to take the bag of catnip out of my hands by jumping up and grabbing it.
Thank you for chasing cranberries like a maniac and making me laugh.
Thank you for chasing the laser pointer like a maniac and making me laugh.
Thank you for being so cute and for being a good sport about letting me say to you, you are “nothing but a space alien dressed up in a cheap fur coat”. I hope you know you are movie star handsome and were given the middle name of Two Socks because you look like the wolf in the movie Dances with Wolves.
Thank you for letting me watch you jump on the balcony railing to sit and watch birds go by. Thanks for not falling off of the railing the day you stood up on your back legs and nearly caught a bird flying overhead.
Thank you for not trying to jump from the balcony railing on to the roof. I know you were thinking about it.
Thank you for making me laugh as Awesome ran after you and you turned a somersault just as Awesome ran over you. It was great how you would wrap your front legs around him turn the chase into a tumbling match. That was great fun.
Thank you for your unique way of telling me you were hungry by banging your bowl on the floor. It made quite a racket and was effective.
It’s okay that you used to scoot the dishes off of the counter top so they would break on the floor. I didn’t really need those dishes anyway.
It’s okay that you scooted the can of tuna off of the counter top while I was on the floor talking to Awesome. It didn’t hurt my head all that bad, really.
Thanks for having such good table manners and joining me for meals. It was a pleasure sharing my food with you. Also it was a pleasure watching you scoop the foamed milk off of the cappuccinos and lapping it up off of your paw.
Thank you for bringing me a dried leaf one Fall day. Also, I did appreciate the locusts. I am sorry I didn’t display my pleasure all that much.
I want to tell you that you actually did catch every snow flake you went after. But, they melted before you could see them in your paws. You were very graceful in catching them as they fell and I loved watching you.
Thank you for sleeping at my legs and feet for 18 years. You kept my feet warm. Thank you for staying up with me when I had hot flashes at night. I’ll bet you were glad when I finally got some medication for them and we both started getting some sleep again.
It’s okay that you hid with Awesome whenever the raccoons ran across the roof the spring they moved into the attic. The night the iced tree branches blew across the roof you both thought the raccoons were back and took cover. I thought they were back, too. It was nice that you waited by the door for me while I was outside trying to see them.
I know you weren’t crazy about Twister, but he did set an example for you by drinking out of the toilet. A habit you adopted for many years. I was amazed to find you one day sitting on the toilet trying to flush it. You are so smart and I am happy you didn’t have thumbs. I would have had to find a daycare for you if you did.
I had a lot of fun this spring with you Chewie. While Chewy Garcia was running for mayor in Chicago, I loved calling you “The Mayor”. I remember waking up the day after the election and hearing that Rahm Emanuel had defeated Chewy Garcia. I had to break the news to you that you weren’t “The Mayor” after all but you took it in good stride.
I am sorry for all of the times I made you so mad that you were compelled to bite me. I never really understood why you bit me, but it doesn’t matter now. Chewie, I am so sad to say good bye to you. I wish there was something that I could do to bring your health back. There will never be another one like you. I love you and thank you for being you. I hope you were happy here and had a good life. God bless you and keep you Chewie. I love you.
Mary WirthVernon Hills, IllinoisDecember 9, 2015
5/13/2000 - 12/2/2015We miss you deeply, Sasha. Your light and spirit brought us such joy; we will always cherish the memories of you in our hearts. It's hard to fathom you've already crossed that bridge... 15-1/2 years went by in a blink, but the wonderful times we had are measured beyond years and beyond this physical matter reality. they will transcend all time.
We love you, eternally,
your devoted family
Kendra KrollProspect Heights, IllinoisDecember 5, 2015
Mr. Wills
1/1/1999 - 11/18/2015Our hearts are broken but trying to find comfort in the peace and hugs and kisses he was able to receive at home in our arms until the end. He was our beloved baby and trusted companion for 13 of his almost 17 years. His purrsonality was so unique and cool. He won everyone over with his antics and his super silky fur. The memories we have are plentiful, filled with laughter, his wonderful purr, love and adventure.

Willser, may you get endless chin scratches, find plenty of sunny spots, fuzzy sweaters, and piles of salmon, bacon and pancakes on the other side. You will be deeply missed but always remembered. There are not enough tears to cry to heal our hearts. We love you so much big guy, baby boy.
Karin + John TweedieChicago, IllinoisNovember 24, 2015
Lady Sadie
6/24/1997 - 11/3/2015I used to tell Sadie she was my kitty soul mate. I felt such a deep bond with her after all these years. I am so grateful to this sweet little girl for all the happiness and love she gave us unconditionally. The house is quiet now and it's been really difficult to know that I won't see her when I come in the door or see her looking out the windows or find her sleeping in a sunspot, or playing with her catnip stuffed pollack, or on the couch next to me every night. I wish I could relive the last 18 years and love her all over again. I am comforted that she is without pain, and is reunited with her feline family and all my relatives that have gone before who loved all animals. They will keep an eye on Sadie until we meet on the Rainbow Bridge. Dear Sadie, we will love you and miss you forever my sweet little angel. I hope I gave you the good life that you deserved.Judy PotornyBatavia, IllinoisNovember 9, 2015
3/3/2001 - 10/29/2015My beloved JoJo is truly missed he was my constant companion for 14 plus years . I love you I miss you but I know you are in good hands, no more pain.Bernice PerkinsCrestwood, IllinoisNovember 2, 2015