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2/14/2001 - 8/8/2015Nilla was a warm hearted cat with a big personality. Her playful behavior always had her family laughing and smiling. She had a beautiful black coat which included white angle boots, white gloves, a white spot on her lower belly, and a very clean tuxedo trail from her chin down to her chest. In addition, she had long, which white whiskers and eyebrows which made her even more beautiful. From the moment she entered our lives, she provided a light of happiness that would outshine any negativity that the day may have brought forth. Over time, her meows became more like our own language and her head nudges were her ways of showing love and appreciation. A lover of deep tissue back massages, Nilla appreciated the simpler things in life, such as lying down next to her family snuggled up while watching a movie, or simply sharing a seat on the balcony and admiring the high-rise view of Chicago's north side. Her spirit and the memories that she has left us will never be forgotten and no day shall pass in which those special moments with her will not be cherished.

I love you so much my little girl. Thank you for being our best friend, our family, and our rock. You better not be late when I come looking for you in front of the Rainbow Bridge!
Ned RakanovicChicago, IllinoisAugust 11, 2015
4/9/2004 - 7/10/2015Six was more than just the "man" of our family. He was the sweetest, most loving pet you could ever ask for. He sensed when someone did not feel well in the house and he was right there to let you know he was there. He would softly approach you and put his little wet nose on your leg to let you know he wanted your attention about something. Even when his heart became broken, this "little man's" appetite was always GOOD. He enjoyed eating and loved his cooked vegetables. Six considered fresh garden cooked green beans a TREAT. Even though fresh vegetables have always been a part of his and this brothers diet. Six's life pretty much consisted of playing with his frisbee, ball and he loved to chase his "donut shaped ring" through the yard or the house. His brother Buckeye has taken the donut and the red shaped ring and has put both of those specific toys behind the couch where Buckeye likes to go and hide for solice.

Six may appear to be a BIG BOY in the picture, but he only weighed 35 lbs max ever. Six just like his brothers, truly are a part of our family. As having no human children, these "boys" are our "fur babies". We celebrated birthdays by cooking STEAK and CAKE for them. The cupcakes had candles, lit and we sang to them just like we celebrate human birthdays. They even did their howling barks on New Year's Eve celebrations when we break out the tamborine, horns, pot/pans or any other noise making thing. Six enjoyed even the Christmas Tree and all the ornaments & gifts were fully inspected and had his wet nose approval sealed on it. Six knew which gifts were his and his brothers.

Six is LOVED without LIMITS and the EMPTINESS in our HOME without his presence is so HUGE. Yet in our hearts the LOVE and LOYALTY this boy has given us all is beyond what words could ever express.
Wheeling, IllinoisJuly 15, 2015
6/4/2015In treasured memory of Linus, a 12 year old rescue dog with the softest coat and a heart of gold. Linus's mom first saw him when he was up for adoption after being rescued from a hoarder's house. She almost didn't take him home, but luckily something in her told her to take a chance on him. It was truly the best decision of her life! It took a full month for little Linus to settle into his new home and trust his mom, but once he did, he never left her side! Linus's mom calls him her "dog soulmate" and they really were so similar, in some of the things that they had been through and their personalities too. It felt like it was meant to be that they had found each other! Linus was named for his curly coat, soft as a blanket like the one Linus from Peanuts loved to carry around with him. He was such a loving, empathetic dog. He always sensed whenever his mom was going through a tough time and would lick her face to try to make her feel better! Linus was just the most gentle boy, friendly with all he met, including his canine sister Lucy who recently joined the family. He was also blessed with a grandma who loved him dearly.

When Linus suddenly seemed weak and fell earlier in the spring, his doctor had devastating news: Linus likely had cancer that was affecting his body's ability to make red and white blood cells. Linus's mom knew that it wasn't his time quite yet, so set out to make every day as good as possible, so long as he was still enjoying himself. He did amazingly well for about a month but recently did take a turn for the worse. As absolutely devastating as it was to face losing her best friend and constant companion for the past six years, Linus's mom could not watch him suffer and made the brave decision to let him go. He was able to stretch out so comfortably on a cozy rug at home, and with his mom embracing him, gently pass away. Dear Linus, there are no good words to properly convey what you meant to your mom and how very much she loved you. You were one in a million and will never be forgotten. Rest now, sweet boy, until you meet your mom again.

~Dr. Christie
Ashley WasnickSchaumburg, IllinoisJune 5, 2015
1/14/2002 - 4/24/2015In memory of our special, sweet little puppa Roxy. You will be greatly missed, but forever in our hearts. We will see you soon on the rainbow bridge. We love you.Julie WalsenDowners Grove, IllinoisJune 2, 2015
5/1/2015To our dearest, sweetest, kindest Sara. As you came into our lives 11 years ago, you showed so much unconditional love to us without asking too much in return. The way you would greet everyone at the door. The way you would cuddle your head into the palm of our hand as you sleep. The way you played with your brother Twix... and especially how delicate and gentle you were with him when you were not in the mood to play. Your gentle and beautiful soul brought love and a smile to anyone you came across. It has only been a few days but you are already missed by so many. Coming home without you being there has left such a hole in hearts. Yet at the same time it was such a privilege to have had you in our lives. You hold such an irreplaceable special place in all our hearts. We love you so much!Bart PlokitaChicago, IllinoisMay 3, 2015
12/7/2000 - 4/18/2015My dear little boy, I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. For now, just run and hunt and chase rabbits with Annie until we can all be together again. You were the kindest, gentlest little dog I have ever seen and the most stoic. You were amazing, my handsome little guy. I know I will never meet another dog like you. This week, cancer took you from me. Watching you over the last several months, trying to go on as if nothing was wrong until I would look at the horrible large tumors and watched them keep doubling in size, you taught me something about living life to the fullest no matter what. We tried everything to save you but it was not to be. You fought the good fight. I will miss you waiting by the front window for me. You have left a huge hole in my heart. Mattie and I miss you so much. Be at peace. I will love you forever, my little bud.Kathleen HarrisGlenview, IllinoisApril 20, 2015
4/8/1993 - 4/18/2015lunaliscious, lunabean, lunabellaluna, looneytunes, loons, LUNA.

So happy to have shared 22 years of life with you. You are the sweetest creature I have ever known.
Anne DawsonChicago, IllinoisApril 20, 2015
2/12/2005 - 3/18/2015Sometimes in life we meet a person or an animal and there is a connection, a special connection. If a dog could be your soul mate, mine would be Raven. I have loved that girl since we first went to Colorado to get her. Maya Ananda trusted us with that little black and white baby whom I love with all my heart. She was the most adorable puppy ever. She was full of fun and love from the get go. Everyone, and I truly mean everyone who met her wanted to take her home. She was such a loving and funny girl.
God this is hard. I just wanted her to be here forever but we all know they go over that bridge way to soon. A very large piece of my heart has been ripped out tonight and I truly will never be the same. Thank God we had the opportunity to have this sweet and loving girl in our life for 10 years. We love you Raven, aka Ray Ray. Run free baby girl and find your Howie Boy and go play…..Rest in Peace Cold Mtn’s Raven’s Song at Toivo, our Sweat Baby Ray…Thank you Dr Christie from Lap of Love for being there for us and Raven. You made this bad time so much easier.
Don and Roberta ToivolaStreamwood, IllinoisMarch 20, 2015
2/22/2015If great grief equals great love, then you were truly loved beyond all measure, my little Lukie. You and I were inseparable for 13 years. You followed me from room to room all day long - even in the end when standing and walking became difficult for you. I carried you in my arms much of your final days and will carry you in my heart always. You were my little white shadow and the hole you have left in my life is gaping. But I know that with time the pain will lessen and I will be left with the memories of the joy and happiness you brought to my life. And I wouldn't trade that for the world! I will always remember your happy little face and the way your whole body shook as you wagged your tail and threw a party every time I came home. I know you loved me with your whole heart, as I did you. Rest in peace my little man, and know that there was never a dog that was loved more than you. <3Meg DomzalskiArlington Heights, IllinoisFebruary 24, 2015
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