Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
6/4/2017 - 11/25/2020Sweet, sassy baby Jaina. Three years was not enough time with you. Thank you for creating a family with me, your brother, and your sister. We love you and miss you forever and always.Kelli FrostChicago, IllinoisNovember 26, 2020
11/10/2000 - 11/20/2020Our darling Maudie was a faithful companion, friend and member of our family for 20 years. During those 20 years she brought us joy every single day. We love her so much.Natalie McGrealChicago, IllinoisNovember 22, 2020
5/17/2004 - 11/15/2020I didn’t think I would post this, but after telling individuals over the past few days, it is too hard to repeat that I had to say goodbye to Poosha – although she will be forever in my heart. I miss her terribly but I am so grateful to my girl for letting me love her immensely and providing me with so much comfort and pure joy over the years.

It is already hard without her here as my daily alarm clock, my partner in cheering on the Cubs and hoping for more from the Bears, helping me with online shopping and gift wrapping, repurposing boxes and bags, and alerting me of (but not killing) any bugs in the house. Most of all, I’ll be missing her gorgeous face, always ready for a chin scratch and her tiny body cuddling up on my shoulder, lap or butt and just loving me for whatever I could offer her. She was a resilient little girl through the end and should now be at peace knowing she filled my heart with love every day I was blessed with her in my life.
Rolling Meadows, IllinoisNovember 19, 2020
2/18/2007 - 11/9/2020We lost a little piece of our heart on Monday when our Bella crossed the rainbow bridge. For almost 14 years she gave us nothing but love and loyalty. She was so loving and would take every opportunity she could to kiss you and show you how much she loved you. In her senior years even when she lost her hearing and moved slower than she had she would still greet us at the door when we came home, snuggled with us on the couch, and always waited in the kitchen for food to fall! She was such a good girl and we will miss her terribly, our hearts will never be whole.Gina DiGiovanni KirbyElmwood Park, IllinoisNovember 12, 2020
6/23/2006 - 11/7/2020Max was the absolute best dog ever he was always so happy and full of energy.Max DunlapBrookfield, IllinoisNovember 8, 2020
9/25/2008 - 10/30/2020Dear Cheezit,

I'm so proud of you for making it for twelve years. I was lucky enough to spend ten of them with you. You were and always will be the light of my life. You were my motivation when nothing else was. You were a mischievous little guy, breaking the old TV in the basement, chewing up my sister's comforter, jumping up on the couch when you thought no one was looking, but I loved that about you. You had so much personality.
I remember when we first got you and my mom was worried that I'd get bored with you over time, but I only fell more and more in love. I'll never forget your joy when you'd run and binky in the living room, everyday when I came home and you'd put your paws up on the pen to greet me, or whenever I'd share an apple slice with you and you'd crawl all over me till I let you have another bite.
It was so hard when you started to decline, but I loved you and still love you all the same. I know you're with Tiger now. I hope he's giving you lots of kisses, even though you never exactly liked when he did that.

I love you, Mr. Bun
Rachel ChapmanChicago, IllinoisNovember 2, 2020
9/24/2004 - 10/29/2020I miss you Bob. You were such a good dog. You were always there to keep me company. Now you can be with Tony and take care of each other. Rest in Peace Bob. 💙Marian CookChicago, IllinoisOctober 31, 2020
8/27/2005 - 10/21/2020Oh my sweet baby girl Hazel! How you will be greatly missed! The joy and love you brought into my life was unmatched with anything I’ve ever known. Your spirit was so sweet and gentle. The adorable way you would greet me will be sorely missed. You lit up my world and I’m so broken hearted you’re gone. I’m so grateful God He blessed me with you. I look forward to seeing you again someday my sweet Hazel pumpkin.Mandy ThomasChicago, IllinoisOctober 22, 2020
3/1/2002 - 9/26/2020Lolly was the joy in my day and the love of my heart. She was My Girl. My beautiful, strong little puffball. So grumpy yet so sweet, gentle and timid.
Last weekend she passed peacefully in our arms in the comfort of our home. We are devastated she’s gone but relieved she isn’t struggling anymore.

So many things I’m going to miss about our girl - giving you scratches every morning while you drink from your fountain. Finding you tucked inside the bottom kitchen cabinet. Watching you hop like a bunny down the stairs. Enjoying the sun with you on our back porch every morning. Your big round pretty blue eyes staring up at me. And kissing the top of your soft, perfectly round little cheeseburger-shaped head.

You had a tough year but held on long enough to help us get through losing Mush. I’m so grateful I got to be your momma for so many years. You made all of us laugh every day and filled our days with so much happiness. Our lives will never be the same without you Lolly girl, we’ll miss and love you forever.

Purr in peace my sweet girl. 💛
Colleen FloodChicago, IllinoisOctober 10, 2020
6/29/2008 - 9/24/ were an awesome dog and a beloved family member. You will forever be in our hearts and thoughts. I dreamed about you a couple nights ago...and it brought me so much peace. You were running around like the young Lux that I will always remember...full of life. You were with my first dog and your first playmate, Misty. It’s hard not hearing the pitter patter of your feet on the hardwood’s hard not waking up to let you out in the’s hard to not see your excitement when we come home and you waiting on us at the door, wagging your’s hard not hearing you chase the kids around the house and hearing their playful’s hard not seeing you lay on my side of the bed before I go to sleep and make noise all’s hard not having anyone to give a few leftovers to who will also take it’s hard not having you to lay around with and’s hard not seeing you by my side of the closet in the’s hard not seeing you on the stairs and tripping over you in the dark... But what’s not no longer seeing you in pain. It killed me to see you like that the last month. I’m at peace knowing you are back to being full of life! I love you buddy. No dog will ever take your place. You will always be my first baby and hold a special place in my heart. Keep protecting us from doggy heaven.

Love always ❤️
A. JacksonChicago, IllinoisOctober 2, 2020