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Boo Sandifer
7/12/2019 - 3/22/2019Thanks for 11 wonderful years. We miss you.Jim SandiferBaton Rouge, LouisianaMarch 24, 2019
Clowey Paige
5/3/2000 - 3/13/2018To say that Clowey had a big personality is an understatement! She was so sweet and would bring joy to everyone she met. Some of her favorite things were wearing her pearls, napping, playing with her babies, treats, sunning herself, going for car rides (especially to Gram's house), snoring, eating (especially anything that was cheese flavored), and blankets. She also enjoyed dressing up and handing out Halloween candy to trick or treaters. She was not just a pet, she was our baby and very best friend. She will always hold a special place in our hearts and is missed dearly. God truly blessed us when he chose us to be her parents. Rest in peace sweet Clowteal and know that you were loved unconditionally. <3 CPWRLindsay & Ryan RivettBaton Rouge, LouisianaMarch 13, 2019
Sammie Girl And Shadow
09/09/2006 - 10/22/2018Lady Samantha La Mocha Rayburn
aka Sammie Girl, Lu Lu, Lammer, Love Dog
Shadow Rayburn
aka Cousin Dog, Black Dog, My Buddy

Shadow (black lab mix) was born 06/04/2006.
When I arrived at the breeder's home, she ran to me, messed up tail and all. I then found out that she was the only one left and no one wanted her. Throughout her life, she had the best disposition. Even though my neighbor ran over her and she had to have hip surgery, was bitten by a snake and sliced open by a piece of metal as she was trying to go through a fence, she was a thoroughbred through and through. She loved playing yellow ball and swimming in the pond. She also loved to ride in the golf cart. She had a growth in her throat, we had it removed and it grew back. Her airway was the size of a dime and her breathing was taxing on her body. Shadow loved to swim in the pond too.

Dr. Carly with Lap of Love was amazing. I'll never forget the time and care she gave us, Sammie Girl and Shadow. I appreciated her checking them out prior to their passing by validating that we were doing the right thing. She saw that Shadow could not go on any longer in pain. His hips were deteriorated and it was painful for him to move around. Sometimes he would just lay there and not eat. Sammie Girl's growth in her throat had expanded upward behind her eye. The pressure on her eye had to be so painful. It was with all of these situations that Shawn and I were forced to make two of the hardest decisions ever.

We decided to send them to doggie heaven where they would no longer be in pain. We miss them so much. I would have to say that Sammie Girl and Shadow loved each other probably as much as we loved them.
Shawn and Melissa RayburnDenham Springs, LouisianaDecember 18, 2018
7/4/2005 - 10/28/2018Today we said goodbye to our loyal pup VooDoo. I remember well the day we brought you home from the shelter. We could not have picked a more loyal protector for our family. Of course, you were the alpha ~ our boat riding, fishing loving, smoking meat on lazy day companion. Many tears shed today, but I know you are in a better place, in no pain and surrounded by big bones in Heaven.

Our family would like to thank Dr. Carly for comforting us during this time. Its never easy, but she has been a blessing!

All Our Love ~ Dad, Mom, Chelsea, Hayden, Brandon, Jinxy, and Brisket (a/k/a TanMan) will miss you! RIP Voodoo 2005-2018
Brian & Nicole NobleSaint Amant, LouisianaOctober 31, 2018
11/26/ beloved companion for 11 1/2 years. I miss you every day and my heart truly aches for you. You have been with me for some of the worst moments in my life but have brought me much more joy.
You truly loved me and your daddy unconditionally. I miss your cute smushed face and even the snoring! You are in our hearts forever and I will see you again.
Tricia GorsichBaton rouge, LouisianaApril 30, 2018
10/1/1999 - 3/28/2018I miss you so much but I know that all cats and dogs go to heaven so I'll see you there.Natalie StiltnerBaton Rouge, LouisianaMarch 29, 2018
10/3/2007 - 3/4/2018Griffin was an amazing dog! He was smart and disciplined, always well behaved, and loved the ladies! He also loved the beach, playing in the rain, tugowar, bones, squeaky toys, and belly rubs! However, he had a very important job to do. Griffin was a service dog, my service dog and best friend. Veterans who serve together are bonded in a way that only a few can understand. Griffin understood. He knew the values of loyalty, duty, respect, selflessness, honor, integrity, and courage. I wonder if he learned those things from the people around him, or if they were always built in to him. He never dropped his head and cowered, he wasn't afraid anything! Now he runs the beaches of eternity barking at the infinite ocean of stars.Chris ABaton Rouge, LouisianaMarch 6, 2018
Chloe Sue
7/5/2002 - 2/20/2018Chloe Sue, you were our best friend for 15 1/2 years. When we rescued you from the pound, we were 5 years old and 2 years old. You were just 2 months old. We went through a lot together. You were the sweetest and most loving dog we could have ever asked for. You were energetic , yet lazy, never failing to bring laughter to our lives and smiles to our faces. We will never forget your ability to scale the fence in a single bound, nor the way you would jump and bounce around the backyard like a gazelle to chase the lightning and thunder. You were gentle and loving to all of us, especially Sadie Mae and Jake. And let's not forget how you took Bear in. He will miss you terribly!!! You will hold a special place in our hearts always. As difficult as it was to say good-bye, we know you are in pain no more, and reunited with Jake, Sadie Mae, and Grandpa.
We love you Chloe Sue, and we will meet you again at the bridge one day.
Your sisters,
Meghan and Hannah Luker, with Mom, Dad and Bear
Angie LukerBaton Rouge, LouisianaFebruary 25, 2018
Miss Boo
8/6/1997 - 2/6/2018Miss Boo was a tiny 5 day old kitten thrown out with someone's trash. We brought her in and gave her a good home full of love and LOTS of attention! Miss Boo was a little spit fire who at the same time could be loving and gentle. She was obviously a runt having a bobbed tail and only 3 toes on her back left paw. She watched the house on days I would be gone. The queen of the castle as she would sit on her velvet covered bed complete with a heating pad!
Almost 21 years later we had to say goodbye to my precious love who always would give "love bites" in return.
Thank you for taking care of me all these years and filling the void of loneliness when I needed it most.
We Love you Miss Boo.
Albert Nolanbaton rouge, LouisianaFebruary 7, 2018
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