Pet Memorials
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7/25/2003Gus was my best friend, my everything, for 15+ years. He was my loyal companion, my shadow, and my adventure partner for so long that it is a struggle to learn how to deal with this new life without him. There is simply a hole in my heart that may get smaller as time goes on, but will never fully heal.

While the sadness of the current moment is crushing, it can not come even close to outweighing all the wonderful, happy memories I have of Gus. I wanted a dog for so, so long that the life pictured in my head seemed unattainable - but Gus surpassed every expectation. We did everything together. And I am so, so proud of the life I gave this little shelter dog from New Orleans. He truly made me a better human being, and I hope he understood what an impact he had on my life and how much I loved him.

Gus was so much more than a dog, he was my family. Kenny, Cannon, Tilly, Izzy and I will miss his physical form immensely, but his memories and spirit will absolutely live on forever.

Gus - I hope you’re running around and tearing apart a million stuffed animals and eating all the ice cream cones up there - and remember that I love you more than you could ever imagine, my little legend 🐕 ❤️
Jen, Ken, Cannon, Tilly, and Izzy penswickBoston, MA, MassachusettsNovember 18, 2020
12/13/2017 - 11/16/2020Gus was our beloved Frenchie who was our baby before we had our daughter and we will miss him sorely. He passed at a young age due to unfortunate circumstances but his short live was well lived. He loved to play ball, go for walks, take baths, and follow his little sister wherever she went to keep an eye on her! At night his favorite thing to do was cuddle up in bed with us and enjoy a treat. The house is quiet and lonely without his vivacious personality. He will be missed by so many but most by his loving parents. We love you gus gus, rest in peace our sweet boy.Charlene & Anthony OReillyQuincy, MassachusettsNovember 18, 2020
9/1/2004 - 10/30/2020Frisky, you gave us your unconditional love for 16 years. We will love you with all the same passion forever. There really are no words to express how much we miss you. How much pain is in our hearts. You were the daughter we never had. We will never forget your gentle, loving personality. The pain of losing you is so intense. We miss your greeting every time we walk in the house. I am so happy that I got to hold you in your final moments and that you could hear Dad and I give our love to you. You were home and surrounded by people who love you.Dolores LATTANZIEVERETT, MassachusettsNovember 6, 2020
1/5/2006 - 10/31/2020To our sweet baby girl Rosey,

From the day that we met you, you made our lives so much brighter. There were no dull days with your happy self by our sides. God gave us the beautiful gift of holding you close in our arms for an amazing 13 and a half years. From playing hide and seek, to running outside, to cuddling whenever anyone sat down- you made life beautiful. Rosey Posie Dosey, our baby girl, you will remain forever in our hearts. We will meet again, and we will give you as many hamster treats as your big heart desires. We miss you, Rosey. We love you more than anything.


Your family
Stacy InnocentiStoneham, MassachusettsNovember 2, 2020
9/9/2006 - 10/23/2020Words cannot express how we feel with the loss of our Amber. Amber was our princess. She gave us unconditional love. Our home is empty without her love and cuddles. Our sweet Amber, you will forever be in our hearts. May you rest in peace and run the fields of heaven to your hearts content. Love you always!Betsy GonzalezNorfolk, MassachusettsOctober 27, 2020
4/30/2005 - 10/16/2020A quiet, petite, diva kitty with a gentle soul and a love looking out the windows, and cuddling with her human mama...and if mama was sleeping her human dad, mostly when her brother and sister were sleeping...the ultimate early morning and late night companion...16 years still didnt seem long enough...Samantha McCarthyWilmington, MassachusettsOctober 19, 2020
2/4/2006 - 9/21/2020In loving memory of Randy - the best pet and friend ever!Dot DobsonPlainville, MassachusettsOctober 13, 2020
12/11/2010 - 9/26/2020Ernie was such a gentle big goof. His bounding greeting with whatever stuffed toys he could fit in his mouth greeted me everyday I came threw the door. When he he would lay on the floor on his back and do his impersonation of a seal I would just laugh. He was a big brother to his sister Bella his little buddy. The two were always together. Big Ern loved to lay on the back porch or the sand in the back yard better known as Ernie's beach and soak up the sun. Always patient he seldom barked at his older brother Roscoe even when Roscoe was being a jerk. Ernie helped me deal with some monumental events in my life. Being a Veteran with PTSD him along with the rest of the pack would stay with me while I would be having an issue. He was my friend and I truly miss him. Every night when I lay down to sleep I reach to the spot where he should be and my heart sinks. I miss you and love you eternally my big goof.mark micalizziwilmington, MassachusettsOctober 1, 2020
9/24/2002 - 6/10/2020Today would have been Monty’s 18th birthday. His sister Julia is here to celebrate but she misses her brother as we do. She looked for Monty in all his usual places for a couple of months after he was gone. She was not herself because she must have been grieving too. The two of them were together all their lives, eating together, wrestling, grooming each other, often sleeping together, and the occasional scuffle when Julia had had enough. I didn’t know that Julia was deaf until after Monty was gone. I didn’t realize it because I think that he was acting as her hearing aid. She would watch him and follow whatever he did. We were a family, Monty, Julia, Jack, and me. Now we have a hole in our family that we will never be able to fill. I hope someday I can think about Monty and smile and laugh about his many antics instead of feeling the deep sadness and heartache that I still feel every time I think about him. I think it’s because he had such a big personality. He was sweet and so loving and had a touch of goofiness that made us all laugh. I am rooting for an afterlife where we can meet again.Diane WalshBoston, MassachusettsSeptember 24, 2020
4/13/2004 - 8/19/2020Napoleon, born the runt of the litter, came into our lives on June 21, 2004, weighing in at a mighty 1/2 lb. We knew nothing of his personality when we named him…but he’s fully lived up to it in the best of ways.

He’s conquered every home we’ve lived in over the years; a fierce fighter and lover for sure. We have loved him and all of his eccentricities for over 16 years.

We put him to rest on Wednesday, August 19, so he will no longer need to worry about protecting us. We miss him dearly.
Darin BondBoston, MassachusettsAugust 27, 2020