Pet Memorials
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4/24/2006 - 6/23/2020Deacon. My old man. My best friend. His reign as Mayor of Olympic Village Drive ended after 14 years. He was the biggest ray of sunshine in the McManus family. Obedient to only Donna. Leash laws did not apply to him. He walked with whoever he wanted and scoped out neighbors houses on the reg. Leader of all school parades. Expert chipmunk hunter. Dressed up for every holiday. There for every life event. Still played with the same toys he got when he was a puppy. He was truly one of a kind. Forever our good boy. Love you always, RIP<3 🐶🤍🐾❣️Shauna HansenMethuen, MassachusettsJune 24, 2020
7/9/2003 - 6/16/2020Our beloved Nico was put to rest on 06/16/2020 just 3 weeks shy of his 17th birthday . Nico passed surrounded by his family even thought our hearts are so heartbroken we knew it was time for Nico to rest peacefully. We will never forget that day our baby crossed over to the rainbow bridge. Dr Jeff was very professional and answered all our questions we had and made sure every step of the way to ask if he should continue or if we had any questions for him . Today we received our Nico back home they did a beautiful job with his memorial box and cremation and we received a very touching letter from Dr Jeff expressing his sincere and heartfelt condolences which was extremely touching to our family during this difficult time .Jamie LightbodyWinthrop, MassachusettsJune 24, 2020
Cookie Boy
10/23/2005 - 6/17/2020Cherished, loyal and loving companion to his family and many friends. Our lives are better for you having touched us.
The Cookie Boy, AKA, Misha, AKA Scheriburm's Top Cat of Mouse Island
Diane VacarraFramingham, MassachusettsJune 20, 2020
1/30/1995 - 6/10/2020Thank you Dr. Sally and Lap of Love. Cookie had a wonderful 15 years of life and gave us all her love and devotion. Dr. Sally made her passing peaceful and beautiful. We thank you so much that she could be surrounded by her family that loved her so much. We miss you sweet girl and will love you forever. Until we meet again. Run free baby girl. xoxoAndrea DudekMalden, MassachusettsJune 11, 2020
3/4/2020 - 3/31/2020Cheryl-You were and still are so loved. Cancer may have stolen you from us but we will always love you and never forget you.Liz PouletteBoston, MassachusettsJune 11, 2020
9/1/2009 - 6/1/2020You came into my life when you were 6 months old from a challenging start. You were my best friend and it was you and me against the world for so long my little bug. You were always so happy and played like a pup until your end. Even on your last day we celebrated life to the fullest, though walking was so hard. We took our last walk together and then sat in the sunlight for a long time. We played chase even though your legs would no longer support you and we took a long nap. I knew it was time for you to go but letting go as hard to do.

I could not have asked for a better ending for your life, you were at home laying on your bed surrounded by your favorite toys and not afraid nor alone. Although I could not go with you on your final journey you will live forever in my heart.
Jacqueline PeelerChelsea, MassachusettsJune 2, 2020
9/23/2005 - 5/7/2020Blue was peacefully laid to rest on May 8th 2020 surrounded by his loving family. He was the most amazing and loving family member. He lived a long happy life of almost 15 years and will truly be missed.SHANNYN CIVIELLOQuincy, MassachusettsMay 8, 2020
4/28/2008 - 4/25/2020May you Rest In Peace and comfort, sweet Joe and get to enjoy your buddy, Shazam’s energy again! ❤️
We love you and miss you! 💕
Heather Meeker GreenMedford, MassachusettsApril 26, 2020
Sophia Serenity
12/7/2009 - 3/23/2020My sweet Sophia,
It has been one week since we had to let you go. I can't even explain the heartache that I am feeling. I miss you so much my sweet little girl.!! There is a huge void in our family. I am grateful that you are no longer struggling to breathe and you have been reunited with Papa and your big brother Olly, but it is going to take Mama awhile to heal through this one. When I have had to grieve in the past you have always been here to lick my tears and give me your special hugs. Mama is having a really hard time without her best friend by her side right now. I am so grateful for the years we had together and all the memories that we made over the years. We were so Blessed to have you in our lives!! I will Love you Forever and Ever and Always my favorite little girl!! You will remain in my heart forever. I will not say goodbye only until we meet again. Eventually I will let another dog in to my heart to honor our love Sophie, but no one will ever replace you in my heart. Please meet me in the light when I get there my girl and I will give you the biggest hug ever!! XOXO
Christine MurrayWeymouth, MassachusettsMarch 31, 2020
8/5/2007 - 3/22/2020My favorite memory of my boy is always when the sun was shining and he was running happily, sometimes towards me, in a park. Hair flying, tongue flopping, all 6 lbs of him bouncing across in joy. His life was joy, he was pure love and joy. I will miss him every day.

Kingston Nick names: Jamaica, Baby, King Kong, Little Foot, Happy Feet.

Kingston liked: Feta cheese, hiking, any person at all, his sister, his brother, his papa, his mema, FROGS, twirling, snow (for about the first week), taking pictures, chatting sociably, running under your foot when you were cooking, babies, cutting his own nails, following his sister wherever she went, asking his dad for chest rubs, his best friend long deceased Peppy, and being on watch in the window on top of the couch.

Kingston hated: Vets, cats.
Audrianna OliveiraMalden, MassachusettsMarch 29, 2020