Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
12/5/2004 - 6/18/2018We will always remember your sweet face Murph. We love you. Evan, Nate, Mom and DadJennifer MahoneyWoburn, MassachusettsJune 19, 2018
1/1/2003 - 6/7/2018In memory of my sweet, gentle giant, Chubs. I'm going to miss you being my shadow and always being where ever I was. I would say, "Chubs, you're up my butt again!". I'm going to miss your sweet smile, because you had the best smile. I'll miss the way you use to walk around with my shoes in your mouth and then hide them on me. They were usually my Coach ones, you had good taste. I'm going to miss seeing you chase squirrels around the yard, miss seeing you playing with your toys and coming home to stuffed animal stuffing everywhere, it would look like a crime scene. You loved your treats and always knew when I was going to make Jimmy's lunch, you'd be right by the fridge because you knew I would sneak you a piece of ham. I'm going to miss singing your song I made up for you because I always thought you were part bear. Frankie and I would joke and say at 15 you weren't old, you were ancient in dog years and that you would live forever. But it caught up to us and became too much for you. It was time for you to have sweet peace even though I wanted to keep you forever. We are all so lonely without you, the house is too quiet. Your kitty buddy Lucy is missing you as well. Run and chase those squirrels my bear, no more pain for you.Tracy KellyLowell, MassachusettsJune 11, 2018
6/16/2007 - 4/20/2018It has taken me three weeks to be able to put my thoughts down without crying about our beloved dog Daisy, who had to be euthanized two weeks after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, it happened so fast. Daisy was our family, she went every where with us, work, vacations she was always by our side. She was the most gentle, sweet, loving dog who was PURE JOY!! We swear she was part human! We miss her terribly and still are in shock that she is no longer with us. I want to thank Dr. Sally Lynch the hospice vet who came to our house, SHE was our and Daisy's Angel on April 20th 2018. We thought we had one more day with Daisy, but things took a turn for the worse and we had to call Dr. Sally in an emergency to come a night earlier. We were a mess, Dr. Sally was the most caring, kind, compassionate, loving person we have ever met. She talked us through everything in such a loving manner. Daisy had the most peaceful transition that our family will always be so thankful for. Dr. Sally treated Daisy with such dignity. We will always consider our loving Daisy as our guardian Angel, till we see her again! Dr. Sally you will forever have a place in our hearts! God Bless. Karen & John AndersonKaren AndersonMarshfield, MassachusettsMay 15, 2018
10/31/2001 - 5/6/2018We love you! We are doing all this because we love YOU! You are our dearest lil kitty.Karen NewmanMalden, MassachusettsMay 7, 2018
1/1/1998 - 5/3/2018Gordy was a quite, gentle and loving cat. She loved to play after a nice and long nap. She was loved deeply and are missed dearly by her family. Gordy will be remembered forever.Pisha ChenLexington, MassachusettsMay 5, 2018
We wont say goodbye because we know we will see you again. Our hearts are heavy. Your sister, Stella misses you very much. My best life choices have been only a few i good choices and one was you. I will never forget your face the first day we saw you and mama Liz holding you and saying she heals i can feel it. We took you in small and weak. You slowly met your tribe. You were the beauty queen of the cat tree and our angel. Today we both thought we heard your meow. We also recalled you didnt
Cry much. I remember playing bubbles with you. Your were so pretty and you played paw games with mama. Our hearts are full because you helped us be filled with love. We are sorry you had to go so young. Cancer is cruel . Hard choices but with strong belief we know you are already with us again . Go find Toby and Tony and Bud and Chandler they will
Guide you and love you. Until we meet again Sage .... we love you to the moon and back.
Sarah and Liz FitzpatrickBoston, MassachusettsMay 2, 2018
Alastor “bubba” konetchy
7/9/2009 - 4/23/2018From the moment I met Alastor, I knew he was special. There was an instant connection. He was a truly unique and amazing cat: very smart, strong-willed, independent yet affectionate, a warrior, a hunter, and an avid cuddler. I am truly honored that I was lucky enough to have him for his last 3 years. When I adopted him from the shelter, I was told he was abused and thus petrified of people so wouldn’t let anyone touch him, but he came out of his hiding spot for me and allowed me to pet him. In a manner of speaking, we chose each other. He loved belly rubs and would literally flop over on my lap when he wanted them. It was simply adorable. Having him in my house was such a gift.
Although he’s no longer here in body, he will always be in my heart.
Jaimie KonetchyBridgewater, MassachusettsApril 25, 2018
2/15/2018My little Sophie came in as a stray and was with me for 18 years. She never bonded with any of my other cats but only bonded with me. I was her mom and really the only person who she would allow to pet her. I hope I see her in Heaven, along with my recently passed Sweetie Boy and my beloved Tommy, who passed in 2010.

I have only two pictures where Sophie hung out with my other cats. A rarity. This picture was taken just a few weeks before I lost her and Sweetie Boy. Coco, is the all black cat. She now stands alone. I will do my best to keep her company always when I am home. I have recently purchased a "Joy for All" companion robot kitty. I am hoping this little cat will be able to keep her company.
Jean Ricciutiquincy, MassachusettsMarch 28, 2018
Sweetie Boy
3/26/2018My heart is broken over the loss of my dear Sweeite Boy. Life is changed. I do hope we are reunited in heaven.Jean RicciutiQuincy, MassachusettsMarch 28, 2018
4/16/2003 - 2/25/2018In loving memory or our beloved dog Wallace ("Wally"). The fear of loving a dog is knowing one day they will be gone. We have dreaded this very moment the day we brought you home. From that first day, you lit up our world. Now as we sit here with tears rolling down our faces staring at your water bowl that is still full, your bed that is now empty, and your favorite toy laying in the middle of the hallway, we cannot help but smile thinking of all the incredible memories you have given our family the last 15 years. You have brightened our lives in ways you will never know. You have truly showed us what the meaning of unconditional love is and we thank you for the bottom of our hearts. You never judged, and always loved. You were, are, and always will be part of our family. We will miss you dearly and your legend will live on. Hope you're having fun chasing the birds up there bud. Until we meet again, farewell old grump.Chrissy CarrSouth Boston, MassachusettsMarch 5, 2018