Pet Memorials
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Samantha Dacey
11/4/2019 - 9/11/2019Sammy was a sweet black lab ..who loved everyone..she was smart and loved her stuffed animals. She would lick them forever..she was a gentle girl who loved walks and snuggling on the couch in the morning and nite. GREEETED me every day when I got home..cheese was her favorite treat.Loved when company came to visit ..would lick them and bring a toy to share. My heart is so broken now that s gone over the bridge. Miss her more than I ever could have imagined..glad we have great memories. I know we ll meet again someday. Love youRoxanna DaceyRAYNHAM, MassachusettsSeptember 14, 2019
9/9/2019Jady, the sweetest dog 🐕 I have ever known, she would always have her tail wagging for a friend and even a new friend through everything she had been through before she came to live with us, she never gave up on the love of people! A total loyal, loving dog 🐕, she would dance if you were away for even an hour as soon as you walked through the door because she was just so happy to see you again ❤️. She was an old soul, at her passing she was 16 years old and although she had arthritis she still fought through the pain to do whatever it took to always be a part of whatever it was you were doing 😢. And Max, when he was brought into the house, Jady took to him and him to her, they finally had each other as well 😊❤️. All I can say is how much I LOVED her, and how deeply she is missed, Max is missing her as well, he’s walking around to all her spots, checking for her 😥😥. I’m just lucky enough to have had her in my life as long as I did, rather than never have had her at all. She brought us all so much happiness and love 💗❤️💕 I wouldn’t ever change that for anything in the whole world. RIP JADY 🎈🎈❤️💕🐾🙏🐕
Cross your rainbow 🌈 bridge sweetheart 💋
Kt BootsE.Bridgewater, MassachusettsSeptember 10, 2019
8/1/2004 - 8/28/2019Rayna was a rescue who ended up rescuing us. She was a true companion during her many wonderful years with us. She is so missed. She helped to raise 10 grandchildren in her life. Her love for them was boundless. She will be so missed by all of us.Gail InferrereWayland, MassachusettsSeptember 9, 2019
7/4/2003 - 6/13/2019Gus was almost eleven years of age when he joined our family five years ago, one month after the death of our wonderful Spud. Gus had already lost his sight and his hearing, but was athletic, full of life, and very open to love and friendship. He was admired by all on his daily walks, and was a special favorite of small children. We are very sad to lose him and will miss him always. Gus was ready to move on, and we are very grateful for the time we had with this wonderful boy.Mary Ann and Jim WoodsMedfield was, MassachusettsJune 15, 2019
Mister Butter
7/4/2007 - 5/9/2019He was so sweet and so loving. I'm so very lucky to have known such a precious being and experience that kind of love. I will love you always my baby boy and miss you Mister butterJames FoleyHyde Park, MassachusettsMay 10, 2019
2/19/2000Stripes, you were so sweet and loving and I loved you more than life itself. Writing this is making me cry. You were everything to me. I will miss having you sleeping next to me, and greeting me when I come home. I will miss you snuggled up on the couch next to me purring. I miss you terribly and I hope you are running around in kitty heaven with your two brothers. I hope I get to see you again one day. I love you so much my precious baby girl . Love , Mommy❤️Jean MaclayMilton, MassachusettsApril 30, 2019
9/30/2006 - 4/18/2019Cinnie was the sweetest, kindest and most loving girl! Cinnie enjoyed spending most of her time in the kitchen waiting for scraps to fall on the ground. She would always greet someone when they walked in with her tail going and a kiss if you were lucky! She loved slim Jims, cheese burgers, belly rubs, the birthday song, BACON, CHEESE and most of all her people. Cinnie thank you for being the best girl the last 13 years we will forever miss our yellow dog, this house will never be the same!Michele MacNeilRoslindale, MassachusettsApril 19, 2019
9/9/2010 - 4/12/2019Today I feel broken! It is with a very Heavy heart that I had to say good bye to my best friend Ruby Arsenault. Coping with this loss is overwhelming my heart. How lucky am I to have something that makes saying good bye so hard. Euthanasia was my last gift to you. I am sorry my friend. I am grieving you so terribly. I will miss you so deeply.
I love you my baby girl.
Rest easy
Katrina & Heather ArsenaultHaverhill, MassachusettsApril 16, 2019
9/6/2003 - 4/6/2019I am so, so sorry Joobie. I never intended to hurt you. I saw your suffering for a long time. I saw how hard it was to sit. I saw how you hugged the cold ceramic tile in the bathroom, even though you were shivering, you wanted the pain to stop. I saw your desperate, unyielding thirst. I heard your cries at night. I saw your fear. This is what brought me to this place. And still, I am so sorry. I didn't want to watch you suffer, I didn't want to keep you going with daily needles and medication, when you hated it. I didn't want to make you hate me. I just wanted to help, and the help I was giving you was hurting you. I am so sorry for this. I know you are a little fighter, and you might be angry with me for what I've done - but I want you to know that I didn't do it for me. I wanted you to pass with your family by your side. I wanted you to go in a sleep like state. I wanted to be there for you. I didn't want you to be alone. And I want to thank you Joobie bear. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me, for everything you have shown me. You were a light in my dark world, you showed me how to love and how to be loved. You made me laugh a lot. You never let me feel alone. You have a heart of gold, and you loved better than anyone I've ever known. I will never forget that. I will never forget you. I left food out for you in our kitchen, and water bottle caps that you like at Dad's and my apartment. There are roses there for you. You are SO loved. You are my guardian angel and I am forever grateful to you, I love you so very much.Taylor CramptonNewton, MassachusettsApril 8, 2019
7/7/2009 - 3/31/2019In loving memory of my dear Buster! My true companion.
Buster was a loving, energetic, charismatic true fellow! He always had a big smile on his face greeting people at the door, waiting for a treat, and most amazingly his amazing love for family and friends.
He will be missed forever!
Thank-you for the wonderful years you shared with us.
We only know you had a wonderful life and hope you enjoy the Rainbow with your furry friends in Heaven!
We will always think of you and will remember you in our hearts for each Rainbow and each sunset we see.
Carmen LopezRevere, MassachusettsApril 2, 2019