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10/25/2019Percy was a big guy, and super affectionate. Super loud purr. Loved to snuggle and sleep cuddled up with us at night.
When I moved to Ithaca for 2 years Percy and our other 2 cats went with me. We lived near the woods and we had mouse intruders! The other two cats were clueless. Percy was the only one of the three who knew what to do. He was a master mouse catcher, and would trap them long enough that I could grab the mouse by it's tail and throw it back out in the woods.
Although Percy was an indoor cat, he loved watching wildlife from inside. The middle photo here is of him on "chipmunk patrol" overlooking our deck in Ithaca.
Percy had diabetes for 8 years, and I gave him insulin shots twice a day. He quickly learned that the shots made him feel better, and would remind me it was time to administer if I forgot. He always took his shots like a champ.
He was such a good kitty. He remained a trooper until the end when he was sick with mouth cancer.
We love you Perc.
Terri BRobbinsville, New JerseyOctober 30, 2019
5/23/2013 - 9/11/2019Oliver was an amazing American Bulldog that we were lucky enough to have for 5 1/2 years. There was never a dull moment with him and he kept us on our toes everyday. He was a very loving and protective dog. We miss him terribly everyday.Caroline MuhindiHightstown, New JerseySeptember 29, 2019
Nika "Poo Poo"
3/17/2004 - 9/8/2019I picked you out of a litter, you were the runt. You have brought us so much love for over fifteen years. I would walk you on your leash so you can go out side . You had a voice & loved to use it whenever you wanted something, especially snacks. Nika had a very special relationship with her dad Michael. She would wait for him to come home from work & not leave him alone. She loved laying on him. She us greatly missed and we are heartbroken. Laps of Love , Shannon, has made a very difficult decision alot easier. Now you are no longer in pain.Renea ROSTASLawrenceville, New JerseySeptember 18, 2019
11/4/2003 - 9/4/2019Kramer was a very large presence in our home and he is sadly missed by me, my husband and his brother from another mother, Jameson. He entered our lives over 15 years ago and has been a loyal friend ever since. For the past two years every moment of every day was dedicated to his comfort and quality of life. We will miss him terribly and will never forget him.Gabbie KalraRobbinsville, New JerseySeptember 10, 2019
11/21/2011 - 8/11/2019My sweet Lily - my beautiful grey girl! Thank you for your devotion and patience. You always waited for me to get done whatever I was doing so we could do snuggles and cuddles together on our favorite chair. You loved me unconditionally. I only had you for five years - too short, but I feel blessed that I had that time with you. I hope you are not in any pain and are lying in the sun somewhere getting your chin scratched and playing with your toys.

You always had the loudest purr and it was reserved only for me since you were scared of everyone else. You don't have to be scared anymore - I can only hope you have found peace. I know you loved being in our small house - I hated to take you from it, but I did not want you to suffer. I still cry every time I think of you, but I know it was time for you to go home to God.

Say hello to your "sister cats" Molly and Amber for me! They were waiting for you to join them in heaven. And "Mommy" sent me a rose to let me know you are with her, too. I will always remember you!
Ann RobertsMonroe Township, New JerseyAugust 25, 2019
2/14/2006 - 7/21/2019"Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really"– Agnes Sligh Turnbullheather learycolumbus, New JerseyJuly 24, 2019
Buddy Romeo
10/14/2007 - 7/7/2019Since the day you entered our home you have brought us nothing but unconditional love, laughter and happiness.
When you were diagnosed with doggy diabetes 6 years ago, we knew it would be a challenge but our love and support never wavered.
We will miss you terribly, but we know you are no longer suffering and playing in those beautiful heavenly meadows with your old friends, Balty & Patinhas
(Balatazar our dearly departed Lab - 14 yrs. old). (Patinhas - Our departed long haired cat - 16 yrs. old)

Love you dearly and you will be missed.

Mommy, Daddy, Vicki and Bella Biscuit
Elizabeth LeitaoHowell, New JerseyJuly 10, 2019
Ch. Pyragon's Starry Night Skye, Cgc, Tdi (aka: Skye)
12/22/2006 - 7/1/2019Skye was appropriately named so when we look up during a starry nignt, she will be the brightest star looking down on us.

Those we love don't go away,
they walk besides us every day.
Unseen, unheard and always near.
Still loved, still missed, forever dear.
Rhonda DALTONMonmouth Junction, New JerseyJuly 4, 2019
6/7/2019We will forever miss our dear Maddie. Her personality was as big as she was and everyone on the block knew that. Maddie took care of us as much as we took care of her. She was always with one of us or very close by. We miss her greetings and rubbing her belly. We still look for Maddie in all her regular spots (front porch chair and in the many beds we had stationed around the house). Rest in peace, Gorgeous Girl...until we meet again.Christine O'BrienEast Windsor, New JerseyJune 18, 2019
11/26/2019 - 5/21/2019Born a dog.....died a gentleman.....
Man’s best truer words have ever been spoken. From minute one, you became instantly attached to me and stayed there right by my side up until the very end. The most gentle soul I’ve ever known. Loyal, good natured, and so loving, you never batted an eye to any of the changes we all went thru over the years. You were just happy to be with your family and brother, Dante. These past few months weren’t easy for any of us, especially you-I’m so sorry that you got sick, and so proud of you for remaining strong and holding on. 12 and a half years certainly wasn’t enough time, but I know 100 years wouldn’t have been either. You are and always will be an extremely significant part of our lives and family. You gave us so much joy and laughter, and amazing memories to hold on to. You have left your paw prints on all of our hearts forever. Rest easily and peacefully my forever love, Rocco. I’ll miss you for the rest of my life. Please watch over Dante and all of us 11/26/06-5/21/19 🐾💙🙏🏻
Lauren D'OnofrioStamford, ConnecticutMay 26, 2019
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