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7/3/2003 - 5/17/2020On Sunday, May 17, we said "goodbye" to our baby girl, Sophie, who was a loving member of our family - our little pack - for nearly 17 years. Over the past year and half, Sophie's mobility had been progressively declining. Although she managed for quite a while with the help of medication, as well as a front and back sling, the past month was really tough for her. So, with her mom, dad, and younger brother, Spirit, by her side, Sophie peacefully crossed over the Rainbow Bridge - from her favorite spot by the Japanese maple tree in our yard.

Despite a number of conditions related to her advanced age, Sophie was like the Energizer bunny and adapted well - time and again - to various therapies and alternative means of living a happy and fulfilling life. Over the past 8 months, she continued to participate in family walks riding in her little wagon, which became known as Sophie's "chariot" - an appropriate means of transportation for our little princess.

Sophie will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we can't imagine what life will be like without her. Our one remaining wish is that she has been reunited with her beloved older brother, Jasper, and BFFs, Joe and Chuck. We know they will watch over her always - as they did here on earth.

Goodbye for now, baby girl. We will love and miss you forever.
Annette and John SkiendzielHillsborough, New JerseyMay 22, 2020
10/28/2004 - 5/5/2020Shadoe was a beautiful, black cockapoo with a little white chest and some white on her paws. She was our first family dog and was with us for over 15 years. She grew up with us and was there for many different stages of our lives. She brought our family so much joy, love, and laughter. Life without her will be difficult, but we know that she's with us in spirit. Our memory of her will never die. She was the best pup a family could have ever asked for. We love you forever, Shadoe!Jessica BocanegraOld Bridge, New JerseyMay 6, 2020
6/7/2003 - 4/17/2020I had Kery since I was young and she was there with me my whole life. Kery was an energetic dog, she loved to go on walks and every morning as soon as she saw me, she would run up to me and demand to be walked. She also loved to sleep on bed or couches instead of her own bed and would give me a look if I tried to get her off. Kery loved to eat anything she found, if possible she would eat her own food and mine as well and still ask for more. She had gotten along with our hamsters and starling, though she was scared of them when she first met them.
My family and I all loved her a lot and will miss her every day, I’m glad I was able to spend time with her.
Kristina BalciunaiteEast Windsor, New JerseyApril 19, 2020
8/1/2001 - 3/16/2020Heather has been with me since I was six years old and we had 18 wonderful years together. She was my best friend and my favorite thing to come home to. She followed me around like a puppy and did just about everything with me- yoga, studying, eating, she’d even lay in the bathroom while I showered. She was the greatest gift I ever received and showed me so much love and support throughout her life. I will miss her very much, and am so thankful for her companionship.Martha BarabasLambertville, New JerseyMarch 18, 2020
12/13/2007 - 2/17/2020Stickley, if sunshine was furry, you would be it. We love and miss you every day. We’re just happy that you chose us to be your family. We will always treasure our time with you, your cuddles, and your kisses. You are a sweet, beautiful soul. Until we meet again, you will always be our furry sunshine.Matthew FunkNew Brunswick, New JerseyFebruary 21, 2020
2/3/2020The Sweetest Cavalier EverDorothy SchillingEdison, New JerseyFebruary 5, 2020
8/17/2004 - 1/24/2020I will always remember you Pookie. You were a special cat, loving, mischievous and ever curious.... the boss of the household. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge!Larry DashAnnandale, New JerseyJanuary 28, 2020
3/29/2007 - 11/1/2019Cosmo you were the best dog ever and I miss you so much. Life is quiet and lonely without you. You are the true definition of unconditional love. You helped me through some really tough times, comforting me and cheering me up with your goofy antics. Rest in peace little buddy. You are my sunshine and I am thankful for the 12.5 years we had together. Until we meet again.Kimberly DanteHillsborough, New JerseyNovember 25, 2019
10/25/2019Percy was a big guy, and super affectionate. Super loud purr. Loved to snuggle and sleep cuddled up with us at night.
When I moved to Ithaca for 2 years Percy and our other 2 cats went with me. We lived near the woods and we had mouse intruders! The other two cats were clueless. Percy was the only one of the three who knew what to do. He was a master mouse catcher, and would trap them long enough that I could grab the mouse by it's tail and throw it back out in the woods.
Although Percy was an indoor cat, he loved watching wildlife from inside. The middle photo here is of him on "chipmunk patrol" overlooking our deck in Ithaca.
Percy had diabetes for 8 years, and I gave him insulin shots twice a day. He quickly learned that the shots made him feel better, and would remind me it was time to administer if I forgot. He always took his shots like a champ.
He was such a good kitty. He remained a trooper until the end when he was sick with mouth cancer.
We love you Perc.
Terri BRobbinsville, New JerseyOctober 30, 2019
5/23/2013 - 9/11/2019Oliver was an amazing American Bulldog that we were lucky enough to have for 5 1/2 years. There was never a dull moment with him and he kept us on our toes everyday. He was a very loving and protective dog. We miss him terribly everyday.Caroline MuhindiHightstown, New JerseySeptember 29, 2019
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